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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not this one but the next one.

I'm not going to Canada this weekend.
I am also not going to Japan or New Zealand.
I have always written journals, since I was about 7 or 8, fascinating they were too. How sad that every single one was lost in the move to the USA.
My sister read my journal once and I heard her shrieking with laughter at one of my entries.
"Mum didn't go to London today"
She was crying with laughter and said " Quick! write that I didn't go to Scotland today!!" It made me laugh too because darned if I could remember if mum was supposed to have gone to London that day or whether I was just happy she had stayed at home. Like she ever went anywhere without us anyway. She'd have had a job, I was so convinced that if she went anywhere without me she would die and I would be left half an orphan that I would have the biggest and most annoying meltdowns if she even put her coat on, until I was 15 and then we seemed to avoid each other like the plague.
When I was 16, she had a baby, Leah, which made me think she was quite clever ( if not completely embarrassing because ewwwww, we know how babies are made and she REALLY didn't ought to still be doing *that* at her age, she was 40 which is ancient to still be doing such things. I had my last baby at 41, obviously my feelings on that issue changed.)
So, I am not going to Japan or New Zealand at the weekend and I can say with all honesty that I am not the least bit disturbed by that.
Canada though, that's a little more depressing.
Lots of my imaginary friends are headed to Canada this weekend for a few days of pelvic floor destroying laughter, shopping, eating out and in hotel shenanigans. Many of said friends are no longer imaginary and have proven themselves to be actual, real people who are even more splendid in real life than they are on a computer screen, which seems impossible but really, they are.
Others are new imaginary friends that I have never met, who make me laugh and who brighten my day, without fail every day.
I am sad not to be meeting so many lovely people and joining in with the hilarity and fun, however, even though online I am 'in your face' and love to be the center of attention, in real life a crowd has been known to make me cry and bolt from the room in a hideous display of hyperventilation. This meetup is a huge gathering of like minded souls, I am telling myself that should I go, I would more than likely embarrass myself by turning into a gasping for air neurotic heap at the sight of so many funny, beautiful and together people. I know my limits and think that deciding to opt for a glorious trip to Boston in October rather than joining in this meetup in Canada was a wise move for me.
I am beyond excited to see pictures of all the goings on, will be waiting on the edge of my seat for pictures of each and every hysterical moment, am certainly going to keep my phone with me so I can hear the laughter and speak with those ladies I adore and the ones I haven't yet met and feel almost as excited as the women who are attending.
I am thrilled for Jenn and Julie, who have driven often the 10 hours to Boston in order to enjoy the inexplicable bonding of women when we meet up there. This time they don't have to drive anywhere but to the airport and wait with those ever welcoming arms and cheery words as their friends arrive, one by one and sometimes in twos. I think I know just how they feel because next year, Cathy, Brian, Matthew and Jenn are coming HERE, actually flying over here to spend some time and go to Jordan and Mel's wedding. I know how wonderful it feels to know people love you enough to beat flying fears and risk jet lag just so that they can be with you.
I am imagining how all those ladies for whom this will be the first meetup will be feeling, I do envy them that feeling of meeting people who, up til now have just been a picture on a screen and realising just how wonderful it is to actually see those people in the flesh.
I came away from the very first Boston meetup feeling almost stunned and speechless that women from all over the world can come together and feel real friendship. We all felt the same, we were high for a long time after that experience and it certainly took a while to come back down to earth.
Lifelong friendships were made in that Hotel, I am forever grateful that I fought the fear of flying to attend that gathering.
I am so happy not to be flying that it levels out the disappointment at missing out on the fun ( almost, not quite if I am honest but almost)
It's a mere 7 weeks until Sophie and I fly to Boston, I am astounded at the fact that I am not yet worried about the flight, I think knowing how quickly the time passes and also that Boston airport is a nice friendly airport that I am now familiar with helps. I feel like an old hand with that trip now, international traveller that I have become!
This time it is just Sophie and I with Cathy, we will meet up with Sara, Colleen and Jamie for dinner and perhaps shopping, we are going to New York for a shopping trip too. Very exciting indeed.
This weekend though is all about waiting for updates and enjoying via the computer all the fun that Canada will be enjoying. I have the popcorn ready and my phone charged.....this is going to be one worth watching and hearing about, there are some funny funny women all about to come together in one place. Watch out Toronto, you have no idea what you are about to experience.
I won't be there this time but the next one has my name on it.

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Blogger Cathy said...

although you are not going to be there physically you are so loved by all of us that you will be in all our hearts!

We love you (me the most) and will be calling your English arse often!!

7:47 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

It does sound like so much fun Helen! :)

12:03 am  

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