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Sunday, May 31, 2009

For now.....

I think that each day as it comes, with as much gentle joy as we can cram in, is the way to go.
I was told that the likelihood is I will feel worse before I feel better.
I do.
Don't ask me how I case I tell you.
Don't ask me to sit anywhere for longer than 10 minutes because it seems I will freak out, no warning, especially somewhere like, say CHURCH.
You know, where it is quiet and people are thinking and singing and being reverent.

Let me stand near rivers.......

And walk through meadows......

Let me stand under trees and watch little boys do what little boys do.

And let me take pictures of crunchy looking bugs on beautiful, sun browned, baby necks......

I think that will help.

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Blogger Rachel said...

So what if we really want to know how you are? Would you tell us? :)

Thinking of you.

1:09 am  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Oh MY Gosh that is an ugly bug and I would have freaked out if it were on me!!! LOL. Looks like a beautiful time though and I hope it helped to lift your spirits! Whatever it takes

1:10 am  

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