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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sometimes, it is all about the money.

H is not an emotional man. He is not a worldly man. He is not a demanding man.
He is, at all times rational and thinking, patient and understanding. Unlike me, I will see something and want it and OOOOH GET IT! QUICK! GET IT!
H researches things, If he has an interest he will read and look and search and research. Compare and deliberate. Sometimes I watch him and am amazed that he does this, a little impressed, even a little envious that he can be so controlled. Other times I want to scream at him "JUST GET IT, look here's one, buy it, you can have it, GET IT!" because, oh how painful to watch and frustrating it can be. Just get the damn thing already for Pete's sake!
He is keen to work on programmes for iPods, he tells me there are nowhere near enough programmes and he knows he can make some great ones and apparently in order to start this he needs a macbook.
OK, let's get one, I say. Look and tell me where and we'll make it happen.
So he has been looking. And looking and waiting and watching and reading and learning.
LOOK Macbooks...everywhere you look, there they are, they all look the same GO ON! Get one!
On tuesday I saw something I have rarely seen in my husband. Excitement. Real RAW excitement. 6pm saw him jittery and anxious, he was staring at his iPod ( not his laptop because Isaac was on his laptop which shows what a good man this is, if I was waiting for something so exciting that was going to be announced at 6pm..10am US time, you think my kid would be anywhere NEAR my laptop...not a chance!) So he was staring and then he started " Oh! OH! Oh MAN! Would you look at THAT!"ing. He even said " Man, I feel SO sorry for anyone who just bought a macbook, they shoulda waited for THIS one!" Empathy and excitement, from H! Wow!

Now, we had a plan, I would fly to America to get him his macbook because they are the same in $s as they are in £s and so we could kill 2 birds with one stone..hoorah! A trip for me, macbook for him WIN WIN! We made that plan when we cancelled the family trip to California, I couldn't stand the thought of having to find so much money for one trip. The idea that I could maybe see friends and get him a Macbook at the same time, not have to try and get together thousands and thousands of £s...what a great plan.
So I giddily began to plan a trip for Sophie and I......which we have done, how exciting!
Guess what though. Nowhere near enough money for his macbook....THIS Macbook, that came out on tuesday and that H has drooled over and oooohed and ahhhhhhhhed over and then said " Oh no! Look they will be around for a long time, it can wait, you must go away with Sophie and have a great time. It doesn't matter, pah! Forget it"
Not even a mention of the reason we said I would arrange this trip. Not a word about my going to America while he stays at home, not a quibble about money or fairness, about staying with 3 little boys. Just enormous excitement that Sophie and I are having a GREAT trip.
That thing is so expensive, way more than I would ever imagine spending on a 'thing' but this time, if I had it....I would get it for him. In a heartbeat.
I don't often hanker after 'things' I love stuff and beautiful things but I am easily able to look at what I DO have and well, I have so much treasure the fripperies of life pale in comparison. Just sometimes, I really wish that I DID have money enough to indulge the real hearts desires of my H.
I intend ( and we all know where the road to good intentions leads don't we?) to find a way to get him a macbook next year. Simply because he doesn't expect it. He expects so little and demands nothing, ever. Sometimes in life we should be able to have a splendid unneccessary something. This shall be H's. I know, that should he have one, he will use it for good, he will work on these programmes and I suspect that he will make good on it. Even if he doesn't, if he just played with all the jazzy features, what matter?
I bet he'll even let the gitlets on it.....he's kind like that.
I love me some H and he would love him some of that shiny box, with its extra big finger plate thingamybob.
And yes, Sophie and I are going to somewhere in America, just she and shop and eat out and look at beautiful Christmassy things, stay in a hotel and just have fun.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike never asks for anything either, which makes Christmas/birthdays/Father's Day sooooo hard, lol. When I press him for something he'd like, he always says "slippers". Makes us want to get him the perfect something or other everytime.

Good luck on the MacBook for H. That's just so sweet. :)

1:26 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Ouch! Those are so expensive! Bummer he can't have it though.

I hope you and Sophie have a wonderful time! I had a feeling you were headed to the states somewhere. :)

6:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me guess, is it Port Saint Lucie? Even close to Florida?
The Mac could be a good way for H to make and sell programs and earn a little extra cash.

9:26 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

You do know that George works for Best Buy and Best Buy carries Mac's, right? ok...just sayin....

1:29 am  
Blogger Jenn said...

Um Helen - check the link again - because between the time I looked at it yesterday - and right now the price has dropped $400!!
just sayin....

2:12 pm  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Ohhhh that WOULD be a lovely gift! maybe they'll drop in price in Dec for Christmas! Now wouldn't that be a great excuse to go to Boston!!!!

3:12 pm  
Blogger Jackie said...

oh wow! what a wonderful macbook...except the price. Always the dang price! Ugh! I hope that while you are in the US, the price drops significantly and you can take it home and surprise that wonderful man of yours!

1:05 pm  

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