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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Felt kinda good.

One of the things I have found most difficult in getting married and having more children is believing that I don't have to do everything myself.
More and more I see just how much of a control freak I am. Isaac's tooth came out yesterday and as H went up to bed I asked him if he would put £1 under Isaac's pillow because I knew I would forget.
This morning he said " That felt kinda good to be the tooth fairy, I never did anything like that before" it just made me think about how much I do that takes away from others the chance to serve, to enjoy experiences and to learn.
H reads to the boys, every night...they love it, it is an enormously important part of their day. Last week when we went into town I found a copy of Mrs Pepperpot stories, I LOVED Mrs Pepperpot when I was little and much fuss was made about the book. The boys turned their noses up at it and were very sure they would never be interested in such tales. H has been sick ( still!) and last week he had 2 days where he was completely out of action, so I read to the boys. Not the books daddy reads because they are so involved and I have no idea what they are about! So out came Mrs Pepperpot. They loved it, really loved it and now every night they ask if I will read that, not daddy read his stories. Every night I tell them that daddy will read and I will come up when he has finished and read Mrs P. Of course they are always asleep by the time I go upstairs, I wonder how long it'll take them to suss that one out?
H has really started to get into the Halloween thing this year, he has been adding to the decorations today and tomorrow we'll do he rest while the boys are at school, I'm even looking forward to it a bit.....tomato soup ( hot blood) muffins and popcorn is our contribution, oh and the candy Jane brought from the states ( although I wonder where all that pumpkin laffy taffy went? hmmmmm.)

English people can be so bloody boring of you ask me, I put somethings on ebay this week and I thought I was hysterical, felt sure one listing in particular would get some reaction. Zilch. Boring old gits, I ask you......

Would you look at this picture?? You want it, I know you do. I would love to want it, it was left in this house when we moved in. I know nothing about it except I have six children, I get headaches, I am old ( well 45, when you have 6 kids that feels old, believe me) This picture, as funky and alive and cool as it is, does not help my head. At all.
I have no idea who painted it, perhaps an Elephant and it is worth many thousands of pounds. An armless chap who used his feet or teeth and if that is the case then it really is worth a lot of money because the lines? Very straight, you try holding a ruler in your teeth and painting straight lines with your feet.....exactly.
My suspicions, judging by the state of this house when we moved in, the smell of unmentionable things also left behind and the plethora of magazines and DVDs that made me bleach my eyes, brain and hands after having to touch them ( and burning them, so do not email me and ask me to sell them to you, I am a good christian woman thankyouverymuch) I would say this was painted by a student, after a night on the town and a paracetamol or 3. If said student is , by some bizarre stroke of weirdness looking at this post and yelling IT WAS ME! No, it wasn't, it just looks like something you did one night and you definitely took yours with you. This is mine to do with what I will. You didn't mind a bit when I got rid of your rotting underwear and vomit soaked ..what WAS that that was soaked in vomit? Ewwwwww. So, don't try and claim this because you didn't sign it and it is most definitely mine. Shut up.
I have lived in this house for 6 weeks, this has been behind my sofa the whole time, on the wall, where it was left because as I said I so want to be funky and modern, also because I was afraid of what was hiding behind it. I have found many things hiding behind other things whilst cleaning this house. This picture is HUGE, there could have been any number of frightening, repulsive and dusty things hidden behind it. How happy I was when in a fit of something, I took it down and found just a wall, a nice clean wall even. Marvellous.
Now I have to go and measure it again because although I did measure it and convince myself that I would remember those 2 numbers for 36 seconds while I walked back into the lounge, I forgot to write them down and now 7 minutes have passed, my memory isn't what it used to be, my children sucked my brain cells out whilst in utero and kept them for themselves, so they could answer me back and win arguments and therefore prove that I know nothing and they know everything. They left me with enough brains to cook dinner, wash clothes and laugh at things that are probably tragic. And also, it would seem , spell, because I just hit spell check and I didn't make a SINGLE msitake ( I swear I didn't do that on purpose but it is just too funny to erase isn't it?) I mean mistake! Life is good and now this picture isn't in my lounge, I feel somehow lighter and carefee.
It is 65 1/2 inches x 54 inches. sofa is hiding behind that picture right there. Very huge. I am assuming that the picture is the right way up....the beauty of it is who knows? Hang it this way, that way or the other, versatile as well as cheerful and funky. This really would look great somewhere, just not with my old lady pine, leather furniture and plastic plants, it is begging to live elsewhere ( aren't we all but who'd buy me and take me away from all this?)
So, you can imagine collection only unless you want to arrange a courier but I'm not sure I can afford enough brown paper to wrap it up, maybe an old sheet? Please come and get it. For the next 3 days I will guard it with my life, I will stop 3 little boys from throwing things at it, running at it at full speed and trying to use it as a slide. After that it's fair game and won't last more than 5 minutes. Please save it. And my eyes

