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Sunday, November 09, 2008

A picture paints a thousand words...

I love finding old pictures I have forgotten about and laughing or crying as I remember when they were this one...
Poor deprived children of mine who do not get to play video games..this is what happens when you let them go at it...and they do not want to leave! I laughed so hard when I saw Jordan trying to get Isaac away from this game!

Isaac again, watching Chittychitty bang bang..the child catcher scene!


This is one of the most precious pictures I have ever taken, Dan visiting his papa right before he died, seconds later he hit his knees and prayed Papa.

I took pictures of my mum and my sisters holding Dad's hands, he was in a coma and had no idea we were doing it, his hands were beautiful...when my mum held his hand he grabbed it, I am so glad I took those pictures, here's mine, holding my dad's hand.

Be still my heart, one of my big boys with one of my little ones...

Sophie meeting Eli for the first time....

Coming home from shopping to see this...showed me that this daddy drops what he is doing when someone needs him, I love this picture!

Whenever Dan and Jordan are together, there is laughter, a whole lot of laughter...

In fact, in our family there is a lot of laughter....






This might have to be one of those things I come back to, so many pictures, so little time, every so often I will do another one so I can show off my favourite memories!



Blogger justLacey said...

Thank heaven for digital cameras and the pictures that are enjoyed instead of rotting on old rolls of film or never even taken. It's amazing isn't it? My family pictures are years of nothing when I was little. Few and far between.

10:22 pm  
Blogger G said...

How wonderful of you to share those pictures. They are absolutely wonderful. ABSOLUTELY awesome in fact. I love all the laughing.

2:21 am  
Blogger Cathy said...

I shed a tear at the picture of you dad with Dan. That picture is just priceless!

Then I went into laughing mode. How could you not, looking at all those happy faces!

3:04 am  
Blogger Beanhead said...

Oh Helen,

Your photo's are awesome. The video game one just about had me peeing in my pants a little :)

Dan and your Father had a special moment pass between them and you were able to capture that on film. How very special and truly heartwarming.

I always look forward to your posts however I do enjoy the ones with pictures ;)


4:20 am  
Anonymous Gemma said...

id forgotten what papa looked like then, that made me cry! x

9:46 am  

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