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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Foot stamping tantrums.

Last evening, when the boys had gone to bed, when I was toasty and warm in my jama's, when the snow was falling and settling and it was so cold. I looked at H and said " We'll keep the boys home tomorrow, that hill will be so slippery, it was almost impossible to get up it tonight. So we'll stay home and have a cosy day"
And he looked back at me and nodded. He's a great nodder. Lovely.
This morning, when I came down at 10 to 6, Isaac was fully dressed, ready to go to school ( as always) I told him that we were staying home and you'd have thought I had given him the world, he put his PJs back on, wrapped up in a blanket and decided what he was going to do and watch and play on his unexpected day off.
7am H came down and Isaac told him we were staying home and H was immediately put out.. he said that no, we weren't staying home, it was a NORMAL day...everything is the SAME, a regular day, get dressed...SCHOOL!
Oh no you don't matey.
I like to think that I am patient with all the eccentricities that surround me, I do not, as a rule speak to H in any way other than a polite and respectful way. It's hard at times but I truly enjoy the courteous way we treat each other, the consideration and good manners, I like that we don't fart in front of each other. The one thing that will guarantee that being thrown to the wolves is if I feel that he ( or anyone else) is treating me like an idiot. What I decide for this family is as important as what he says. Oh yes it is. If I say we are staying home ( because we discussed it, didn't we? You nodded DIDN'T you??) then do not, once I have stated that this is the plan, begin to huff and puff and exert your authority and make me out to be a lunatic for suggesting such an outlandish and inexcusable nonsense.
I actually stamped my feet, I slammed doors, I called him names, told the boys that he who must be obeyed had spoken and I was powerless to persuade him that staying home was a good idea.
I then made it clear that I would not be leaving the house AT ALL, until every sign of snow was gone, if he thought school was a great idea, then he could walk them there, walk back to collect them and walk them home and good luck with the hills smartarse.
He kept telling me he wouldn't be walking any hills......he would go the 'other way' Look where we live...

That's if you turn right out of the front door...and if you turn left....


You get that ..and then you will have to go down the hill next street over to get anywhere. There is no avoiding hills, but he insisted, he was fine, the boys would be fine......and so off they went.
I should add that my boys will not wear coats, at all, ever. They wear hoodies. It was SO painfully cold, the cold we have here in the UK is a hurting cold. I have lived in Utah, that cold is nothing like this cold. This is a painful, wet cold, not that lovely brisk sharp cold of Utah. I can do that cold.
I layered those boys up with scarves and 2 hoodies, hats and no gloves because again, they hate gloves ( and so do I, the very feel of them makes me feel iffy!) I sent them to school and I cleaned with the vigour only a women in a rage can manage. We had a house inspection today and although H had done a great job vacuuming and tidying ( sort of ) yesterday it certainly needed all those female touches, and my goodness this house was polished, shined, cleared, thrown, scrubbed and hammered in the 90 minutes it took H to deliver the little layer boys to school ( oh how I wanted to watch their slithery journey but not enough to go with them and risk measuring my length along the pavement.)
When H returned, he asked if we needed anything from the shops and off he went again, risking life and limb not to mention dignity and returned again with packed lunch goodies and oranges. ( you know for the COLD lunch for the boys to take to school to eat at the COLD lunch time on this COLD day because they weren't staying home in the WARM!)
H was very gentle and understanding to my thorough opposition to this insulting weather, which immediately annoys me more because I wanted to hate him ALL DAY thank you...I explained that had he said, last night, during our discussion, something along the lines of " well, shall we decide in the morning about school because I don't mind walking them and I'm sure it'll be fine" I wouldn't have been in the least bit put out today, I wouldn't have mentioned staying home to Isaac, who is so like me and loves to be warm and happy and dry, it was having to see him completely thrown out of sync, dressed and undressed, ready for school, now staying home then get dressed and go to school and DEAR LIFE what is a boy supposed to think now? That made me so cross and indignant.
H swore up and down that we hadn't mentioned the weather last night and he was sure he hadn't heard me suggest staying home and it is impossible to stay mad at him because it is my dad all over again, I am endlessly surprised at how like my dad he is. Incredible that despite an ocean between us, totally different lives we somehow met to discover that he more like my dad than anyone I have ever met. I loved my dad, we had such a lovely bond, he and I had a different relationship to that of my siblings, mum said from the very beginning it was as though I was his, more his than anyone else.
Who'd have thought I would marry someone so like him.
The snow, incidentally was all gone by 6pm...just the way I like it! I do not like snow, at all, any part of it. Snow in England is particularly annoying as we are so unprepared for it, so hopeless when it is here. I went shopping this evening and it can snow all it likes now because we are stocked up and ready ( which means that it won't snow, it rained a lot this evening and washed all that confounded white stuff away, hooray!)
I love being warm, I never take for granted the fact that we are warm, cosy in our home. I love that my car has such great heating and we feel toasty and warm even when out in horrible weather.
Is it nearly spring yet?

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Blogger Leah said...

Oh, you have me rolling laughing at the thought of you slamming doors and yelling, and H and the boys going off to find a hill-free route to school!
I am glad your snow is gone!

2:08 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

It is so cold here this morning! :( I wish our snow was gone. Either that or I wish it was snowing so hard that we didn't have to go out! :)

Anyway, the boys must have been bummed when H said they had to go. I know even my big boy would be mad at that. :)

1:03 pm  

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