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Friday, November 02, 2007

So, that's much clearer!

My blood results came back, all normal apart from the Lupus Anti bodies which was positive. So, for now we're still not sure what is going on. Because my other results were good, the positive Lupus screening isn't too worrying, if it is Lupus it isn't affecting my organs, just my skin. Also because the new meds are working well ( can even walk on the carpets without my feet swelling WHOOHOO!) and the welts are minimal and not painful now, we are sticking with that and my Dr is going to research and decide where to go from here. While the meds are working and the results show that my other organs are not affected, to treat specifically for Lupus would seem unnecessary, knowing that the results for Lupus were positive though is helpful should I get another massive flare up like the last one, hopefully we can just treat and not have to do a trial and error hit and miss deal like before.
I feel a certain amount of relief in that this ISN'T all in my mind. All that itching and welting and swelling wasn't just a result of a whacky brain! Also to know that my kidneys and liver aren't taking a hammering is a huge relief.

Jordan called today and said that he and Mel were going to Plymouth to the aquarium and could they take Eli. I am such a sissy about people taking my boys out, they are on a train and having a blast. I dropped him off and said
" here he is...don't lose him or forget you have him, hold his hand and don't let go and have fun and look after him and what time will you be back?"
I had to let him go because if I don't let them look after my baby they might not me look after theirs and that would be TERRIBLE! ( not that the baby is ever going to get born because HELL it's still only a teeny little blob and this is going to be the l-o-n-g-e-s-t pregnancy ever.)

4 weeks and 5 days til our holiday. The one in a posh hotel, with quietness and beds being made and sunshine.
I am going to see if we can get out of the last week of the hotel and stay with grandpa, that'd give us some extra spending money and would mean we were right there for the Christmas week. We can decorate grandpa's house and make it festive and the boys will have Santa come to grandpa's which is so much more festive than a hotel I should think. The travel agents might say that we can't back out in which case we will have to endure the full 3 weeks being waited on and using the pool and restaurant, bloody hell.
Ooh just called and it does sound as if it is possible to do that and get some cash back, ( about $1000 which would make a huge difference! ) yippee, I so don't want to go over with 20p to spend ( which is a wild exaggeration of how little we have but you know me, has to be done!) I am beginning to really look forward to this holiday as much as I am dreading the flight.
Today I am seeing the doughnut, not the hole, life is good.......hope some bugger doesn't come along and spoil it. It's sunny too, really warm sunny, like summer, heavenly.

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Blogger noname said...

Very good that you're making progress, albiet a frustrating one. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a gizmo that could just scan us quickly and tell us what's what?

Being waited on hand and foot...I'm. SO. Jealous!!!

10:53 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Well, it sounds like you are a few steps closer to the itchy problems. At least you have been feeling much better. hopefully this medicine continues to work well for you.

And how sweet that Jordan and Mel wanted to take the lil guy with them. I bet he had a great time with them.

Sounds like a good idea to stay at gpa's the last week. Saves money, makes Christmas all the more special and did i mention, saves money? LOL.

3:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weird about the lupus test. Maybe have them do it again after all is calmed down and see what it says then. I'm glad you were able to get some cash back from the hotel. That will be nice and I'm sure grandpa will love being able to have you there. I can't believe you will be over here for Christmas. Will you?

11:44 am  

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