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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bye bye February, Hello SPRING!

Oh I think it may be soon, Spring, that most wonderful time of year when hopes soar and life begins to seem worth doing again.
I wonder if February is so miserable so that we can truly enjoy when it is over?
We woke up today and saturdays always seem like the longest day to me, if we are trapped inside it can last a fortnight! The sun was shining, oh to wake up to sunshine instead of dark, cold nothingness is exactly what my soul needs.
H is sick, he has been getting more sick all week, I have been telling him to call the Dr since tuesday, he hasn't of course, even though I told him that the chances and sods law mean he will feel like death in saturday and will have to wait til monday to see a Dr, he still didn't call and of course, today he was so sick, his face is flushed, he is hot and weary, aching and looks like poorly. He just wanted to sleep today so I got the boys in the car with Sophie and we went off for the morning, Sophie had to work at 2pm.
It's on days like today that I am so happy to live where we are. I am convinced that this part of the world, down in Devon, is probably the best place to be, I honestly can't think of any place in the world I would rather live.
Here is why....
Look how pretty that is, this is everywhere, I don't have to go further than 1/2 mile before I see this beautiful countryside.

Look! Where else can you go for a short drive and pass vehicles like this and have the driver smile at you as you drive past?

Of course, he may have been smiling at these 3 loons in the back!


And look, hope in the hedgerows, I just love to see Daffodils and primroses as I drive by.


Sunshine and short sleeves, all is well in this world.


A little boy and some spring flowers...heaven.


Clampets in training!


This set of traffic lights have been like this for a few days and it always makes me laugh to see them!


Time for Sophie to go to work.

H was still feeling awful when we got home and slept until 4pm, by the time he got up I felt pretty rough too, I slept until 7.30pm! When I did wake up pretty much all of me was aching and I feel like H looks.... it's never a good thing when both of us are sick at the same time, those little people could take over and anarchy will rule! I hope that it's a quick virus and not something that lasts too long..although H has been down a week already.
Amazing how the sunshine makes it all seem less daunting though. I feel as though I charged my batteries today, to drive with the windows open, to walk without several layers of clothing on, to be able to sit and watch little boys running and climbing. I am so grateful for that reminder today that life is not always going to be grey and weary.
Bye bye February, March we are happy to see you!

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Blogger justLacey said...

Sick again? Seems like someone there is always sick with something. Hopefully spring air will clear all the winter germs out.

12:13 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

Spring? Where? Not even close to spring here since we are waiting for 15" of snow to fall tonight!

Come hell or high water, I am coming to England! You have been warned

3:02 am  

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