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Friday, February 15, 2008

Passion (or lack of ) and romance included, by golly.

I'm sitting here really wishing to write about something and have absolutely nothing in my head worth sharing. I could tell you how unbelievably itchy I am, how stripey and decorative I look, how I ate something yesterday that has made me burst with welty soreness. I cannot think what it could have been, I made fish pie for dinner, wild salmon, cod and smoked haddock in a cheese sauce with spinach and topped with mashed potato. I can only think it may have been the salmon, everything else is quite regularly eaten and not resulting in stripes of the itchy skin type.
We ate and an hour later I was a miserable scratching wretch, even my face is red and itchy tonight, how pretty.
So I could tell you that but it's old news really.
I called the landlady today...yikes. I am getting increasingly annoyed at her complete silence.
So, I called the office and she wasn't there ( hoorah, had a quesy tummy at the thought of actually speaking to her) spoke to her manager and explained that we had sent the keys back, had not heard from B the B landlady, explained about her not investing deposit blah blah, told him that we would wait until next friday, for either the money or the name of the company that was holding our deposit so that we coul allow them to decide who was entitled to keep the money, if we hadn't heard from her by next friday I would be submitting the papers to the county courts. He told me that he had been unaware of any of this situation, would give her the message when she got in at midday. So, we'll see, but not hold our breath. Bloody woman.
Old news.
H bought me flowers. BLIMEY! Valentines day and there were flowers and he wanted to cook dinner ( except I already had my fish pie plans because he hearts <3 fish pie and I <3 heart him so he bought splendid dessert) I was planning on seducing him, it being the day of lovers etc, we had lovely company at dinnertime, had a laugh and when it was time for Julie and Berian to go home, H said he would walk with them ( a mere 3 minutes up the hill, how lovely to be so close to my sister, is a very steep hill, that she strides down with her 3 spaniels, Tilly, Meers and Jiggy and wheezes back up again in her sturdy boots and water proof jacket, I can't quite imagine climbing the hill myself, not until I am sure I won't slither back down on the wet and slippy wintery tarmac.) So he walked with them to get a DVD, ahhhh so lovely and cosy, fire on and dim lights, was very comfy.....I woke up just before midnight, I'd nodded off sitting up, chin on hand that was all bent and stiff and cripply like an old arthritic biddy.
H was home and fast asleep in bed, he never wakes me up, apart from at 7.30am on a school day so I can make sure 3 little boys are seen off to school. My head rather likes the idea of being woken for a steamy session of unbridled passion, I suspect though that it would be a dismal failure, I don't waken well, sleep is so precious to me that if it is disturbed I am a snarling creature the likes of which no man in his right mind would want to ravish, H was very sensible to leave me to my dribbling slumber.
It's 2 years next week since my dad was poorly, TWO years! Can you believe it? Life goes on and that in itself is just awful, the knowledge that we are all so dispensable, no matter how huge or important we are, no matter how great a space we fill, life goes on. He is still such a huge part of who we are, what we think, how we act, how we live. Sometimes I forget that he isn't here, remembering always brings with it a sharp and intense pain. 2 years though.
No school next week, that came around way too quickly, I usually love school breaks but somehow this one snuck up on us and I am very unready for 3 little boys at home for a week, we shall have to find much to do becasue otherwise the noise will unhinge me. BAd time of year fro trying to find things for little boys to do, it has been sooooooooo cold this week, which is a whine from someone who hasn't seen a - temp all winter and never gets snowbound, wet and grey and too cold for me, I am in awe fo all of you living in snow and ice and -30 temperatures. Youa re all mad, every one of you. 'MOVE' I say, why???? I just cannot imagine choosing to live somewhere it gets so cold, we did Utah for one winter and that was enough for me. That got dull right after I awwed and oohed at how pretty it was, the first time, after that I whined alot and grizzled and asked endlessly when it would stop and be over and when will the sun be back? Ack, is not for me, not at all. That stinging fingers thing? Gah I hate that. The stomping feet just so you can feel them hurt? Hellno.
So, enough waffling and trying to think of things to write, I am going away to scratch my itching head, face, arms and groin ( how ugly is that word? Horrible word, horrible place to have an itching mass of welts and ridges) I shall have some warm milk or hot chocolate and hope that my medicine works quickly, at least I know I can increase it safely every now and then when it is particulary bad. Am boring even me........night night.

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Blogger LosingSanity said...

Hope the itching stops soon. IT has to be the most miserable thing.

2:23 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

I hope you got some sleep! I see you've been on BZ tonight though, so perhaps not. :(

Take care Helen!!

12:30 am  

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