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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That's enough now!

My goodness I have been a bad tempered old cow lately, I say that as though it is all in the past when actually, I am sitting here ready to punch the lights out of the next person to look at me sideways, I am still a bad tempered old cow. About everything.

Like this company...Intek communications, HELLO ANYONE GOOGLING INTEK!!

Don't use Intek for your mobile phone, unless you like speaking to people who have no idea what they are talking about and you do love to hand over money, every month for absolutely no chance of ever getting any after sales care ..there, that feels better.
Way back in May last year, whilst feeling a little carefree and STUPID, I decided that I would give up my reliable 'pay as you go' phone and be a grown up, get a contract phone.
That was my first mistake, the next one was to take Sophie with me and allow her to bamboozle me into THE most expensive contract they have and the HUGEST mistake of all was to walk into INTEK in our local town, I wonder what INTEK stands for, the choices are many and I could, should I be so driven, spend many an hour thinking of suitable words, 'Idiot' being the first one.
It would appear that to work in our local Intek store one must have few teeth and even fewer brain cells, the few brain cells available are used to get you to sign on that dotted line, preferably for the least suitable, most expensive contract there is and then, sadly you will discover that the only cells left are the ones that enable the young men 'working' in the store to gaze ahead in the most gormless fashion and mumble " Sorry, love, can't 'elp you,"
They have said this to me whenever I have forced myself to be optimistic and tell myself that perhaps TODAY someone will actually open their mouths and move their lips and say something other than " sorry love, can't 'elp you" When my phone went berserk and died I took it in and they shook their heads and said " Sorry love...blah blah" I explained that they had BETTER help me because not only was I paying £40 a month for the stupid contract, I was also paying insurance to cover me for just such an occurrance as this. So they took the back off, put it back on and told me it was as good as new. It did work for a while and then on new years eve, it died completely. So I took it back in and once again they said " Sorry love, can't 'elp you, " and once again I explained that YES THEY COULD AND THEY BETTER HAD!
I told them that I had spoken with T mobile who said to take it in and they could send it off to get fixed or replaced. How hard is that?
Oh WHY didn't I just drive the few miles to the nearest T Mobile shop and let them deal with it, if I ever have any more problems that is what I will do, until May when my contract is up and I am once again going to be a humble pay as you go-er, forever and ever.
So they they gave me back the battery and the sim card, even the back of the phone and told me to write my details down and all would be well, 7-10 days it would be back all working and stuff. They didn't have a phone I could use in the meantime ( despite their website promising this would always be available but they would get one and they would call me when it was here of course they didn't but I found my old one and put my sim in it and have had a half working phone)
2 weeks later " Sorry love, it's not here, can't help you, no idea where it is, try next week"
Every week since they have said the same thing, on week 4 I told them I wanted the number for head office because I was all out of patience and felt sure that perhaps head office should know just how completely useless they were.
Suddenly, after one of the completely gormless shop can't assist you s, argued with me saying that HE never said 7-10 days because phones are NEVER back in 7 -10 days, the manager gave me a number and said he would call and trace my phone. He called me within 5 minutes and said that he had spoken to the workshop and the phone was right there, being worked on and would be back in a day or three.
How helpful I thought, amazing how helpful that was. When a week later, the phone still wasn't back and the staff in store said that probably, I should just give up and PAY FOR A NEW PHONE ( !!!) I called head office, they looked online and said that there was no record anywhere of my phone being sent it, nothing from the workshop, no evidence anywhere that I had ever taken my phone in.
Oh how I hate people lying to me, ask the first one some of the things I did to him because he lied to me, they're impressive.I have been dealing with head office ever since.
7 weeks now isn't it? The thing that has become evident is that head office teach the shop non assistants everything they don't know.They promise to call back ( and don't, except once)
They all say different things.
They are more pleasant to converse with and always at least sound as if they know what they are doing, they just don't actually appear to DO anything. The last I was told was that I was getting a new phone, they didn't have the same one as I used to have but I would get a new phone in a few days, a day or two even.I let them know which phone would be acceptable and that was the last I heard from them.
Until today, 7 weeks and 5 days of waiting, a new phone arrived, at last.
It's a pleasant enough phone and it works, which is as good as I could hope for. Now of course I have to go through the annoyance of learning how to use the blasted thing and handing it to Sophie every 3 minutes saying " Can you do THAT for me? Can you stop it making up totally wrong words when I want to send a text? Can you work out why it says I have no numbers when quite clearly my address book is full?" Etc etc etc.
Oh and of course it is not the phone I asked for nor does it have the specific features I said were necessary but they win, I give up I cannot make one more phone call because my head will explode if anyone from that company calls me 'my love' once more.

