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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OH Blog it! With pictures! ( and complaints, quite a few actually!)

There are things I love about blogs and stuff I HATE about blogs.
I love funny, irreverent, tongue in cheek blogs.
I hate boring, listy blogs.
I am so disinterested in product lists and go here buy this, link that,see here blogs. If I want stuff, I will find it, thankyou.
What makes me more mad than any other bloggy thing, what will make sure that even if you are the funniest blog in the world, is if you set your blog up so that I cannot use my back button, if I try to go back, to where I was and all I get is your blog again and again and again, you're dust, I am making sure I will never ever read your blog again because you just made me see how completely narcissistic you are, all that " no, you may NOT leave my blog, you must stay here and read only ME, I am the ONLY thing worth reading, click all you like, if you want to leave here you will have to close down and start ALL OVER AGAIN Because I am the be all and end all."
I hate that. My whole body is, as I speak twitching with rage because I was on one lovely blog and saw they had a list of blogs they read...aha! I thought, I bet those are great blogs.....was happily reading new people and new things, hit one on the list...oh how dull, soooooo boring, I could care less about your stupid lists and opinions on what I should buy and where to shop, shall go back and find another funny blog...except I can't because Mrs I am the only blog worth reading and you can't leave did that thing. Click....stay right ....did you get it yet???
Such a small thing to be so cross about but every time that happens it makes me react the same way. I even want to leave a comment asking why they feel they are so important that we must be trapped in their stupid boring blog?
I like to read a blog and imagine I am sitting with the writer, listening to the news of their you ever read a blog and feel that you KNOW that person? A complete stranger can reach out and make you feel at home, make you connect to them and feel you are friends?
Then you can read a blog and wonder what in heavens name they are thinking, oh some blogs are so dull and you can't for the life of you imagine that these people have any friends at all because if THIS is the best you can come up with....oh dear.
I read comments on blogs and long to read the blog of the commenter and am so often disappointed that there IS no blog..why? When the funny and witty comments bring tears to my eyes and an ache to my sides, why do THESE people not write blogs?
I love good photo blogs, ones where a single photo can show you such fun, joy, love, pain.
I read health blogs, ones that carry me along in a world of pain and fear, as well as hope and triumph, heartbreaking, inspiring, hopeful, terror ridden.
I do not read political blogs or finance blogs because I have I have yet to find one that is remotely entertaining although there is one called get rich slowly which has some great ideas for budgeting and learning good money practices.
I am frustrated when bloggers don't update often enough ( for me) I like every day, 2 days maybe I can deal with, I am impatient with the tendency for a weekend hiatus, come on people, weekends are made for blogging, don't you have even MORE fun on the weekends? Don't make us wait for monday for the dirt!
I am vain to the point of believing that people who read my blog couldn't possibly wait a day or two to read about ME! Which is one reason I write nearly every day, the other is that no-one here listens to me, I tell you all my every thought because I can, my brain might explode if I didn't have my blog, so mush to say and no-one to listen to me in this house filled with male people, Sophie could listen, except she is so keen to make herself heard that even I with my ability to interrupt the best of people can never get a word in edgewise.
I actually find myself living my life in such a way as I judge everything by how it will read on my blog, is that worrying? Something happens and OOOOH that will be SO funny/ sad/ gripping / scary on my blog.
I talk to my laptop when I read blogs, I laugh and I will answer questions out loud, will sigh and ask myself why I bothered to read that, I tut and weep, I exclaim and worry....I love blogs, what did we do before them? Can you imagine having a journal library, where we could go and read peoples' diaries? Unthinkable isn't it but that's what we are doing with this blogging obsession ( and it is an obsession for so many of us!)
Hoorah for blogs, every kind of blog, apart from the 'do n't bother with the back button' kind, those ones I put a curse upon, may you hit the 'delete this blog ' button and be unable to save your rotten old boring blogs. That'll learn you.

Oh and I hope to have a photo session with the baby boy today, so check back later and see if we managed any good ones!

Disclaimer....if at any time you have sold me a camera, you may want to stop reading now.
Really, don't read any further.

It is now Later.

