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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Conversation in our house. ( you wish you were here, don't you?)

Me to H. " Awwwww, Jordan and Mel said that when the baby is born they are going to ask Dan to be like a godfather except they won't be getting the baby christened"
H. " Wow, you mean like an uncle?" ( he is such a smart arse at times)

Me to Seth at bedtime " Seth, do you have any idea how much I love you?"
Seth " No, because you never tell me!"
Me " Oh you are such a stinker, anyway it's a whole lot, more than you can imagine, when you were a baby, Dan would walk 'round and 'round with you and he would say " How did we ever think we were happy before Seth was born?"
Seth " Yes, well, that lasted 11 months until I was thrust into the very pits of hell" ( sometimes I wonder how much good my use of dramatic language does me)
"What? "
"Well I was happy and then Isaac came along and my life became a living hell when he took all the attention away from ME"
( If ever there was a child who was unaffected in the attention stakes it would be Seth when Isaac was born....)

Me to Mel ( always me, you think I would learn to shut up by now, wouldn't you?)
"Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see that baby boy, sometimes I feel like I can't stand another day..."
Mel ( having struggled up steep hill with 36 week belly in hot and humid weather)
"Oh, poor you!"
( such respect from all and sundry but it is SO great to be the Nana....all the joy and none of the inconvenience)

Me to the district council
"Hello this is Mrs Helen at number 23 top of the hill. I have just received a letter saying that you have tried 3 times to contact me regarding the contents of my recycling bin, I have to tell you that I am bordering on crunchy, I am anal about my recycling, I KNOW you don't mean ME when you say that my recycling bin is consistently filled with materials that are not recyclable.
I am particularly disturbed by your threatening to NOT empty my recycling bin, also the £1000 fine, because there is NEVER anything in that bin that does not belong there and my family, should you choose to speak to any of them will tell you that they are under the threat of terribly painful punishment if they mess with my recycling. Please get back to me and tell me that you so did NOT mean me when you sent this letter, thankyou."
I am still ridiculously disgruntled about this letter, imagine being told that you have been consistantly told off for putting 'bad' things in your green bin when you have such pride in your various little bins with bottles and cans and cardboard and every 2 weeks you smile as you see your green efforts being upheld and carried away to be made into good and wholesome usuable new things.
H actually went out to speak to the recyclable collection men, so incensed was he on my behalf and they said they had no idea what the deal was, if our bin had been filled with bad and environmentally unfriendly things they would have covered it with stickers and not emptied it, so there we are, threatening crunchy me indeed. I should think not.

And lastly, me to you.
Do you know I had no idea I needed an Ipod nano until H bought me one, my bright pink new friend gives me so much joy I can hardly tell you. It comes with me in my car and sings music of my youth, like Dr hook, singing about how I make his pants wanna get up and dance and let me tell you, have that blaring on your car stereo, with the windows down and see if you can not feel a bit jiggy and smiley. I dare you.



Blogger Jenn said...

now that's entertainment!!
That Seth is a pip - like his mum I suspect, with bits of H thrown in for good measure.
You will have to bring your pink ipod with you and show me how to use it - because I've been wanting one but for the life of me, can't figure them out.
Of course, I've had a cel phone for nearly 2 weeks now, and have not set up my voice mail - because I don't know how. There is a manual with it, but who has time to read that nonsense? Can't they just come with a little person that will do all that set up for you?
A festering boil on the the people who sent you a nasty letter about your recycling. Shame on them.
Be sure to recycle the letter when you're done with them though :p

12:05 pm  
Blogger MamaTink said...

What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall for Any of those conversations :) I'm quite sure that there's never a dull moment in your house :)


4:00 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Dr. Hook! Too funny! I loved to listen to him in my younger days. I still have a cassette tape of his. :)

I don't show up on your map. Maybe I will check tomorrow and see if I'm there. :)

1:20 am  

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