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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Drug lords and slippery chickens.

Phew, saw my girl today and was so happy to see her. She has been 'missing' for a week or so, not really missing but her phone was off ( and also, I had been calling her old number for 3 days!) and she wasn't here, or calling me and talking and talking. When she is here, rarely a visit goes by without me saying at least once " SOPHIE! Please be QUIET" and then I imagine that she is run over on the way home and how sad I would be that I told her to be quiet so I tell myself to enjoy her and I do for 12 minutes and then SHUT UP WILL YOU??
Today, although I did have to tell her to be quiet 3 times, ( you have to be here and know her to understand that it IS necessary to say shhhhhhhh to this gob on legs) I enjoyed her being here and looked at her a lot, I kissed her once or twelve times as well because I'll let you in on a secret.
My imagination had taken over, man with tattooed face was a drugs baron, he had locked her in a room and pumped her full of drugs until she was a wasted little heap, in the evenings he was selling her poor emaciated body to his smelly and aids infected cronies and she was unable to get a message to me.
I knew that she thought she loved him and was staying away from me on purpose.
She laughed when I told her how relieved I was that she hadn't been sold as a sex slave, and said that Ange is moving and anyway she hasn't seen him for days, also she rather loves someone who is 2o and has a face devoid of tattoos and lives with his mum, and no pit bull terrier. He sent several texts to her to say that he thinks of her all the time and that she is gorgeous while she was here. I think I love him too. He has some whacky name as well, heaven forbid she should ever meet anyone called John or Rob or something. I forget his name, but I love him anyway. He is a tree surgeon, sounds good, all outdoors and healthy and probably gets up before 3pm as well, just keeps getting better!
Had a good day today, went to the agency to pay some money and ask for keys to clean stove and carpets, had a nice chat with lovely Sally, who told me that the landlady did give us a reference and such a one that the referencing agency thought a guarantor unnecessary, well. Food for thought, wouldn't it be great if landlady's heart has been softened enough to pay us back the deposit? Shan't hold my breath but I will allow a tiny bit of hope to linger awhile.
The boxes are taking over, we gave the boys a box each and that kept them occupied for a good while, they packed their treasures and labelled them, closer to the wonderful day when we leave this all behind us and start the happy times to come.
We have all the help we can need for monday and swapped the trampoline for the vehicles and services of some lovely people, so trampoline has a new home and we don't have to find the money for the van and such. Life has a way of working out alright, if you just believe it will and live a good life. Usually.
Turns out that yesterday was the most miserable day of the year, I didn't know that but for me ( and Isaac, oh yes, definitely Isaac) it most certainly was. All day.
Today has been a refreshing change and my Isaac has been a joy. Much appreciated too, yesterday was rotten, am very glad it's over and all up hill from now.
5 sleeps and we'll be in our new home.
Ha! There is a documentary on right now about 2 doctors who are travelling through Africa, looking at the way ailments are treated, 2 sisters who feel depressed and think they have been cursed ......treatment? Tie them up, cover them in oil and make them hold a greased chicken. H looked up from his laptop and said " yes, well, if you're treated like that I imagine you'd be amazed at how quickly you'd get well"
Then I took over and said " Quick Noreen, put a bloody smile on your face or they'll have you trussed up and holding that slippery chicken again" ( side note, wonder if any perverted googlers will be sent to my blog after that last sentence?) oh the possibilities abound.

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Blogger Julie Q said...

I'm glad Sophie is OK Helen. :) And I'd love the new boy too, unseen.

Crossing my fingers on the money!!

11:32 pm  

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