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Friday, July 21, 2006

Just what the doctor ordered!

Look at these buildings, some of them 17th century, heaven.

This one is of the corner shop...filled with homemade cakes and local ice cream ( that I ate NONE of thankyou very much)!How beautiful is it??

Today I spent some time with my sister julie and two friends who I have known since forever. We went to a beautiful village and had a pub lunch, walked 'round the village and I took pictures but only had my they aren't too good.You can see just how beautiful it is though, how lucky am I to live so close to all this?
I loved being with these women too and we are going to try and make it a weekly thing. There is nothing quite so glorious as being with people who have known you for most of your life and still like you!
One lady ( see that Debs? LADY!)...Debs, has just moved here, we lived in Plymouth at the same time and the 4 of us used to have themed sleepovers, oh my the fun we had! Debs moved to california for a while but, like me, realised that this place is the place to be. England is just so 'home' and as great as the states are, if you belong here then this is the place to be, we have an extra bond now in that we both appreciate this country and all it offers even more than before. She is incredibly funny too and it's impossible to be with her and not laugh, she has the ideal for me, type of humour...irreverant and witty. Welcome home happy you are here and we can have fun again!! Oh, I was the youngster there too, the other 3 are grandma' GRANDMA'S!! So weird, one minute we all have little people and the next they have little people of ther own. ARGH!

The school holidays have begun, 6 weeks of no school. We think we have it planned and in theory we are in for a great time but I do know these boys are going to need keeping busy or we'll sink without trace!!
H wants to take them on hikes once a week, I am going to do the beach ( that gives us both one day a week each to breathe and rest our ears!!) we'll do one trip that means an entrance fee, the zoo, living coasts, theme park etc, a couple of days close to home in the park etc. Grandpa is here for 3'll be a doddle. HA!!
Also in the next few weeks we have birthdays..LOTS of birthdays
Elijah ...wednesday

Then in August
Seth.. 22nd
Daniel 25th

Dan is 21 next month, I am the mother of a 21 year old man. Yeegads!!!
An expensive and exhausting few weeks but then its all done and dusted until Christmas!!


Blogger LosingSanity said...

Very beautiful! I would love to visit someday! Hopefully i get to.

And what a busy couple months for birthdays! July and August are pretty slow in our family.

Happy Early Birthday to Everyone in your family (well, almost!)

4:50 am  
Blogger oh evil one said...

sounds like just what you needed. im all for the weekly thing too. god knows we could all use a little escape every once in a while.

2:49 pm  

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