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Monday, May 19, 2008

That's the way uh huh uh huh I like it, uh huh uh huh.

Today was a perfectly splendid in every way day. Perfect. Of course it's not over yet and so the odds are on for a slight spoiling but I'll take my chances by stating that today is how I like it.
WE had sunshine and shopping, totally on my own without a soul to disturb me, no need to think or converse, no call for selfless actions or inquiries as to another person's well being.
Windows open with the wind blowing through my hair and turning it into rats tails, louder than loud music in the iPOd channelled through the car stereo ( which is SO clever, how do they do that??) Ice cold diet pepsi in my drinks holder just in the right position for a swig or two as I drive along. Glorious.
I found everything I could possible need and several things I wanted, no running after little boys and no hearing grizzles that it is time to go home and are we finished yet? I left H in the yard repairing the poor battered basketball net, it now has nifty springs so that when little leaping people grab the ring ( rim? Hoop? Net??) it springs and doesn't fall off the backboard ( again) happy with his saw and woodworking tools.
I sang and I soaked up the sunshine, I ate a chicken and salad baguette sitting in a bench while I listened to 2 old men having a chat while they waited for their wives, I heard a " Hello me darlin'" as the wives came back and a " Don't worry lover" as she said that she wanted to go and look at shoes, I listened to one say " Ambie amber, give grandad a love, come 'ere gimme a big old love" as his daughter and grand daughter arrived, just happy chit chat and cheery greetings, which made my lunch especially delicious.
I believe I have finished shopping for Boston, I have pretty much all I need to take with me and I have enjoyed every moment of shopping for it. I think I have found treasures, the kind that you can hardly wait to hand over because so much joy went into finding them and you hope that even more joy is found when receiving them. I can't wait. Not too long to wait either. 5 weeks and 3 full days.
My grandbaby will arrive before then and then the time will fly because so much of it will be taken up with seeing him and getting to love him, glorying in that 'of course' feeling you have when you meet babies that belong to you, all that wondering and thinking about who they will be, what they will look like and the second you see them you roll your eyes and OF COURSE! That's who they are, that's what they look like, this is who they are.
There are hiccups with Sophie, I have had to be hard and firm and mean, but it took once and she got it, I hope she is still well and better, I can't be sure and she did smell of cigarettes today, the least, for now, of my worries for her. She is learning but it is a slow and terribly painful process and I have to remind myself that she is sad and that of all people, she is hurting herself the most. I am either getting harder, or getting less caring, I think maybe a little more immune to it, as we go through the same routines every single time, each time making the tiniest steps of progress and each round lasting a little shorter than the last.
The boys continue to bask in their love of music, Isaac in particular. He has control of the iPod when we are in the car and he puts Little Richard on at full volume and he sings, with that precious little voice that was silent for so long, every whoot and yargh and he sweats with the exertion of it all. A favourite at the moment for Elijah and Isaac is 'play that funky music white boy' by KC and the sunshine band.
"Play that FUNKY music white boy...I said FUNKY...not that other word...FUNKY, like monkey and not that OTHER word that sounds like FUNKY but isn't and I didn't say THAT Word, did I? Isaac put that one on that FUNKY music one on, go on!"
We play 'that's the way I like it' to but it insults Seth's sense of well being, " how long did it take them to learn those words do you think? All they keep singing is the same thing over and that it??? What is it that he likes like that? Uh huh Uh huh?' and that gets painful to me after a while so we skip that one when Seth is in the car, he is on a par with my Nana Euinton who always did like a story to her songs and liked the singers to sing the words and not YELL. Thankyou.
It's bath time for grimy boys and then I am going to get them all clean and shiny and sit them in front of my new webcam so that I can point it at them and show them off to Canada and Boston, Florida and even California if I can catch people online... I shall try and avoid the webcam pointing at me because all that sitting in a car with windows open has given me the appearance of insanity and having been dragged through a hedge backwards, also the angle is so unflattering and my chins are what you see followed closely but my squinting eyes and glasses, I'll be darned if I am up to sprucing up for a webcam is definitely too short for some things, wouldn't you agree?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darn Macy's! I missed my opportunity to see your boys on webcam!

Also, people who truly love you for you do not care about your double chins, your crazy hair of your 4 eyes. We are just happy to be able to see you!!

Love ya!

2:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh can't wait until you are writing about Boston!

9:35 am  
Blogger Rachel said...

Put Ohio on that list, too, please!

Yay for shopping alone! That's what I did the most when M. and the kids were away.

1:29 pm  
Blogger Stetch said...

I've not read your blog for a while but I enjoyed it as usual. What a nice day you had on Monday. :) Your kids are such fun to hear about btw LOL.

3:44 am  

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