Don't you think that's worth a bid or 379? Yes I thought so. Nothing. Banging my head against a brick wall. Mind you I do have some bids on this one....

2 new white shirts, size 16 1/2 collar, bought from M & S because their shirts are quite frankly beautiful and easy to iron, which matters. Bought by me for my husband who constantly tells me not to buy him his clothes because he is a grown up and able to do it for himself ( although laundering them would appear not to be in his job description as a capable human being) Anyway, I bought them and gave them to him and he tried them on and then told me again to please not buy him clothes, especially ones that are several sizes too big and make him look like a boy about to go to school for the very first time in a shirt that he will 'grow into'.
So here we are, 2 new shirts, never worn but lovingly washed and ironed, well one of them is ironed, in the front and sleeves so it looks lovely in the picture, the other one and the back of this one are not ironed because I have a life and to iron something that is going to be wrapped and mailed and tossed about by mailmen that worry not if they are creasing something, well that would just be foolhardy wouldn't it?
Happy bidding and good luck, I hope you have measured your husbands neck ( or your own if you buy your own shirts like some men I know) because if these are the wrong size after you have bid and won them, you will be on your own and have to live with the fact that you buy stuff without checking first. Rather like me.

So, at least those are selling. Honestly things are getting close now. 5 weeks tomorrow. FIVE WEEKS!! Bit scared really, you know, the plane...10 hours, up in the air, without the opportunity to get OFF and be on the ground. Scrap the bit scared and put in TERRIFIED. If I told you everything I was scared about you'd walk away from the computer shaking your head, because I am mistress of worrying about things that other people don't even think about. Somebody switch off my brain. Please.
What else can I sell, must be something else......actually there are many thing I can sell but H won't let me, he has nailed things down and hidden things and also forbidden me to sell dinosaurs and animals. Says they cost him his soul and he won't let me sell them for threepence ha'penny. I just have to say that he better start playing with them some time soon, never seen so many toys that aren't played with anymore. ( having said that, the boys found the boxes last week and have had a great time making Jurassic parks and Animal farms, our bathroom is filled with penguins and polar bears again, so maybe we will hang onto them for a while longer!)
Has anyone else been affected by 'Toy Story?' I haven't been the same since I watched that movie 6734 times in one year with Isaac, I'm not lying when I say that I actually sit on the toilet memorising how those animals are placed so I can catch them out when I have a pee in the middle of the night. I swear they move when I'm not looking, there was a wolf that had definitely moved the other night, I think I caught him just as he was about to eat a killer whale, HA! Foiled.
Ahhhh, that time of night when I can actually feel myself relaxing, it is 1.20am, maybe get an early night tonight! Night night.

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Blogger LosingSanity said...

Funny you should mention Toy Story..Toy Story 2 is playing right now. Couldn't even begin to estimate how many times we have watched this.

I love how you post things on Ebay. You surely could make a pile of poo sound interesting enough to buy. Love it!!!!!

3:39 am  
Blogger noname said...

I look for interesting and funny listings like yours. Maybe someone is waiting til the last minute to bid?

5:05 am  

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