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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nothing much...

Not much to say tonight, so I thought I would post a picture or two.

How lovely are these 2? I took them to Mothercare today and they bought the pram for grandbaby mine, Mel had to sit in a rocker while we wheeled prams to her and like a queen she looked and then pointed and said " That one please, I want THAT one" and that one she got.


And they made me feel like the mad old lady for taking I stopped and took them home.
It is only 4 years since I had a baby and yet I felt very old and out of it, I also had to stand back and keep my opinions to myself and also swallow the sad feeling I had when I discovered that Mel's dad had bought all the baby's bedding when I so wanted to make it.
I have to remind myself that I have had six babies of my own and that this baby isn't mine, I think it will be SO hard when the baby is here to mind my own business! Being a Nana is a bit hard already. just hurry up with the good bits if you please. I am getting impatient to see and smell and smooch and kiss this little person.
In the beginning I absolutely knew it was a girl baby, then I felt a bit sure that it was a boy, now I have absoluetly no clue, no feelings, no idea. It's exciting in an annoying sort of way.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go ahead and make some bedding anyway, it can become a keepsake, My Mum made my babies patchwork quilts out of the baby clothes I had worn! beautiful and far too precious for them to actually sleep on!

1:44 pm  
Blogger Julie Q said...

I have to agree Helen. :) Go ahead and make something special. You can either just use it when the baby visits or ask them if they'd want to take it home.

You do recall babies totally messing up their bedding don't you? :) A second set might come in handy.

Love those pics! :)

I'm sure I will feel the same way, if I ever get a grandbaby. Although it will be more than four years since I had a baby.

5:29 pm  
Blogger Jessica said...

hi Helen!
I think you should make the bedding, and I think that it will mean so much to them!

I've missed you, your blogs.


9:15 pm  

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