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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Conversations in our house ....part something or other.

" Mum, you know my skin is halfway black, can I go out in the sun until I am properly black and then either shave my head so I look like Kobe Bryant OR get those lines in my hair like Xhibit on Pimp my ride?"

Me with H.
"Ow, I have a big pain in my head, wonder why that is"
" Ha! Think yourself lucky that you don't have an eye twitch to go with it " ( as he nods his head behind Sophie)

"Jenn Mac and Cathy want to know what size clothes I wear. I wear a 10. Tell them 10, I am not wearing a size 12, no way no how" ( as she sits with overflow from every available place, boobs, belly, bum.....luckily a 10 in the US is a 12 over here, phew, maybe we can cover that body a little better, since she stopped taking drugs her addiction of choice is food)

Sophie to Daniel
" Bloody hell Daniel you are getting SO fat!"
( wow.......there's an open opportunity to retaliate, which he did not, to his credit)

And when we stopped talking we just took pictures of the unbearably delicious baby.


And at last Papa H got to meet Joshua.


And Joshua got to meet Papa H and his sideburns, which are the new thing, because that is how we do it in England. I am told.
I think I am to be commended for being as sane as I am considering that I am surrounded by so much bizarre and eccentric behaviour.

Oh another conversation ( more of a statement really as it beggared a response)
" I think I would be really great in Big Brother."

Let's not even imagine that.

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Blogger Little Nothings said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall!!! What a riot! Those are some chops on H... he wears them well though!

You, my dear, look fabulous in your picture of you and Baby Joshua! Glad you posted that! Gramma is becoming on you!

6:30 pm  

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