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Friday, October 26, 2007

Putting my foot down, with a firm hand. Indeed.

I like to think that these days, I am more relaxed about the small things, stupid people and matters of little import. Gone ( I thought) are the days of spending several minutes pointing out the virtue of good manners to a curt bus driver for example, he's probably had a bad day and feels inclined not to be polite to passengers, let is pass. Mostly.
I thought that was the case anyway. I am beginning to think that my depressed brain just couldn't be bloody bothered, go to hell, who cares.
I suspect the old me is creeping back OR my dad is living vicariously and / or posthumously through my mouth. Oh dear.
We have an Asda store in our town ( blimey, nearly mentioned the town then) and it charges you to park. Can you imagine. So you drive out of your way to get there, park your car, get a ticket ( that you have to pay for good grief!) walk back to your car ( probably in persistent rain and winds this time of year and even in June) put the ticket in plain view and then go shopping. REFUND they say, promise that when you pay for your shopping they will refund your parking fees. As long as you spend a minimum of £10 TEN POUNDS!! Oh, forgot to say that they also have a token thing, when you spend more than £10 they will give you a token to use next time so you won't have to fish about for a £1 coin.
So, last week I went shopping at 7.15pm and I spent £9.64.
" Oh, for heavens sake, I know you are going to give me a token aren't you?"
" no, sorry, we can't, you haven't spent £10 and it is after 6pm"
"I beg your pardon?" ( can you hear me, in my most affronted and plummy accent?)
" It's after 6pm so you don't need to pay"
" I understand that BUT I don't need a token for NOW do I? I'm going HOME now, I need a token for next time, which will almost certainly be in the daytime"
"Sorry I can't give you a token"
She was about 12 I imagined ( rather kindly) that she was a bit afeared of the rules and regulations and wasn't wordly enough to know that there are times when just handing over a token to a woman who
a) obviously likes her food and shops here regularly to buy it all
b) is clearly spoiling for a fight and has that look of righteous indignation
c) is not going to stutter and say "oh alright, sorry
is just the very best thing to do.
So, hackles raised I marched straight to customer services and repeated my request. I was given exactly the same reply by the woman who should have known better. Eventually this terrier dropped the rat and gave up, saying " Tescos is looking better and better to me"
Well darn it if the very same thing didn't happen again this week, spent just less than £10 ( can you believe it? Hell this scrimping and saving malarchy is really getting dull, better be a fantastic holiday in December because the run up to pay for it is bloody miserable) Miserable buggers wouldn't give me a token, so I told the bewildered man on the till that this was the very last time I would be shopping in this store, the ruling was absurd and Tescos would be getting MY custom from now on, yes indeed. I tried not to notice the look of absolute indifference on his face, why should he care after all?
I emailed head office because I am SO annoyed and why be cross with the poor people on the till when they can't do anything about it?
I went shopping at Tesco just now and in front of me was a lady a bit older than me and she bought cakes and at least 8 magazines. I leant over and said
" Excuse me! Can I come to your house and sit on your sofa, drink hot chocolate and read all those magazines with you? I can picture what heaven you are going to be in and I want some. Please." She laughed and said her husband had promised he wouldn't be working this weekend and now said he would be so she was holing herself in, sitting down and not moving all weekend. Marvellous, she didn't give me her address though, wonder why.

I have been trying not to do the halloween party. I have no spare money and even less enthusiasm. Unfortunately way too many people remember last year and I keep getting emails, facebook messages etc about what and when and how......I was out today and saw in a charity shop about 15 yards of black PVC material...if that wasn't a kick up the arse I don't know what we'll do it and ask people to bring a plate of goodies, if they are asking me to put on the party I am sure they won't mind chipping in on the food etc.
Anyone want to come to my creepy house on wednesday??



Blogger Julie Q said...

If it's truly not creepy, sure. ;) I would love to run away from everything about now.

That stinks about the parking tokens Helen. Stingy people!

3:02 pm  
Blogger Stetch said...

that is really annoying about the store!

As far as the Halloween party (if you do it) goes--don't spend money you don't have. Definitely ask that it be "potluck". I don't know about you but I think sampling all sorts of different treats from different people is a LOT of fun! So everyone will have a blast but you won't be stuck with ALL the work and ALL the expense! :)

6:35 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

I would love to come to your creepy house and even bring a treat to share! You definitely should make it potluck and have everyone help out. No need for you to do it all. They obviously enjoy themselves because they are wanting another one! Besides, I think potlucks are very fun!

10:30 pm  
Blogger justLacey said...

I'm with Julieq, ready to run away from it all...

11:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:11 pm  
Blogger The other me said...

I say, a foreign anonymous, what can Sado mean? How exciting.

3:22 pm  

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