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Friday, August 25, 2006

A little further afield.

Today we went to Exmouth...and saw a train, "ooh look!" said mummy, " A train!"
"Rubbish" said Seth and Isaac, " it's just a tractor under there"
Such synicism so young, I was quite excited by the train, that didn't need tracks. I persuaded H and Seth to pose, H is holding Seth because I think he wanted to run, and not pose by such a rubbish tractor who ought to know it isn't a train. Look, its NICE isn't it?

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Elijah still has some sweetness left, he shows us how he can do backflips. In his new Simpsons belt that he bought, brand new from a shop. He likes to tell people " I bought nat" and then from where. " from a carbootsalefiftypee" He also has a 'bran-newfrommashop' scoobydooshirt, Spoiled brat.
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He is more than a tiny bit in love with auntie Kara, but as uncle Jose ( or mister Jose as Isaac calls him) only arrived at 4am this morning and is taking some of auntie Kara's attention from the boy, he is less than sure of what to think.

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He kisses her, old loose lips. A lot.

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See this slide? ...I wanted to go down this, really wanted to and I could have. I didn't have a miserable voice muttering in my head that fat, stupid people like me don't go down fun slides, how stupid would you look going down there? You'd get stuck, idiot.....Not even a whisper, the voice is gone. Good riddance.
I didn't go down it though, this time.
The boys did though and insisted I take pictures. Cool. I didn't care what I looked like as I lay down in front of the slide either....even cooler.

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I like company, especially my own.
I love to be with people and I love them leaving me alone!
I find it frustrating that no-one can understand that if I say "hey why don't you go out for lunch/ dinner/ a walk/ the movies, I'll be fine here. I will keep the boys. I mean it. It's my way of saying " hey go away, my head needs space, I can't talk to you anymore for a while, come back later and I will be happy, happy but right now I might snarl and bite if you don't stop talking to me. RARGHHHHH!

If I am left alone for 30 minutes so I can turn my home into a place I want to be, instead of a crapheap of gargantuan proportions, my soul is calmed.
If I can have 30 minutes of not speaking, not thinking about making people comfortable, I am delightful and sociable and pleasant.
If I am kept company and talked to ( at) constantly my whole being jangles, my mind screams and my body panics.
Children are so glorious because they just love you the way you are, they accept the eccentricities without question. they expect nothing but honesty and kindness. Why do people have to grow up and start being grown ups?? Kids are cool.

(Photobucket went down while I was downloading, I will try and post more pictures later.)


Blogger L-Girl said...

You are so right! Kids do love their "mums" and other family members just the way they are. Oh, you should have gone down the slide! Who cares what others think... 30 minutes of alone time are sometimes the most important part of the day... it can make or break you!

3:09 am  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

HAHAHA tractor disguised as a train.. you can't fool them can you?

Next time I hope you actually GO down the slide!

Hugs you skinny thing!


8:51 am  
Blogger justLacey said...

i am up at 5:30 am so i canhave that "alone" time. everyday. i need it, i crave it, i look forward to it. see we are all the same. so glad that voice of yours is gone! you didn't need her telling you how to feel anyway.

10:02 am  
Blogger Lou said...

Oh darn, I can`t see any of your pictures..don`t know whats happened...

1:46 pm  

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