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Sunday, June 01, 2008

The best laid plans ( ahem this is post 1000!)

I was saving this momentous post for the announcement and introduction of my grandchild, however he likes it where he is, Mel has changed her mind and given up, decided that she is probably a snake really and the baby has just reabsorbed himself and will never come out.
We have relexologied until my hands are like silken gloves with an aroma clary sage. We have made eggplant Parmesan ( I say 'we' but I mean me) we have, actually they have walked and walked and cleaned and walked. I cannot say if they have tried to get him out the same why they got him in and although it was suggested that me I suggest to them nipple stimulation, well some things just should not be spoken about between a woman and her son's girlfriend. Forgive me for that.
Jordan did ask if I was going to suggest I do a Cesarean section for them next because I have been kind enough to suggest such helpful plans, well, watch me mind my own business then, show them who's perfectly capable of minding her own business, I am not one to interfere. ( Much) If he makes any other comments like that I might well suggest nipple stimulation, that'll teach him!
So then, no baby. I would be getting very frustrated if it weren't for the fact that I am not carrying the child, not me that has that terrible feeling of impending rupture, the one that makes you feel not as though the bottom is falling out of your world but rather that the world is falling out of your bottom. That's the feeling that will make you pick up a heavy implement and throw it at your beloveds head when he says something like " look, if he doesn't come for another week...what's the harm? " THWAK..that's the harm buddy, could find yourself in a whole lot of discomfort yourself is what the harm is.
So, because I start to get jittery and twitch when I don't write my blog, tardy grandboy will have to make do with post 1000+ whatever and I best not hear a word of complaint about it.
( You watch, he'll get born tonight now just to be contrary, wait and see!)
I shall tell you some marvellous news though, Sophie has a job, a FULL TIME JOB, Jordan was stuck one evening and so he called Sophie and had her come in and work in the kitchen with him..he was gobsmackingly amazed to discover she was brilliant, he sang her praises which in itself is amazing. Yesterday we went for lunch at the restaurant and Jordan's boss said "So, you coming in tonight lady?" and so she did, this time working at the front of the restaurant where actual people were. At 10 pm Jordan called and said that "Sophie is AWESOME! Mum I can't believe it, she is fast, polite and is leaving the others behind, she is really, REALLY good." ( skippedy doodah, yippe aye ay) Anyway.....after last evening she was offered a full time job and started today.
This is SO huge, not only does it mean that she will now have the money to find a place to live, but also she will be working most every friday and saturday evening, meaning she can't go to the pubs and clubs. Also already, just 2 days in, I am hearing things like " when I see her like this I really want to help her, who minds helping her out when you see her helping herself?" and she has been so sweet, she will get paid weekly but gets her tips every evening which is great because that means that whatever happens she will have a small amount of cash each day, she came home this afternoon and asked Mel if there was anything she needed, she also told me that she has some money and that if I needed anything she would help out.
Small steps that mean so much, already her self esteem is lifting, as she sticks with it and pays off the money she owes, when we find her a place that she can call her own she will gain such a sense of self, I wish I could really soak up this feeling of hope, but too many times we have been let down and she falls at the first hurdle. This time is different in that she has beaten the drugs, we are right here to cheer her on and nudge her forward and she has chosen this for herself. We haven't done it for her, we haven't picked her up and set her down while telling her what to do.
I just pray that these things make the difference, that she is old enough now to see what good is doing and grasp it. What more can we do?

24 days until I set off for my trip to Boston, so much to look forward to, so much to be happy about and guess what? I am absolutely enjoying it all and making the most of every where in the name of all that's Nana-fied is that grandbaby???

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Blogger sarah said...

hopefully grandbaby will make his appearence soon. So happy to hear about sophie.

2:09 am  
Blogger Becca said...

Great, great news about Sophie! Where is your grandbaby (well not literally where because we all know). I hope that he comes soon, I don't know why it makes a difference to my life but it does, lol

5:01 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

That is great news about Sophie! So happy to hear it.

Oh Nana's grandbaby.....we're waiting to hear about you! :)

A very happy 1000th post Helen! :)

12:23 pm  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

that is SUCH wonderful news about Sophie. I'm so excited for her!

4:09 pm  
Blogger TN said...

Yeah for Sophie. Sounds as if she is on the right track. I'm excited for her and excited to hear news about "The Little Package."

9:24 pm  

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