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Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth Meister!

8 Today, well actually he was thinking and this is how it is...he was born just after 4.30pm in Hemet, California. This means that he was born just after midnight in english time. So, according to Seth his American birthday is today and tomorrow is his birthday too because he is on English time. He's not a dummy this kid.
My laptop power lead has died. No biggie, its covered on the insurance, the bummer is it is going to take another week for the new one to arrive. I am on H's laptop which is great because at least I am here but it isn't mine, it's all foreign, nothing saved on favourites, I have to sign into everything and no-one recognises me, can't leave comments on blogs because I am too lazy to keep filling in who I am.
Have to sign into Facebook every single time.
H hates Big Brother and I love it.....I am a member of the forums, read catch ups, watch video clips online etc and if I do any of that on h's laptop I feel very naughty, I can hear his laptop thinking " ewwwww, what IS this? I am not used to such common and noneducational nonsense...where are the pod casts? where the highbrow discussions and oh, we are used to instructional and uplifting websites......what have I done to deserve this lowly and base rubbish?"
Anyway, so blog updates may be thin on the ground and shall be picture-less because I can't download any pictures or do anything.
I just wanted to post because it is the Meister's birthday. One of the big ones, he is 8 and that means that he will soon be baptised.
Age has never been much use to Seth, he has never done anything on time, never done a single thing when he should have, he came out like a little midget type person and has made us all gasp
from the very beginning.
At 8 weeks he was in his car seat, with the hood up to keep the sun off him and he lifted his arm and swatted the hood back so he could see....we laughed and said what a hysterical and timely arm twitch that was, put the hood back up and blow me if he didn't push it down again, we sat and stared and felt more than a little spooked and we did it again and again and watched that teeny little person repeatedly push it back down so he could see what was going on!
He has always been small for his age, he weighs 42lbs now, on a good day when he has eaten plenty. At 7 months he was probably about 14lbs, sitting up and taking note and also saying a few words. We were out shopping one day and a lady stopped to swoon over him a bit, she bent down and said "Oh HI! How cute are you?" and he raised his hand, waved and said "Hi!" right back. Her face was a picture and she asked us if she had actually just heard him say Hi to her....she said Hi to him once more and he said it right back and she just laughed and laughed and called her husband to hear him say it again.
At 2 he could name every dinosaur and tell you whether it was a meat or plant eater.
At 3 he was an animal lover and dogs were his most favourite animal.
He has long enjoyed facts and his book of choice will always be a factual one, encyclopedias, history books are his favourites and of course sports books, basketball is his main love and he is beginning to look into baseball.
He has the quickest and most hilarious sense of humour, I love the way his mind works and rarely a day passes without him making me bellow a good old belly laugh.
He also brings out the worst in me, he is the most argumentative and obstreperous little git and once he has his mind set, you may as well leave him to it because he doesn't let it go. I know I should remain calm and be the adult but in reality it is almost impossible to do, he drives me to screaming pitch until I remember who is the grown up and catch myself.
He is not the most compassionate of soul either, much like his daddy, he doesn't grasp emotions too easily. It's a tough thing to teach if the basic feeling is missing. It's on a par with explaining the taste of salt.... ever tried doing that?
He is though, fabulously snuggly, he adores being cuddled, he pretends to mind being kissed and he can't settle at night unless he has been stroked at night.
He has had a really lovely day, I am so glad because he is hard to please sometimes and often whatever we do, he finds what is missing, today though was a wonderful day for him. A pile of new history books, money 2 trips to the park in blazing sunshine and also money...hard cash always brings a smile to his face even though he does not care about spending it, he is very wise with his money and is not easily parted from it. He likes to have it, put it in his wallet and just look at it every now and then. He will ponder on what he should spend it and then will look for the perfect one. He has already decided that a wooden baseball bat and he will not buy the first one he sees, oh no. He is his father's son.
He is like H in every way but one, he shows he is from my loins when it comes to walking. He hates walking, he will play hours of basketball, he will run races, he will play any ball game, he loves swimming..he just hates walking there. Isaac has always been his gopher, Seth speaks, Isaac does. They are a great team, they play well together, they compliment each other and they fight in the most impressive way.
Dan would walk for hours with Seth when he was tiny and often said " How did we ever think we were happy before he was born?"
My life began again when Seth was born. He fulfilled the wished I had for all those years I was a single parent, with his birth I began to feel again as though I was doing what I came here to do. He was such a delightful baby, a funny and delicious little thing. I love his pixie face, his green eyes, his curly hair with the biggest cowlick, his wiry frame and huge feet.
I'm happy you're here Sethters, every day with you is a challenge I am thrilled to face.
I love you, mum x



Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Awwww what a lovely tribute. Happy Birthday Seth!

12:48 am  
Blogger MamaTink said...

Happy Birthday Seth!! Thank you for making your mum so happy and alive.

And now I am off to ponder the explanation of the taste of salt. Thanks a lot. :P


2:19 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that he has a great day. :)He sounds wonderfully awesome. I am sure it is due to the amazingly awesome parents he has and the family that surrounds him :)

2:54 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Seth!

Can't wait till he gets into baseball because, after all, the Red Sox did win the world series....shhh don't mention that to Gretchen..

6:38 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

Happy belated birthday to the Meister!!
I love him - can almost claim him as my own, since I have his clone here in my house under the name of Duncan.
Hope he had a wonderful day!

3:45 am  
Blogger Stetch said...

Well that certainly explains why we are not seeing you on MyFamily! Hope you return to us soon.

Very happy birthday to dear Seth. :) What a great bit you wrote about him.

10:58 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Happy belated bday to Seth. Sounds like he had a great day!

6:38 pm  

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