Yes I did get some sort of good ones with my very old point and shoot, because I learn very slowly, I bought one camera from a photographer, turns out it was hopeless and I did think to myself, hmmm maybe I should have wondered why a photographer would sell a camera, if it was, you know, a good one and all. Did I learn from that experience? Why NO, and again at Christmas I did it again, how exciting a photographer was selling a camera I should BUY IT!
Yes, I will and I did and yet again...why, I ask myself would a photographer ever sell a camera if it took good pictures and worked and basic stuff like that?
The answer is, they wouldn't, they would buy themselves a new camera that DID work and take great pictures and then off load the stupid one that locks and won't click, that will not, no matter what you do, or try, take a close up picture of a baby's foot or face or even its whole body if you back halfway out of the room to see if the damn stupid thing will just TAKE THE BLOODY PICTURE! They would do that, to someone who is clueless and thinks they are getting a bargain.
I have learned my lesson now. Honestly. I will be buying my next camera from a shop, so that if it is useless and refuses to work at all, I can take it back and complain and get my money back maybe.
I have given this camera a chance and wondered if it may be ME that is stupid and useless but honestly, even if I were totally idiotic, surely putting a camera on auto and just aiming it and clicking, that would work wouldn't it? It doesn't it just makes a whirring noise and nothing, nothing at all.

Gah....look, sweet baby pictures, let me look at them and calm down and get myself all right with the world again.....deep breath.....




Tiny boy and big teddy.





Socks on, socks off, a Nana can never EVER have too many shots of bendy legs and feet with big old leg holes and corned beef skin, I know this because there were TWO nanas there saying "oooh look, no let me see again, let me get a picture...awwwww tiny legs and too big socks, let me eat him on a biscuit. No, I could eat him without any bread and butter, just let me eat him any which way!


Ahhhhhhh, there now, that's better. Who cares about anything? Not me, nope, not me, all is pretty good in my world right now.



Blogger Julie Q said...

Aw, really cute pictures Helen.

Sorry to hear about the camera. I do have to agree though. Why would a photographer sell/get rid of a camera that does take good pictures.

11:37 am  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

oh he is scrumptious!!! I shall dine on his itty bitty toes!!!

Sorry about the camera. That really sucks!

12:26 pm  
Blogger mom of 2 said...

He is absolutely precious!! I love the picture of him in his daddy's big hands. That is a pic to treasure! Thank you so much for sharing him with us!

2:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is any left, can I get a small slice of him? He is adorable!

I have a bridge to sell you if you are interested ;)

Love you

2:33 pm  
Blogger MamaTink said...

Soooo CUTE!!!! You're a great photographer Helen!! Those shots are fabulous!!

I too can't stand that clicky thing where I can't get away!! So stupid!!

Lisa (Who is claiming one bite of squishy baby thigh!!)

3:32 pm  
Blogger TN said...

He looks "scrumptious." Wish I could have a bite of him. The picture made in his Daddy's hands looks like a Anne Gedes picture.
I hope my blog isn't one of those you cannot back out of....if it is pleaase tell me and I will try to reset something!

7:44 pm  
Blogger TN said...

I looked at the pictures again and in the first one he is making an "I Love You" in sign language. I'm sure he is making that for you Nana.

7:46 pm  
Blogger noname said...

It's not the blog that's preventing you from 'backing out' but the ads I bet. I've run into that before and it's always a page with ads on it. When this has happened to me, the ads are always 'refreshed' so to speak (which is how I started to figure out what was going on). A quick double click on the back button will generally bypass the ad stop and get you back to where you wanted to go. Usually. I hate aggressive coding like that, too. That's just one of the many reasons I don't want ads on my blog.

He's adorable! I love the picture of him laying on the teddy's lap the best. That was just so sweet!

7:47 pm  
Blogger Sarah and Matt Mitchell said...

He is simply wonderful! So sweet and perfect! Sorry about the camera troubles. There are few things more frustrating then framing the perfect picture just for the camera to malfunction. You still managed to get some beautiful pictures of your grandboy though!

9:46 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

so cute..... Your pictures are fab.
point taken on not updating. Not sure if you read my blog or not but it is a kick in the pants none the less...

12:29 am  
Blogger TheAlbrechtSquad said...

What a cutie, I love him! So adorable...

I hope my blog doesn't trap you, I know sometimes I read my own entries and am bored, lol...I try to post what I think are interesting...

And I can't live without your blogs, so continue to post daily, please!!!

2:53 am  
Blogger Little Nothings said...

God Bless! He's so perfect! I'd like a smell of his little neck!

2:56 am  

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