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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crazy bones and birthdays.



Deep breath in and


I think that's it really, just sort of blah. *sigh*.
Actually things are fine. ( sod off jinxy fairies)
When it comes to blogging I have some funny stuff I could write but won't because I do ( believe it or not) have limits and am aware of people reading that know me and see me often....and there are some things that you should probably never have to picture in people you see often doing, especially if you attend church with them or are related. It is only kind to withhold some details of one's life. Just know that I snort every time I think of it, too bad. ( when I reread this is years to come, I am going to be so frustrated that I didn't write what is so funny!)
I have a sweet, typical of H tale but am still reeling a little from the day after the last time I waxed lyrical about how perfect H is.......oh what the hell, here we go.
There is a new craze in Devon, Go Go crazy bones.
Did you ever see such a money spinning rip off piece of nonsense? H and I don't go in for fads and blatant day light robbery scammy things. Until now. Isaac loves them he NEEEEEEEEDS them and he plays with other kids, even ones he doesn't know, because he LOVES these pieces of plastic with no particular shape or form. Neither Seth or ( nor?) Isaac have ever been at all interested in any kind of craze, they could care less, it is so exciting to H and I to see them be excited and want to join in, we are hopelessly hooked on encouraging them this once.
99p for 3 ( or 4) and so hard to get hold of that the boys, after H had been to the 2 stores that sell them, every day for nearly 2 weeks, had the grand total of 2 packs each, loved and guarded and taken to school every day to play with but not for keepsies.

I began to loathe children with special little carry cases filled to the brim with go go crazy bones.

I had the brain wave to look on ebay and was horrified to see what parents will pay for these things, you know I love the idea of Isaac having a stash of these things but a) I know those buggers are going to hurt when I tread on them in the dark ( and you know I will) b) as soon as I hand over stupid amounts of money they will stop liking them and c) I am so tight fisted over some things, fads are certainly on that list.
Then....I thought that maybe the US is ahead of us in this and there may be kids in the states that DID talk their parents into handing over enormous amounts of money for enormous stashes of plasticy blobs and then got bored with them. YES! 200 for £15 including shipping, SCORE.
Thing is, school may be out by the time they arrive, which won't phase Isaac a bit because when he loves something, he loves it and H battles with him and the go go's and Jordan challenges him too. When I showed him ( before clicking on buy this now) to make sure that these were the RIGHT crazy bones, they looked right to me but to him? Never could tell. Well he said yes, they were the right ones and started naming them.....then he said "Oh, that will be my birthday present, COOL!" ( yes, indeed, score twice!)
H is at times, like a terrier with a rat and so as is his now usual routine, he walked the boys to school ( close to a mile) walked back into town, went to WH Smiths and asked about the go go CBs and hoorah! Snagged 2 packs each for the boys..he then walked back to school and put the packs into their lunch boxes so they would find them when they ate lunch. If he doesn't make me get all weepy at times, well he does, so that's that.
Dan is coming tomorrow, we love him being here, as loud and as farty as he is, we adore him being around. Full house with Sophie and Dan and 3 little people around, I kind of like it, in small doses!
Oh lurking people who live here, we are having a party in the park for Eli's birthday on saturday 26th. The park by the school, where the swans are, you know the one. Starting around noon and ending when we just can't stand anymore.
Bring all those babies ( Sammy, Joe, Jamie, Cobi, ) Does Dawn read this? Nathan and Darcy....the more the merrier. There will be picnic and cake, maybe even ice cream and pop. Please let there be sunshine!
This is our crazy time...3 July birthdays ( me older than last year, Eli 4 and Jordan 21), 4 August ones ( H, even older than me, Isaac 7, Seth 8 and Dan 23) we end August with a sigh of relief and then start working on christmas.
I hate parties, really hate them unless they are outside and consist of nothing but running around like lunatics ( children that is) and eating from paper plates that can be thrown away and forgotten about, handy then that we all ( but Sophie) have summer birthdays.
I can't quite believe that July is coming to an end. This year has flown by without me noticing much of it, must open my eyes and start taking notice!



Blogger Christine said...

lol never heard of those things. What a wacky craze! yes, you will CERTAINLY injure your feet on them. Maybe you can buy him a plastic bin to put them in and make sure he NEVER leaves the room for more than two minutes unless they are away? Otherwise you are DOOMED! lol

3:17 am  
Blogger Rachel said...

You are such a great mum, throwing parties even though you hate them.

Any plans for your birthday? It's coming up, after all!

1:10 pm  
Anonymous In Montana said...

Hi Helen,
You said Eli is going to be 4? That was a typo right? Trying to keep him little longer? Isn't he going to be 5?
Happy Birthday a little early to you all.

2:41 pm  

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