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Friday, May 16, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring.....

Which is not unusual for England, let's face it. I do wish it was....OK forget that whole subject which was going to be all about camping and not camping and rain. Dull.
New thought.
Just as I started to write I got an IM window pop up, was Cathy in Boston, everything stops when we IM because we laugh a lot and laughing is so good for the soul, so I forgot blogging and we said hello and then, THEN...I saw a window and there was Cathy and the divine Matthew in real moving pictures and all but I couldn't hear them which was a bit sad but still marvellous!
Suddenly and who knows computer started to RING, just like a phone, an old fashioned English phone, ring ring, ring ring...what on earth? What is that? Where is that coming from and then I heard CATHY~.."huh???" I could hear her and see her all at the same time ( and am so glad that it wasn't 2 way because it was 11pm and I am in my PJS having had a bath and then a splendid nap, my hair is in a top know so it didn't get wet and I never got around to taking it down..) I can't tell you how exciting it was, so loud and clear and I heard Matthew who is 2 call his mommy Caffee and Honey and daddy is DADDY and BWIAN.
I could tell you that Brian gave me the finger because he thought I was someone else....and I heard him say sorry in a sincere and quite voice.
I heard Cathy laughing and watched Matthew run and play, I saw the TV which is big and lovely and also bwoken by Matchew
I am endlessly amazed by technology, still marvel at wireless phones and email, still open mouthed and slack jawed about cell phones, such tiny little things and they work and you can talk to people so far away and no WIRES!
It's 6 weeks until we go to Boston, 6 weeks, the time is going so fast, I am so excited and when something like that happens, when I see and hear and get just a glimpse of how things will be when we all meet up, I am almost giddy with excitement. I forget that I haven't met any of these women in person yet, which just goes to show what great friendships we have and when we meet, well look out Boston, you might not know what hit you.
The plan, I think is to set up a webcam on the friday night when we have our 'party' so many can't make it to the meetup and for many different reasons, we hope to set up a webcam so that those who couldn't make it can join in and watch the shinanigans, after this evening I can see how much fun that would be!
I feel lately, that life is full of wonder. I am aware, more and more that we have little control over the grand scheme of things, that we do what we need to do, some of what we want to do and a whole lot of what we have to do, the rest just happens. I don't believe it happens willy nilly though. I am a believer of our lives being mapped out. I also believe that people come into our lives when we need them, sometimes we recognise that and we grasp onto that, other times we may miss those people who could be important to us and the chance is gone.
I really feel that the people in my life are treasures. I have so many friends and good people around me, sincere and exceptionally kind people. I have never been one for light acquaintance, if I like you I love you, for ever usually. If you lie to me or treat me as if I am stupid, you will get to do it once and then even if I get over it and forgive you, you can pretty much expect that the friendship will be over.
It takes a lot to make me stop loving someone and many of my friends have been my friends since I was a whippersnapper. I think I am incredibly clever in that I make friends with remarkable and extraordinary people, the best thing is that I don't recall ever having to DO anything to make these friends, there they were and we just knew that this was a good thing, nothing more than that.
I tell my friends things I don't share with H, not because I am secretive but more because bless his heart,he would rather poke his eyes out with a rusty fork than listen to some of the drivel that is of utmost import to me. I can talk about nothing for the longest time ( and yes, so can Sophie but oh so much better than me!) I can talk about emotions and feelings, memories and nonsense, H can only enjoy so much of that, he is a man after all.
There have been times when I had to deal with huge issues on my own, which was hard, but necessary. Lately I am able to say that I don't have to keep anything inside, if I do, it is because I choose to, not because there is nowhere to turn.
I am having more fun than I can ever remember. More honest to goodness fun, which has been a long time coming.
So, really, it maybe raining and even pouring out there but it's a happy smiley, sunny place in my heart. For that I am truly grateful.
Oh and Matchew has to be the most divine 2 year old with a Boston accent I ever saw or heard. You should hear him call his cat 'Murphy'. Priceless.

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Blogger sarah said...

sounds great. I so hope you have fun in boston. Our trips have been put on hold now that my dad passed. Does that get easier helen please tell me it does? Dont you just love little kids and their accents. It cracks me up. So glad you are having fun.

12:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be my lovely husband that flipped you the bird. He is so embarrassed that he questioned how will will face you when you finally arrive. I told him that I will make sure Helen will flip you the sideways bird and you will be even steven! Problem solved. I wish I was able to hear you wonderful accent. I have to say part of me is relieved that I didn't because every time I spoke to you on the phone I felt like I had to sit up straight and speak proper English. Not to mention that I would have to start pronouncing my "r's" and that's not an easy task for us Bostonians!
Matsu sends "Auntie Helen" (gah, when I hear Auntie I picture an older women wearing black) lots of hugs and kisses because he knows that there will be English chocolates that will be arriving with Auntie Helen!
I have had a silly grin on my face since "talking" to you. Most of it is from the fact that I felt oh so close and the other part is that only you were able to make my "Bwian" blush cause he made an ars of himself!
Love you!!

12:47 am  
Blogger Jenn said...

Ha, you and I must be on some kind of zen wavelength today because I discovered the talking webcam thing today too - with Caffeee of all people :p and the delightful Matthew who has perfect hair - even after he's been watching television upside down on a chair balancing on his head.
Don't worry because I gave Brian the English two finger bird as a payback :p although i don't know if he saw it.
6 weeks - cannot come fast enough can it?

4:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like there will be a whole lot of fun going on in Boston!

9:55 am  

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