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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Yesterdays post, on reflection made me too uncomfortable to leave as a public post, I have saved it because it is mine, it was raw and very true but maybe that kind of thing should be kept to myself. Sophie has come so far, she is no longer that rage filled girl and putting such a post out there was unfair to her, it brought back the very worst of memories and those are the kind that should stay private.

I think because she has come so far, it is on my mind more and more how far we have come as a mother and daughter, I really did, for many years hold onto a hope that she would somehow stay alive and live somewhere else, hoping that she could somehow manage to just get by with people, be able to live without constant battles with everyone. There isn't a day goes by that I'm not thrilled that she is so happy, funny, delightful and safe...and that we are friends. Occasionally we have a day where she drives me to distraction, we had one of those days this week, but these days, any spats are so normal, so ordinary so quickly over. Thank heavens.

She is 20 on wednesday, no longer a teenager, I am more giddy about that than I can say. I don't enjoy the teenage years, at all, I don't see any humour in it, I am endlessly frustrated by the drama, the angst, the tantrums that leave 2 year olds looking lame.
I don't suppose that a birthday, a mere change of numbers will change anything but the way I feel about it, NO TEENAGERS IN MY HOUSE ! WHOOHOO!
A mere 4 1/2 years respite until Seth hits his teens, I am banking on being slightly senile by then, hoping that I will find it all a hoot and be so far past caring that it will all pass me by in an old lady fog.

I am thrilled also to announce that I am in a decorating whirl, I predict that in a month or so I will be a bit show offy about this house, I love the fact that it smells of fresh paint, I love that I have a purpose and a plan for each day and I am so excited to be back on the house proud wagon. Any day now I will even start letting people past the front door. Glorious.



Blogger Cathy said...

and mom's and daughters have spats. It's normal. She has come such a long way that I so look forward to spending 10 glorious, loud, piddling day with her!

12:49 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Ah the teen years. My mother in law told me I was nuts for wanting girls.

I think boys are just as nutty during the teen years. ;)

8:41 pm  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

I'm sorry I missed the post you took down although I understand why you did. I'm beyond happy for both you and Sophie. :)

Enjoy your decorating! xoxo

3:45 pm  

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