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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


That video I posted yesterday? Um.....well seems he actually said it to his teacher today! She asked him something and he didn't quite hear and so he said it, loudly "WASSER SAYIN???" Whoops, he said she replied " I beg your pardon? What on EARTH are you saying young man?" And he had to stay in at playtime for causing disruption ( because you know the kids all laughed!)
I would think she was pretty stunned to hear that from him as he is normally very quiet and well behaved, I guess he just enjoyed the laughs he got from saying it at home.

For a few days I have had that annoying throat thing where you keep feeling like you're about to be sick and get a sore throat/ head cold but nothing comes of it. Today it slammed in, my goodness it HURTS!
Isaac has been coughing fit to bust every night, poor boy, fine all day and then at night he coughs so much he gets so mad, he is tired and naughty. Looks like we are headed for a family virus deal, I think we can say for sure that winter is really here!

I am ready for Boston, tickets should be in any day now, I have $s enough to pay for the hotel, shopping and meals, I have to get the bus tickets and shall do that this week I hope.
I have ideas for the boys for Christmas, so intent are we on making this time of year all about memories and traditions, we want to be sure to buy for the boys things that we know they will be excited about, remember having. Isaac is very drawn to a safe / money box that Seth has, he loves it, he tries to open it and work out the combination, yesterday he said how he wishes he had a safe of his own to keep his treasures in...I told him that that is something that would be great on a christmas list and his face lit up...he said he is definitely adding that to his list! Such a 'boy' gift, this year is an exciting one for me, the boys are at ages where the magic is still very real, I am sure that this will be the last year we have 3 'believers' ....oh how sad when real life creeps in and the magic starts to wane. I blow raspberries in the face of those who are so politically correct that they refuse to tell 'lies' to their children, I think it's just stealing some magical moments from a child's life, moments are so few and far between when we can believe in such things, I am all for every chance to bring that sparkle to the eye of a little person. So far I have never seen sadness in a child when the reality becomes known, rather I have seen in my children an excitement that they get to join in with the littler ones, pumping up the excitement and thrills of Christmas eve.

I am going to look at clothes for me and I absolutely must not, under any circumstances buy any grey shirts! If you look at my rails of clothes, grey, grey, black, brown, grey, black, grey, blue. I rarely wear the blue ..unless it is DARK blue, nearly black blue. I like darker colours and every now and then I get brave and daring and buy pink or red and then they hang, on the rail...never to be worn! I truly do not need any more grey T shirts though. I don't.

I am excited to look at pretty things for my house, I love the home decor stuff in the US, I could fill a shipping crate and completely decorate my home without thinking too hard about it at all, beautiful things. I can't wait to see the Christmas decorations and buy some new ones.
I need to buy Seth some Hanes boxer shorts, he is his father's son and is particular about his undergarments, he is down to 2 pairs of Hanes boxers and Santa will be bringing him new ones.

I have to find a Nativity scene, it needs to have at least 12 pieces to it. Beautiful but not too expensive, it is for a new tradition that we are starting with the boys. The plan is to leave a piece of the Nativity on someone's doorstep every night for 12 days leading up to Christmas, we will leave Baby Jesus on Christmas eve. The boys will LOVE doing this, they love to ring the doorbell and run away leaving a treat behind, someone did this to us one year and it was so exciting, once we worked out why we had a cow, shepherd, ox......about day 3 we suddenly worked out that this was a Nativity, we tried so hard to catch who was leaving those pieces on our doorstep! ( I am pretty certain that the family we have in mind for this year does not read this blog...we're safe I hope)

I love that we are staying in the same hotel as last time, it was a great place to stay and so comfortable, I am going to try and stick with my diet, not because I am completely marvellous and string willed but rather because I am not! If I slip for a week, go back to eating all the wrong things, I will have to start all over again when I get back, that first week or so of changing the way you eat is so painful, I am not about to put myself through that again, I am sure that I will be able to eat delicious foods without going too far from the new way of living....I am taking slimfast with me for breakfast too, I have found that if I start the day with a slimfast I am fine all morning, I know it will be a test to sit surrounded by delicious bacon and eggs, cinnamon rolls etc and not dig in but I still have a long way to go. I was weighed today and lost 2lbs... which means a lb a week, I am trying to lose 2lbs a week, which is sensible and encouraging, less than that and I feel disheartened. I have a horrible feeling that I am going to have to start exercising soon.....oh how I hate that word, even the thought but I think that my body is beginning to get used to the amount of food I am eating, it is slowing down on the weight loss, I can't eat any less without serious misery so I will have to increase the level of exercise (which lets face it, is going to be pretty easy, though not fun!)
I wish I had a cycling buddy, I love riding bikes and would happily do that with a friend along some country paths...and I love swimming, I don't love putting on and being in public in a bathing suit...but am working on that because the alternative is walking and jogging and we all know how I hate all that malarkey! Oh the whole idea of exercising makes me want to throw a tantrum!
It is now 1.07am, of to bed I go where I hope not to dream of jogging and gyms....I leave all that dreaming to H who can tell tales of such vivid dreams every single night. Me, I just snore and sleep.

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Blogger Erin~Leigh said...

I love that my boys (10 and 8 )still "believe" as well. It truly is a magic of the season that gets lost, in some peoples lives. I was told growing up that I couldn't ever say I didn't believe as that would make a drastic change Christmas morning. I never said it and nothing changed. Had I said it all the "Santa" gifts would be gone. I still get so very excited this time of year and cry at all the Christmas Caroles I hear playing!

6:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the nativity idea! I was at Starbucks the other day and saw they are doing a Toys for Tots drive n Friday. I had a $10 gift coupon for Kohls so I went over and bought 2 toys with it and will let the kids take them on Friday. They had these stuffed toys $5 each and they donate the profits to children's charities so it's a twofer deal that way.
Can't wait to hear all about Boston, but must admit I am so jealous. It sucks to get laid off right before Christmas. They know you can't get a job then and that it makes your Christmas shopping impossible. If I had never had a job, it wouldn't have mattered as much.

10:56 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit to chuckling about him saying that at school. It tickled me a little bit.

Well done on the weight loss. I am so excited for you. You are going to have a great time in Boston and I love that you are all set to go. AWESOME AWESOME!!

The Nativity idea is a great one.Speaking of the Santa buisness Aidan found out this year that Santa isn't real but reacted wonderfully. Just as you said he is excited to keep it going for Audrey and for Nolan.

2:30 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

i am enjoying the real excitement this year with my boys so much so we are going to santas village i am sure you will be able to do just fine on your trip. target has a really nice nativity set and so does walmart. I love the idea.

10:20 pm  

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