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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It is NOT impetigo.

Cool title isn't it? I'll get back to that soon, so much to say today..where to begin?
How about sleeping til 11 am? HOW ABOUT THAT?! Last night was bad, the spasms were so bad my whole body was wracked til 4am, I was tired...soooooo tired! I did get up and see the boys off to school and grandma''s then I went back to bed and slept a blissful sleep, the kind that leaves you puffy eyed and creased.....glorious, when I got up I was ready for anything. So anything it was, I got so much done! Want to know what I did?
Well, I went shopping and found ( in marks and spencers no less, how posh....) 4 pairs of PJs, 3 shirts, and 2 pairs of trousers for £22)
I went to the agency we rent the house through. I told them about our shower room floor that is spongey and about to fall through into the kitchen ( I so hope I'm not in the shower at the time, athough it would make the very best blog entry, I can live without that, thankyou)
I called a hospice and said that I want to volunteer.
Then, THEN I called and booked our room for when H and I get married again, did you read that. DID you? Well its true, H and I are going to London to the temple in December and we are going to be married for eternity, and we are having the boys sealed to us for eternity too. There. I told you. It is exciting, isn't it? That's booked and we will be away for 3 days, like a honeymoon with 3 little boys. We are going to have fun and feel a bit spiritual and happy , hooray.
Is that enough for you? Too bad because it didn't end there .
H has £30 a week, that's his money to do what he wants with. When grandpa left he gave us £100 each, for us, to buy a treat. I spent mine on christmas things and some new clothes. H saved his because he really REALLY wants one of the new Apple IPod deals that he says amazing. He loves his IPod, he loves downloading talks and movies, he has had more than his money's worth from his old IPod and he has saved for the new one.
My laptop is driving me mad, it gets hot, I sit with a fan between my feet o stop it overheating, I have a new battery coming because this one is on recall. It crashes though, all the time and I get SO mad with it. Today, H came in and he said " They have a new laptop in Curries, its a great's £399. "
"very nice " said I.
" So, here's £250 I saved, buy a new one, I'll have the old one , I won't use it as much as you use yours."
"what about your new apple thingy?"
" I can wait "
He's alright isn't he? Tomorrow, I will have a shiny new, never been anyone else's, laptop and in the evenings we can sit in the same room and not talk to each other, which will be great because right now he is upstairs and I am here........doing our own computery things. He's writing a book. Clever thing. I am glad that I didn't mention that I saw a ring that I can never have, even though we are getting married forever in 8 weeks, I am happy I didn't sigh, because it was a beautiful ring and would look so lovely on my finger in between my engagement and wedding ring , because so what.....I may not ever have the ring but I got him ( and a new laptop that cost so much more than money because he sacrificed a heart's desire for me to get it, priceless)

This evening I went out with lovely Jane. We went to visit a lady from church because its a nice thing to do and its also something the church says is a vital thing to do.
It IS vital, we all need to know that somewhere there is someone to turn to, that thinks about us and cares that we are well. The other thing that this does is to help us get to know the people we see every week. Without the sunday face. That happy and 'I am just peachy' face that we all put on when we go to church.
So Jane and I went to visit and had fun. I grew up knowing Jane and she is great, its a treat to be with her and we are going to spend more time together too. Jane has TWO SOPHIES!! ARGH!!!!! TWO! And a Billy, who is splendid ...he's younger than the girls.
Two teenage girls who fight and treat her like Sophie used to treat me. Blow that for a game of soldiers matey, Jane needs some FUN! I need fun. BINGO, hoorah.
Jane is a nurse and a single mum so we will be able to get together on her days off and do some girl things, with no kids.
Talking about girlie things, yesterday I thought I would relax with a lovely face mask, I tried a tee tree and peppermint one last week and it was heavenly, yesterday I got a citrusy zingy one, opened it, and lay it on my face ( its like a face cloth) ahhhhhhhh, oooh that IS zingy, its really.....ow, actually that isn't zingy its burny, owie burny HURTS........HURTS , not refreshing, painful. It took the skin off my face- just by my lip. Today it is crusty and not a bit clear and fresh looking. I am a scab face. I look like a poor person with a groovy case of impetigo.
I am not unclean, I am the opposite, I am supposed to be all clear pored and shining, darn thing. Every time I smile it cracks, which is a shame because I smiled a lot today.
I smiled when I bought a PILE of chocolate to send to LO in the halloween swap, even when the lady looked at me as if I deserve to be this fat when I buy THAT much chocolate without even a hint of shame .
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I even sort of smiled when Seth was so very Seth later on.

" Look at you mum, you ARE fat, your diet, is it a diet that does the opposite of other peoples' diets? does your diet make you fatter? because I think you ARE fatter"
"Seth, that's really not a kind thing to say, please don't say things that you know will hurt someone's feelings, its just not kind."
" Oh, Ok, but you are fat, I can't see why its not kind to say what is true"
( I so hate kids when they say what probably needs to be said, I have just watched ' you are what you eat', you know when they show the table heaving with the bad food? the ones that will kill you and make your pooh stink? Today that food looked SO good, I really wanted to send H out to get some fish and chips )
Anyhoo....later, I said to Seth, " Seth, are you sorry you were unkind to me? I hope you have had a think about hurting my feelings"
"yes, I am. ( slight pause for effect) Sorry, ( miniscule pause, he might be little and only just six but his timing is impeccable) big mamma"
Is it really bad to smack a 34lb nerdy looking kid? He had taken his glasses off.
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Just asking.
It did make me smile and crack my scabby face. Especially because Isaac so got the joke and we were treated to his belly laugh which made Seth feel SO clever for being the one to evoke such mirth, H was sensible enough to hold onto his smirk until the the belly laughing. Good man, he's learning.

and a LO survey....

