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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh look! Today we have...

I know, what's the with the pictures? It's a phase, humour me because it's such FUN. I have time on my hands, I am seeing just how much time I spent over at babyzone and now, well I have a clean and shiny home, folded laundry and a song in my heart , also, time.
Bearing a grudge is so not me, try as I may my attention span and memory are pants so I forget. All is well.
This morning we had a chat with the little people, we explained that the behavior we have been seeing lately, the answering back, is going to stop. I am weary of my own voice, despite my blogging last night about my tantrum and bad temper and throwing in the humour. I really don't enjoy losing my temper. With the years of arguing with Sophie, with the endless fighting and the horrendous language we have been subjected too, I am frozen with the fear of having to relive anything like that with the boys, Seth is very like his sister in his ability to say exactly the wrong thing, with the wrong tone of voice at the wrong time and he has the added touch of being incredibly bright and hitting the spot every time. He is like a terrier with a rat and will argue and row and keep on and on. If we let him.
So we are not letting him. I explained that from now on, where respect for H and I are concerned, they don't get any warnings, if they are rude, disrespectful or answer back, something goes. Without a second chance. This is something that will ALWAYS be, no matter how old they are they will speak to us politely and they will listen to us, if they don't they will have something precious taken away, be it time on the computer or listening to the iPod, I am tired of shouting and bargaining, asking and expecting, from now on I will remind and then go in for the kill. It worked today with Seth, he missed the weekly trip to Torquay and when he tried again with the answering back....I simply said " remember, this is how it is, you either listen and you think or you accept the consequences, the consequence to any answering back is going to be no basketball today, I am done discussing it, think and make your choice" and he very begrudgingly did what he had been told to do...without a word, wow!
Also H had a brain wave ( lovely H, he is such a great husband, did I tell you that lately? ) when it was time to clean thier rooms before we went on the weekly trip to the £1 store and for lunch, H said " Back to front day! Seth is going to clean Isaac and Eli's room and they will do Seth's room. Let's go!"
They loved it, shutting themselves into the others rooms " NO! You can't come in! It's not DONE!"
Then there was much " HEY! look what we did in YOUR room!" and " yeah but see how clean YOUR room is!" I think we'll have them do our room next week, they did a remarkably splendid job.

At the £1 shop( where everything is a £1 and every week we go and LOOK! WOW! buy TWO! and when I am in the states and hit a $1 store..pitiful because $1 !!!! That's FIFTY FOUR! ) Anyway if they didn't have a tape thing that you can plug your iPOd into and then put in your tape player in the car and WHOOPPPEEEEEE we have iPod music, in the CAR, the dear little car that was free and costs half what the mini van cost to tax which is great because it needs taxing on thursday ( I kid you not, I just typed thursday completely backwards..what? How did I do that?? My brain is either very fast or very backward) and so Isaac and I went to buy some last minute bits for tomorrow, with windows open and we listened to Little Richard almost as loud as it would go, we had Chuck Berry and we sang 'til we were hoarse.

In fact, even with petrol at £1.07 a litre which is about $9 a gallon, we threw caution to the wind and we just drove and drove and sang and drove and we hardly wanted to come home. But we did. Then we had to go out again because we forgot something and Eli came too. Fun, that's that that was, just fun.

funAnd although I would love to claim credit for is purely accidental that Ollie and Stan are dancing in time to Little Richard!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

H is quite clever sometimes. Jav would never think of anything like that. We are having the same struggle here with the talking back. I am sick of hear myself as well as "MOMMY!..." before someone begins to tell on someone else. I am changing my name to a curse word which my children are not allowed to say. Do you think that will work?

9:31 am  
Blogger sarah said...

clever h you have. mine would not think of this.... glad things are better today.

12:34 pm  

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