More you say?

Well, I have been just about as mad as can be about being fat, whine wail. Too hard too long, too miserable....stuck stuck. I am stuck because I have been faffing about on the edge of doing it properly. Facing facts I am fat, because I have spent years eating badly and moving as little as possible so now I have stopped faffing about, stopped picking and sneaking 'just a little bit' and I am doing it properly. And. It. Hurts. All over again. However it has to be done and the fact that we have had little glimpses of sunshine and some warmer weather has done marvels for the determination.
I slipped back into eating bread, not piles of it, just a subway sandwich here, a tortilla wrap there, always filled with great food, healthy, low fat...but the last 2 weeks proved that for me bread has to be avoided at all costs, it has made me miserable and bloated and now I have to undo that all over again.

Little things really bug me..for instance, if you pop up on my facebook page in a little IM box and YOU say HELLO! to me...if YOU start to chat with ME....don't suddenly bugger off because OOOH look something more interesting! Tell me you have to leave, say goodbye, lie about the pan boiling not let me answer you and then wait ........ and wait.......and wonder if I would appear rude i I just went away and did something else....and wait...and then feel like an idiot because obviously I am so boring to chat to that you just forgot you even starting to chat with me.
That really annoys me ( and Gemma this wasn't you!! When you texted me and said sorry I was surprised because you had said goodbye earlier, you weren't rude!) In fact I am pretty sure that it isn't anyone that reads this blog regularly but if you do and you have done this to me or anyone else.. RUDE YOU!

There now, aren't you glad you popped in? There's more...but I will spare you because I am kind.
Also I have a tiny amount of control and have managed to stop myself really letting rip and baring all .... oh the things I could whine about lately. I wish whining and complaining burned calories, I would need to eat 17 cakes just to stay alive!
Life's a bugger isn't it? If I am ever in charge of a universe I am making bread, chocolate and chips healthy and whining will burn more calories that running and stupid Aerobics and even quite good fun but still hurts and I hate exercise of any kind rowing machines. I am.



Blogger justLacey said...

I'm quite sure I said goodbye last time I popped in on you. You know I am a big fan of pay as you go. Every time I get a contract I wonder why because it's just a waste for someone who rarely talks on the phone. I use VM (you know who they are because they are out of the UK). They hire work at home people. I know it for a fact and I have actually had to deal with some, and for the most part THEY SUCK. Why you ask? I'll tell you. They are paid pretty close to minimum wage for the most part. They are trained solely on their own by a company that hires them out to VM and the training is poor. No one ever actually speaks to you for the most part. All training, pay, hiring...everything is done through the internet. Except a drug test if they require it. They get the same kind of service being hired as yo get dealing with them on the phone. Some are good, but for the most part NOT!

8:49 pm  
Blogger FrankandMary said...

Labels: Whining ha ha ha. Well, you are truthful at least.
I started laughing at old cow and never stopped. Quite entertaining post, just not sure it was meant that way!~Mary

9:44 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

hugs helen. hope it gets better for you. keep your chin up.

11:38 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

"Nah...not 'ere, can't 'elp you love' ' alright my love"


1:43 am  
Blogger G said...

I am sorry sweetheart. I do wish you knew how fantastic you're doing. I am glad that you're "checking" yourself on the bread bit but you've been doing so wonderfully. I wish you'd not shortchange yourself. You're doing fantastic and if I do half the job raising my children and have your willpower I am doing pretty stinkin' good.

2:53 am  

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