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Monday, September 04, 2006

Slump, kind of.

So, everyone has gone.
I feel a bit, *sigh*, sort of, slump...flat.
The boys have that post spoiled brat syndrome.
I am here alone with 3 little horrors who it would seem, have read a book, or several books ( although they may have watched a video, hard to tell ) on terrible things boys can do while pretty much under their mothers' nose, also how to make the loudest noise for the longest time at a pitch that will make said mother's ears not only bleed but cry real tears, did you know ears could cry. Mine do.
Whilst snatching five minutes break today to have a chat with a grown up, online, as you do.....Elijah and Isaac thought of how fun it would be if they stood in front of the fan ( just out of my reach) and drop handfuls of unpopped corn into it. Impressive. Good noise. Great mess.

Elijah is drawn to my bedroom window, open just an inch or three, OK is enough for him to post anything and everything out into the garden, my clothes, his toys, books. Himself, almost yesterday. I caught him hanging with just his thighs left in the room. The kid has a guardian angel for sure.
It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that I absolutely have given up trying to get anything done in the day, it is a full time job just making sure these boys don't either destroy the house or themselves...I swear they are in cahoots, having nightly planning meetings about who causes a diversion while the others do the wicked deeds.
The summer holidays haven't been too bad, we have been so busy the time has flown. It's these last few days, the days where we have to get the mundane things done, they simply must come down from the holiday high of rushing around and being entertained and jollied along all day every day. One more day, just one before school starts. They are SO ready to be back at school. Not as ready as I am for them to go though.
Seth has been a snot. Furious that he wasn't included in the return trip to London, it seemed only right that he punish the parent who also missed out on the fun ( Tower of London and Harrods today I am told) The thing with Seth is that his mind is so precocious, his speech is so forward that before you know it you are smack bang in the middle of a tit for tat squabble ....half way through I remember that I AM THE MUMMY!!
Ye gads the child can press buttons and hit switches, I swear he transforms from that sweet little twerpy nerd into a hulk like towering beastie.
The tumble drier man is coming tomorrow, hoorah, lots of laundry to do , we have been to the laundrette with the ENORMOUS driers twice, I took a magazine and did 4 loads of washing, it only took 2 driers and 25 minutes to dry it. Wouldn't you know it? I was set for a lovely sit down with the rythmic sound of oversized drier and a good read. I am not willing to take another trip with 3 boys, too tempting for would be asking for a nervous breakdown wouldn't it?
I am going to bed early tonight, it's midnight and I can go to bed and read with the light on instead of my little flashlight. Marvellous. Legs are twitching but who cares? I can run on the spot in my bed and not bother H a bit. I miss him when he's not here, but it does have small advantages, grab them while you can I always say.


Blogger justLacey said...

i love that time of night and morning when it's just me, all alone. i miss it, used to be that way a good deal of the time. the other day i wash thinking if jav an i hadn't had children we would be done and alone now. i have ot admit though, hard as it is i enjoy most of it. what else wouldi be doing now? just imagie when school starts you will have hours of freedom and they will be so tired at night, they will go down before dark. sweet bliss mummy.

12:53 am  
Blogger B. said...

Ahhhh I too am in a slump, rather not by choice.

I hate it. I was a long weekend here, in more ways than one might I add, and it just seemed to drag on and on.

Let the fall routines begin. Keeps the kids busy as well as my mind.

Much love,


1:21 am  

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