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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Liar Liar, pants on fire!

More Boston what'ya know!
How could I forget to tell you that I got lost in America? I did, pretty well too I might add. We went to a particularly great outlet place, my kind of heaven, lots of shops, it was very hot and we started off staying sort of close to each other and then splitting and then meeting up again. I am so easily distracted in places like that and very quickly forget that other people exist when I am drawn towards the shiny things.
I bought half the Nike store for Seth and Isaac, new bras for me and then ...oooooohhhhh look at THAT store, I found High school musical cologne for BOYS....and another store.......YEAY! Pretty soon I realised that it was a really long while since I saw any of the other girls, no matter, grab a coke and sit in the shade near where we came in, I am so smart, how good was that idea? Perfect. Well it would have been had I been anywhere near where we'd come in, my sense of direction came to the fore again...the totally wrong end of course.
20 minutes of waiting there I began to realise that I had made a wrong choice, so off I went again, waiting half way down the main drag for a sighting of just ONE person I knew..tum de dum...nope.
Eventually I made my way to a lady with a sunglass stall outside and asked her if she knew where I would find a payphone ( remember stupid cell phone didn't work anywhere but the airport) she ummmed and ahhhed and said she KNEW she had seen one somewhere about.....oh LOOK there it is, 3 feet in front of her face where it had been forever!
That would, you would think be the end of my being lost, excpet how do your payphones work in the US?? What the flip? I pumped coins in, stood, like a moron with my cell phone getting Cathy's cell number and over and over " Please dial the area code" clink clink, all the quarters would come back " please do not dial the area code" clink clink here we go again, who knows what I did to actually make it ring but thankfully I did....and I heard Cathy and she called the search party off and we all met up again, all safe and sound.
I told them that I probably would have just sat until the whole place closed knowing that someone would have found me for sure then!
I was so frustrated when we went back to the car and I saw at least 2 sets of stores I hadn't seen before...darn it!
Shopping is the best in the US, Target is like heaven to me and the outlets are so great, I found a set of plates identical to the beloved ones H had to leave behind at his dad's house......he was every bit as excited as I knew he would be by them too. Everything I bought I would hold up and exclaim over the price and then halve it to convert it into as chips! I love shopping at the best of times but oh my, how I loved those outlet stores and Target, oh lovely target!!
The boys have stopped puking, I have woken up a little bit more, I think I am coming out of the fog.....hooray!






Oh Gretchen , how we love you and your bendiness.

"I'm stuck I'm stuck"

These pictures are a mix of ones we all took, we set up a photobucket account and put all our pictures on there, if I used your pictures girls, thankyou!
You can see just how much fun we had, it took a while to believe it was over but never say never...the friendships have just begun, they will never end.

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Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I still feel like I'm there!

I too love Wrentham and Target. We are kindred souls you and I :)

3:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you awesome. Target misses you and wants you to come back. We've got lotas of Targets in Missouri ;)

4:51 pm  
Blogger TheAlbrechtSquad said...

How fun Helen...looks like you had so much fun. Glad the boys are feeling better!

9:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I went to Target today and had you paged. Yes I did. Walked up to the customer service desk and told the lady that I can't seem to find my friend and would she page you. Of course she did..."Helen Wood to the customer service counter to meet your party"...Party? we were not having a party without you.
I then slowly shuffled away pretending to look for you.
Hope you didn't hear the page and came running to the front of the store!
Love you!

9:44 pm  
Blogger The other me said...

Well Dammit all Cathy, I was waiting by the payphone the whole time, you know the one by the OTHER exit?!

9:47 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

So glad that you were able to have such a great time!!!

6:27 pm  

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