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Monday, December 22, 2008

Sometimes the good bits just keep coming, don't they?

So I took Jordan shopping at 6am and we did it all, no need to buy anything else ( except potatoes, how does a person forget potatoes?)
I then decided that it was time to take Eli to see Santa, Seth insisted on coming too, though who knows why he wanted to go and see fake Santa, no accounting for taste I suppose.
We got to Fermoys early, a garden center that always has a good Santa and also delicious Deli foods , hard to lose unless the boys are revolting as they were yesterday, I love this place.
We arrived 20 minutes early, Santa was due at 11 am, so we picked up some little gifts for H and Grandpa and right on time we went to the Grotto, only to see Santa was late. There were his Elves ( surly faced teen-aged girls who looked as though they were dying of shame and were praying that the boys they loved did not ever see them in those outfits) shuffling awkwardly and blushing because they were SO the center of attention.
At 11.05 we heard Santa, we heard bells jingling and suddenly...yelling!
"YES!!!! I can hear CHILDREN! Where are they? YES...Alright, I am here! YES, I say YES!!! Here I am!"
And he came hurtling through the shop, arms flailing and he was yelling and charging towards us.


Eli wasn't at all sure what to make of this, he pulled his arms into his sleeves as if that might protect him from the rampaging Santa,


At last he got to the gate of his grotto,


And he was completely splendid, he beckoned and questioned, he hummed and hawed and then told the boys he was sure they hadn't written to him yet ( they hadn't) and so they had better tell him what they wanted.


Elijah kept backing away because this Santa was SO loud....every time he did, Santa would call him back in close and his voice was so dramatic and so interested, Elijah was spellbound ( and a little afraid if truth be told!)


He spoke to Seth and said that he knew Seth has had a few 'wobbles' this year with his temper and that was fine, Santa himself has that problem but this next year, he was going to work on that and be kinder, think before he lost his temper.


HE asked Elijah what he would like and when Eli said Ben 10 toys, Santa said " ELIJAH! Gimme FIVE boy! Ben 10 is FABULOUS, very popular good choice young man!"


The whole visit was just glorious, magical and the boys were so excited, they had wonderful gifts and when we got home, Isaac said he was desperate to go too. I told him I would take him tomorrow and since then he has been asking if we can go but he wait outside, he will watch me go in...then he agreed that he would go in but he wouldn't be able to talk, he would whisper to me and I could tell Santa. Then he said maybe he would write what he wanted to say and I could give the list to Santa. So we'll see.

We chose some gifts for H from the boys, Seth chose a packet of plant ties, those plastic things that hold branches together. What a bizarre thing that must sound to buy but in actual face H does sort of have a thing for these ties. As a matter of fact they are holding the garland to the banisters as we speak. H likes to have some of every size, I am just surprised ( though should I be?) that Seth knows this. Of course it was a case of *sigh*
"oh....THOSE, get those, those will do, he likes those!" so it might well be just that they were in front of his face and for heavens sake get me out of this place now my needs have been fulfilled.
Eli chose some carpenters pencils because H does so like to work with wood.
Then we left, talking about how splendid Santa was.
Me. " So Seth, NOW tell me Santa is fake!"
Seth " well I think he is a bit fake"
Me " How can you SAY that? He knew you hadn't written to him and that you lose your temper when you really shouldn't!"
Seth " Yes, he also had a white beard and ginger hair on his arms"
Me " ............................................................well, hmmmmmmmmm"

They came home and Seth was keen to write to Santa.
It is in card form, picture of Santa on the front and MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Dear Santa, this is my christmas list.
1 San Diego chargers kit. ( check)
2. Head gear and shoulder pads ( helmet check, pads nope)
3. Mouth guard ( no but easily found we hope)
4. A really great football ( english)
5. A really good Football hat ( San Diego chargers) Not check, no hope.
A ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, from Seth

Elijah, poor Elijah, he is a shoe person, loves shoes belonging to anyone but himself, I fight him when he puts floppy great hodclopping shoes on when we are going out, H doesn't, he doesn't mind walking through town with Coco the clown, so he lets Eli wear whatever shoes he likes, no matter who they really belong to. Now he has a big blister on his instep, it is sore and even at bathtime he sat in the bath with his leg hanging over the side ( not easy when you are 5 and small for your age)

His list.

Dear Santa. IWONT for chystmas I wont a BEn10 omitrix a I WONT a new foot. I love this boy.

Merry Christmas, mine is already better than I can remember for many years. I have made so many memories and have been surprised with such acts of love and kindness, this year is perfect in all the right ways.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

AHhhh that sounds lovely. Just lovely. What a great St. Nick you had and how wonderful that you're boys got to share in that magic :)

10:19 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

your boys are so handsome. you forgot the taters, i forgot the squash... It is easy to do misses. I have to finish shopping tomorrow....sounds like they had a great time with st nick.

11:31 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

oh, I so hope Eli is able to get his new foot for Christmas! lol!!

What a lovely day you had. It's so wonderful to be able to sit back and enjoy the last few days before Christmas is here. No hussle or bussle, unless you forgot your potatoes!

Love you

12:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just loved this story. I feel like I was right there. What a great Santa. One year we went to the Mall in Miami and they had a skinny, 7ft tal Asian man playing Santa. Try explaining that one to Mr. Seth. Thankfully the kids were very young and didn't want to sit on his lap anyway.

11:04 am  
Blogger Jenn said...

Eli wants a new foot does he? LOL what a funny boy. I'm quite sure he'd be surprised if Santa brought him one!
As for the SDChargers hat - Look - I found a sale
and only 10£!!!!
May not make it for Christmas, but you could tell him that the elves need extra time to make one special for him because he's in England, and that's an unusual request - most of them got shipped to the US elf department.

4:16 pm  

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