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Saturday, August 22, 2009

This one and that one.

Today is Seth's birthday, he is 9, on Tuesday Daniel will be 24.
How did I get so lucky? 5 sons and my one girl.
I know every mother thinks that she has the most extraordinary children, shame that because only one can *actually* have the most extraordinary ones.
Daniel has always been splendid, my friend and as he grew older he got funnier and funnier. ( more and more funny? Whatever) He makes me snort, always. He is loud and brash and as gentle and kind as it is possible to be and he is beautiful.
Seth has been funny from the moment he could smile, he has a sense of humour that astounds us all, we have no idea how he thinks so quickly but he never, ever misses an opportunity to quip.
This week, for example, he was having a bath, he is just beginning to feel a little modest but not enough to actually do anything about it yet. Sophie wanted to have a shower and unaware that Seth was in the bathroom, she walked right in. Seth let out the best fake girlie squeal and there followed this conversation

"EEEEEEEEEEEEK! Doesn't anyone ever KNOCK around here? I need my PRIVACY!"
He covered his bits with a face flannel.
"Oh Seth, what you trying to hide, you've only got a little worm for goodness sake"
"Yes, and it happens to be feeding on a couple of potatoes so keep your eyes of it!"

He uses his quick thinking to get out of trouble too, which doesn't amuse me anywhere near as much.

Daniel eats anything and everything, Seth eats hardly anything, I told him to taste a tiny chocolate curl from his birthday cake, he did and he gagged.

Both are sensitive and very loving.

I find it hard to write about how I feel for these people because no matter what I write, it isn't enough. I can describe what they say, share what they might do but it will never do justice to who they really are.
You just have to be here and see them.
Lucky me. I get to do that often.
Happy Birthday Seth and Dan, happy birthday to you on Tuesday, even if you hate it. ( which he does, he really hates his birthday, always has, well from the age of about 9 I think)
I love you boys of mine.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol @ Sophie and Seth's conversation.

9:50 am  

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