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Friday, October 19, 2007

And sometimes, things are bloody marvellous. Thankyou.

I have had a great morning, one of those that make you feel just maybe life ain't all that bad.
I woke up late ( Yeay!) and H was organised, had the boys up and fed, Isaac ( still the only one in school) ready and excited that he was going on the BUS with daddy to school.
My doctors appt was at 9.45am and so I dropped Seth and Eli at mum's and headed into town. I walked past my favourite curtain/ fabric store and saw they had a ton of beautiful fabric for £1 a Metre. WOW! I bought 10 metres of material that I intend to make some glorious cot bedding with, enough to make for Mel and another set to sell on Ebay ( maybe if I am brave enough). Went to get my blood taken for testing and as I put my shopping bag on the floor noticed that there was a £5 note sitting on the top of my shopping! Not mine ( well it is now!) no idea where it could have come from, except I popped into see Mel at work on my way to the Drs, someone must have dropped the money in her shop and it landed in my bag!
On the way back to the car, there in a charity shop window was a beautiful, pretty much new moses basket..£10. Strike! So, my grandbaby will now have a beautiful moses basket and some pretty nifty, unique ( nothing run of the mill for my blood!) cot bedding.
Mel and Jordan know that if I buy or make anything they don't like or want they just have to tell me to keep it here to use when grandbaby comes a-calling. I am not going to take over and spoil their fun ( no, I am not....will not, must not.)
Oh...OH! Last night a friend came around, she has been asking me to take some pictures of her for a while, so she came and asked if I could do them this next week. She asked how much I wanted for doing this for her and when I said nothing, she said " oh yes, well what I'll do is give you what I was hoping you'd ask" and gave me £50!!! FIFTY QUID! Well that has gone right in a hidey place in my purse and is getting changed into dollars, my spending money for our holiday! I will take a ton of pictures and get them developed for her as well as give her a CD of pics.
Had the blood tests and some will be back on tuesday, others will take 2 weeks as they are special ones that need time, so longer wait for those.
So, this has been a splendid day so far. Marvellous.

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Blogger justLacey said...

I'm so happy for you! Could have used a day like that myself. I can only hope it will go half that well. My grandmother made a liner and small mattress and pillow for the Moses basket I had for Aubrie. I think I might still have it somewhere. She did a wonderful job on it. I think selling the bedding on Ebay is a great idea. Gail made me some sheets for the pack and play when Lyric was a baby the top sheet snapped to the bottom and
I found them quite useful.

12:36 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

What a splendid day! Glad everything has gone so well for you today. Hope it continues.

2:40 pm  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

sun was shining on you today for sure!

3:51 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

A lovely day Helen. :) And yes, sell the bedding on ebay!! It's worth a try!!

10:36 pm  

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