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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just keep taking the meds people!

Does my life seem like a badly written soap opera to you? I say badly written because if this were to made into a soap, no-one would watch it because it is all so ridiculously unbelievable. At the risk of showing the world, via the internet just how disfunctional this family is, here is today's episode of Disfunctionals of Devon.

Mother of 6 and child #1 walk down the street to house of unmarried child # 2 , girlfriend and newborn son ( of unbearable deliciousness)
In the house is said son, girlfriend, mother of girlfriend who shall be called Nana Turley ( or Turkey, take your pic) also alcoholic, yet rather sweet father of girlfriend, hereafter referred to as Coconut. Also baby of unbearable deliciousness.
All inside house are ready to leave and meander into the town center to see to chores and errands and walking in sunshine, child 2, girlfriend, unbearably delicious baby, Nana Turley and Coconut have plans to meet with great grandparents of new family member at place of work, child 2 has worked there a good while, is well liked and respected, about to be promoted and thus, venue seems ideal for happy meeting.
Unfortunately, daughter ( one and only and known far and wide for her irrational and frequent outbursts of extraordinarily irrational proportions) also works at child 2's place of work, against child 2s better judgement but cheerful and unaware boss. who did hear comments like " argh! No, don't touch her with a barge pole...she is quite unstable and although often delightful.....well, OK but , oh dear, well, yes. Hmmmmm" he heard that but thought t'was all in jest and so offered daughter work, 3 weeks in all has been well, if a little rocky at times, bearing in mind that the restaurant is upper class, daughter is prone to language of an uncouth nature and unaware that most people exercise restraint in public, which is to be advised..
So, scene is set.
Family leave house, Nana Turley ( who mother of 6 thinks could well have been very like daughter in her heyday) is no longer married to coconut, she dwells in Turkey ( hence name) with her boyfriend who is roughly 30 years her junior and speaks little English. Nana T is here for a mere 10 days ( although entire family will testify to the fact that it has felt oh so much longer)
Girlfriend is trying to make the most of mother ( her mother) for the short time she has her here, daughter is, or was, trying to muscle in and take over somewhat ( lack of tact and ability to read between lines or think of feelings belonging to anyone other than herself) has become a little unwelcome and nana Turley and girlfriend, at a loss, begin to ignore daughter and pretend she isn't there, in the hope that it might actually become true.
Daughter gets A message but as always is the wrong one and takes offence, unable to think WHY girlfriend ( who had baby 9 days ago and is hormonal and wants more time with her mum even if no-one else understands that, it is true and should be granted and sympathised with) and her mother don't want anyone around but themselves for this precious short amount of time.
Nana Turley makes inappropriate comments about our group being like the Addams family, mother of 6 grits teeth, child 1 does the same, ignores rude comments and carry on into town.
Nana T is rude and gossipy about Coconut, mother of 6 tries to pretend she can't hear as Coconut is RIGHT THERE!
Eventually mother of 6 can't stand anymore and makes excuses to leave and bids a fond farewell to Nana Turley, child 2, coconut, girlfriend and unbearably delicious baby.
Rest of group leaves to go to place of work, posh restaurant where business people go for luncheon to discuss matters of great import. ( can you begin to see where this is going?)
Mother of 6 gets phone call from child 2 asking what is the matter with daughter because she is beginning to behave badly and from thereon in, it all gets very ugly.
This where I should give details because it is all so unbelievable unless you know Sophie.
The long story short is, mother goes to restaurant and removes daughter before she loses her job and possibly her head ( as child 2 wants to knock it off to shut it the hell up)
After much ranting and inability to turn her mouth off for even a nanosecond, with so much raging and swearing and F'ing and blinding, vocal expletives against Nana Turley who daughter insists has single mindedly set out to exclude her from unbearably delicious baby's life ( even though she has seen and been reassured that everyone, apart from Jordan who lives with girlfriend and delicious baby and is trapped with Nana Turley has gained only a small amount of relief from texting somewhat desperate messages to mother of 6)
She feels that everything is about her, she cannot see that girlfriend wants to be with her mother, mother wants to soak up every second of unbearably delicious baby before flying back to Turkey tomorrow.
No, in daughters eyes it is all about her and a scheme to oust her from the presence of delicious baby. She is furious and unable to see that this meeting place was a great idea and not AT ALL a deliberate attempt to rub her face in the fact that she is not the center of unbearably delcious baby's life, or girlfriends life or son 2s life at this present moment in time.
Why oh why can't she see that the behaviour exhibited today, she herself has made the whole family feel she should be kept away, who wants to be near her after that?
Mother of 6 gets daughter in car, where she sobs and wails, yells and accuses, until she admits that things have been so good, she has been so happy that she doesn't need her meds anymore so she stopped taking them when the baby was born.
For the love of all that is rational WHEN WILL SHE LEARN?
If the world was perfect, if she had the man of her dreams, in the palace of her dreams, with a million in the bank.....if all that were true and she stopped her meds cold turkey she would feel LIKE CRAP!
She has crashed, smashed back down and can't think she will ever feel better.
I will now have to live with this fall out for days until the meds are back in her system.
I am sitting here with my ticket by my side, passport in full view and a pile of $s just for me.

9 days. Just 9 days until I get 4 days break, with no phone calls, no emails, no knowledge of life here in Devon. Surrounded by laughter and fun, sunshine and friends. A much needed boost to my ever exhausted batteries. Nine days.

Bring it on and don't forget your medicines.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is quite common for people with Sophie's issues. Hopefully she will begin to see that the meds are what is making her happy and normal and realize it might be better to take them and just be happy. As for the "it's all about me", the meds won't help with that, lol. Aubrie and Stephanie both seem to have that and no amount of meds will make it go away. I can't wait until you get to Boston.

11:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you forget to change the names to protect the innocent? hahaha Nana Turley! That will forever be her name.


11:34 pm  
Blogger noname said...

Justlacey is right. They feel they're so much better that the meds aren't needed anymore. Some do recognize the cycle. My step dad never did and would quit his meds, repeatedly, because he was feeling so much better he couldn't possibly need them anymore.

I hope Sophie will learn to see the pattern. Wonderboy hasn't learned it yet and is so .... UGH right now I don't even want to cook for him. Hope he learns to see it as well.

11:39 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

good luck. i hope things turn around soon for you.

11:40 pm  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

oh Sophie. Sophie Sophie Sophie. I swear if you get a call from her during our w/end I shall take the phone from you and toss it in the ocean -- ok ok I won't do that.. but I shall tell her to leave you alone for 4 whole glorious days and then disconnect! You are to be carefree and footloose for the entire time!!!

9:37 pm  
Blogger Stetch said...

Oh good gracious. Please tell me she starts taking her meds again. Jordan needs to tell her that if she does not, she can forget seeing the baby again.

I have a stupid are so frank about things on here. Do your kids not know about your blog? o.o

8:59 pm  

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