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Monday, April 27, 2009

The head's so willing...

My head feels rather good lately, all filled with ideas of how I can make life splendid and new things I want to do in my quest for improving and lightening my life.
I want to cook again, real food, new food, exciting and healthy food....but when I stand up for more than 8 minutes I cry and crumple in a sorry heap, so we have a sandwich, if we make it ourselves. I did make a cottage pie this morning, I fooled myself and made it while I was newly up and not crawlingly tired..ha! Foiled you knackermaking whateveritis you.
When I reheated it at 6 o'clock I was so weary I could hardly stand it, how lovely to be able to eat a real meal though, first time in 2 weeks or more I think.
I have such grandiose ideas for the boys' room, I want to do this and that and some of the other and then I climb the stairs and see all the toys and socks and unputaway clothes and I take 12 steps further down the hallway and lie on my bed for a while, or 3 hours.
H and I want to take the boys somewhere exciting, a real holiday where we shall explore and discover and have fun, we also want to take them to London to see the sights and the Lion King and then I think of having to go into town, that whole 1/4 mile and then go to the travel agents and talk and .....oh am so weary, maybe tomorrow, or next week or in 2013.
I called to make the emergency appointment for the ultra sound and hoorah! May 26th it is then.
4 weeks......I have rarely, if ever complained about the NHS but that is ridiculous isn't it? I will go back to my G.P tomorrow and tell her and she will call and maybe get me in sooner, I can but hope anyway. Also I can call and see if there are any cancellations, every morning....*sigh*.
It is quite the most bizarre thing to have braxton hicks contractions, without being pregnant ( and I am most definitely and certainly NOT pregnant)
It's raining this week which is a little bit lovely for me, when the sun shines I simply cannot lie in bed, I lay there and think of all the things I could be doing and how much time I am wasting on such a beautiful day, so when it's raining and grey...ahhhh, back to bed when the boys go to school.
Next week the forecast says hot and sunny all week, I love next week I shall be over whatever the hell is going on and shall bask in every sunny second of it.
This week, my mind is willing but my body is revolting, won't do a damned thing I ask of it.



Blogger noname said...

I remember calling a dentist for an emergency (abscess tooth had ruptured up into my sinuses) and being told I couldn't come in because I hadn't scheduled my emergency a week out. I was livid and as soon as I was all better, I ripped the monthly bill from them into small pieces, taped them to a note explaining where they could stick those pieces and mailed it back to them. Guess that's not really doable with a NHC system.

Hope you're feeling completely better soon and can enjoy the sunny weather.

8:02 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

praying you feel better soon

12:48 am  
Blogger Cathy said...

I think you should venture over to the ER and see how quickly they can do an ultrasound!

Hope you start feeling better soon...very soon!

Love and miss you!

12:49 am  

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