1. Would you marry for money? I certainly planned to the 2nd time, darn it if that love thing didn't happen though...much better in the long run.

2. Have you had braces? No, but I do like a nice leather belt. ( because in England suspenders are called braces, I do so hate having to clarify a funny)

3. Could you live without a computer? of course.. if you can live with knowing that my family is living in misery.

4. If you could live in any past time period, where would it be? I don't like periods I think that's why I had so many babies, why would I go back to one?

5. Do you drink enough water? I am really's boring though isn't it?

6. Do you wear shoes in the house or take 'em off? Off, I HATE stuff on my feet, bare feet...naked feet.
.7. What are your favorite fruits?
the ones you can get that are covered in chocolate.
8. What is your favorite place to visit? DISNEYLAND!!! I want to go with Lo and Jenn and Julie and Lacey and Christina and Julie Q all their kids. I love Sea world too.

9. Are you photogenic? PPPTTTTTTTTHHHHHH i look like I have been let out on day release.
10. Do you dream in color or black and white?color

11. Why do you take surveys?? Because Lo has such funny ones!

12. Do you drink alcohol? Nope, not ever.

13. What is the most beautiful language? French and Italian. Right after baby babbles.

14. Do you like being kissed when you are asleep? I can't say, I never know if I am being kissed, I'm sleeping. DUH.
15. WHAT do you like MOST: Sunrise or sunset? Both please don't make me choose.
16. Do you want to live until you're 100 yrs old? I suspect not but the closer I get to it the more appealing it becomes.
17. Is a flat stomach important to you? Oh ha ha.....if it was I would be so unhappy!! Look, my belly has been home to six babies, 8 really, just that 2 of them didn't stay so long. Who can mind the bulge that is the result of that? Sad that it is flappy though.
18. When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights switched on or off? I have my twinkly tree lights on.
where is 19??
20. Do you believe in magic? Oh YEAH!!
22. Do you like to watch cartoons? NO! Excpet for the Simpsons, other ones make me cross.

23. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real? What do you mean???? Santa is for sure REAL!!

24. Do you write poems? sometimes, funny ones.

25. Do you snore?I think I do, sometimes I wake myself up.

26. You sleep more on your back, front,or sides? not my back....ever, the rest yes. I lie on my left side and read, then I turn on my right side and face the H man so I can hear him breathe and sleep.

27. Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler? Rottie

28. Are you basically a happy person? Yes, I am cheerful and happy and smiley, until I wake up and then I usually want to punch somebody.

29. Are you tired? No, because it is bedtime and I always wake up then.

30. Did you drink anything with caffeine? No, I didn't.

32. How many landline/cellphones do you have in your house? 3 landlines that are complete rubbish and make me cross. Cell phones....sheesh.....5 I think, actually Sophie has a collection so it maybe more like 9. Only 4 get used now though

33. Do you get along with your parents? everybody does, my dad is getting along with the Angels and Jesus now, I think he puts in a good word for us, cool.

34. Do u smoke? I told you no last time.....I DON'T NEED NICOTINE TO BE CALM!!!

35. Do you have a kitty? Nope, they bring H out in a bad temper.

36. Have you ever had a birthday party?not for a long time, I think I was 7 and no-one showed up..that might have out me off, do you think?

37. What do you do when you're sad? Cry, eat.

38. What do you need most now? Fish and chips and a car that doesn't smell hot.

39. What song are you listening to right now? I'm not istening to music, am watching a good show, well listening to it.

40.what are you craving right now? Fish and Chips, lots vinegar.


Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Ok here's what I got:

1 adult halloween costume (executionner)
3 bags of candy (2 ninja turtles and 1 spiderman)
1 bag of 30 spider rings
1 bag of 10 halloween balloons
1 giant spider balloon
1 package of spiderwebs + plastic spiders
3 garlands for decoration

I am shipping it out tomorrow if that's ok?



Sorry totally off topic I know but I had to get it sent! LOL I'll actually read this post tonight :)

9:30 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Wow Helen! You did get a lot done today! :)

I will have to try the Lo survey when I have more time.

The new lap top sounds like fun. Although I must admit, when I use Amanda's I'm not fond of the keyboard. H is a sweetie pie. Good thing you are marrying him for eternity. :)

Your boo boo sounds painful. :( I hope it is better soon.

1:22 am  
Anonymous Rachel said...

I couldn't even read the rest of the post after the news of the Temple in December. I'm teary with joy. Congratulations!

11:28 am  
Blogger Lilsoutherngirl said...

The getting married for eternity sounds so romantic....Sounds like you had a really good day. I plan to shop this weekend and will get Halloween stuff in the mail to you then!!!! I can't wait

1:44 pm  
Blogger -Lo said...

I am so flipping excited that your getting married for eternity!!!! YAYAYAYA How exciting!

im 80% excited about your laptop and 20% Jelous as ____! make that 70% excited...

Yay for you baby. Your hubby is a goodun..
I simply cannot WAIT to get all that chocolate. But sinc eyour sending so much out, feel free to wait a few weeks. Thats expensive!!!!!!!

I can wait! LOVE YA!

1:54 pm  

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