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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In the wars...

So, last evening, on a whim, H and I ( yes both of us, at the same time! I know!) took Seth and Isaac to the theatre. In the evening, later than bedtime! On a school night...can you even begin to count all those breaking with routine rules right there? Can you? I have been out of sorts all day today trying to recover from such excitement.
We broke all the rules because I noticed late on sunday evening that the Princess theatre was running a HORRIBLE HISTORIES show. Seth has every Horrible Histories book, magazine, chart, fact file, you name it, he has it and he has read and reread and laughed and read again. HE loves these books, how could we NOT take him? We didn't take Elijah because he is a delightful girlie squealer, he is scared of noises, dark things, animals, sweet puppies, kittens and blades of grass. He would not have had fun.
We read that not only was this to be a show, but also, there would be 3D special effects.
So, to make sure we got seats because Devon is so full of history freaks and geeky kids, I went online immediately and purchased tickets.
Hmmm, wanting to do this properly, I went right for the best seats, balked a little at the price and then told myself to get over it, once in a blue moon would this chance come along, hit the click button....I did and then, to my absolute indignation, I saw that they wanted, on top of the price to charge an extra 25% as an administration fee! WHAT? No option to print the tickets and bring them with me, they wanted me to pay that extra so they could print the ticket and have me go and collect them before we went to the show. If I walked in and bought the tickets before the show they wouldn't charge that extra 25%... the miser in me just would not part with that money. Nope, not me.
I bought the cheaper tickets and paid a smaller admin fee and was still cross, but less so. Administration fee my arse.
So, such excitement, Isaac was more excited than Seth ( it seemed, although in truth, Seth is just a cool dude, he is controlled and unwilling to show his glee) Isaac made it very clear that his was HORRIBLE histories and he was very keen to know if there was going to be blood and people dying, he really WANTED to know that because there wasn't any point going if no-one dies, terribly and in a bloody manner.
We went to a cafe and had some dinner before the show, then we went and picked our tickets up. After I bought the tickets, they showed me a seating plan ( too late!) and it was a very poor picture and I couldn't quite see the letters etc, I stared at it and I tried to see where our seats were but I couldn't work it out at all. I wasn't too worried because the theatre isn't too big and I knew that we would be able to see the stage wherever we were. ( shows how much I know!)
We went in, were showed to our seats....... well, have you ever felt like a social outcast? We watched everyone else come in and walk to the front, centre, great seats, they all went to the same place, every one of them.
I laughed and kept asking H if we really were the only cheap people in Devon because, well...look

social outcasts
See? Look at us all at the back and over to the side and far far away from the posh people, the ones who didn't sniff at paying 25% extra for administration fees.

We waited until the lights went down and we scuttled down with the posh people, sat right in there with them, like we belonged!
It was such fun, we saw an amputation with cracking and sawing noises, blood and gore ( and Isaac saying " THIS is what I came here for!"

boggle goggles

We jumped at 3D rats and lice, Isaac will tell you that he got a bullet from a tank right in his forehead. The best part was watching the boys, Seth was SO enthusiastic, it was an audience participation show and he yelled, stood up, sang, clapped and he loved it, was actually even worth the extra 25% .... almost, I feel sort of smug that we dodged that and still got a great seat!



Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

Sounds gory, but gloriously so for the boys :) I'm so glad that you threw caution to the wind and did something you normally wouldn't have. Sometimes that is exactly what needs to be done.

And 25% fee? I wouldn't have paid it either...and look, obviously, you didn't have to. ;)

11:56 am  
Blogger sarah said...

sounds like great fun!!!!

12:19 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

What a perfect show - To find your child's interest and tailor make an entire show around it - fabulous! I'd have balked at a 25% admin fee as well.
I guess you are just the cleverest ones of the bunch because you got the same posh seats at a less expensive price!!
Sounds like they had a great time. Did you have a tough time getting them to bed that night? I'm so hesitant to break routine on a school night - because everything seems fine until the following afternoon and then they become unbearably ugly tempered.

1:37 pm  
Blogger Jackie said...

What fun!! Well, I mean, *I* wouldn't have enjoyed it...heck, I would've sent Ben with the boy alone!! But you are the best mom ever!! Seriously, what a great memory for them for years to come.

2:06 pm  

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