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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miracles in our midst.

Elijah has been simply revolting the past few weeks, whether it's because he feels left behind with Seth and Isaac being buddies and liking the same things, it could be that he is cross at being endless told he is a baby and can't play because he gets it wrong, perhaps he is bored, definitely he is naughty.
He has been incredibly destructive, deliberately ripping, breaking, snapping, throwing, destroying everything from toys to curtains, pictures and books. He has taken photos out of frames, broken the frames, ruined the pictures, hung from curtains until the whole rail comes down and in his room, he has actually snapped every little piece that holds the rail to the wall.
He has yelled, kicked, spat, sworn, slammed doors, thrown spectacular tantrums.
He has kicked, punched, punched, slapped and pinched his brothers at every opportunity.
Yesterday was probably the worst day, in fact for the first time in his 5 years, he got a good smack on his bum, 2 even, hard ones, which actually shocked him to the core and insulted his sense of justice the way a time out never could, ( incidentally he did sit in the stairs for 5 minutes after his bum smacks)
The day was long and wearing for all of us.
By bedtime ( which was early because I discovered that he has pulled the curtains in his room down and snapped the supports) I sent him to a Ben 10 wee ( not a Ben 7, a Ben TEN thankyou!) he came back and said
"Oh, it's OK now, I did a wee and I heard Jesus"
"Wow, thank goodness, what did he say? Did he say please be a nice boy because your mummy could go off you really quickly when you are horrible?"
"no, I did a wee and I heard him, he just said ' Try to be a good boy' he just only said that"
"Wow, that's great, you should probably do as He said, in fact you should probably do more than try and actually just BE good"
"OK, I will. Night night"
"Night night, listen to Jesus!"

So far so good, he's been awake and hour and nothing's broken yet......even his spirit is in tact after getting 2 good smacks on his bum ( am so soft compared to when I was raising the big ones, hopelessly suckered into mamby pamby disciplining, not sure it is kind in the long run though)
School starts on wednesday, that 6 weeks flew by, I am not a bit ready in the practical sense for them returning to school, no new clothes hanging in the cupboard, new shiny new shoes sitting by the bed, I am dreading the clothes shopping because I have to take Seth and Isaac with me because they have grown SO much I have no clue what sizes they need.
I am very, VERY ready to send them back in every other way, Seth and Isaac have done really well considering how miserable the weather has been, they have kept busy and happy, Elijah needs to be back at school, playing with people his own age, not mini brainiacs who view his regular 5 year old self as a nuisance. 3 more days to fill. Hoorah!

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Blogger noname said...

I'm about to do a similair type post about Jax. She's been sooooo awful lately that by evening time, I'm jittery and almost in tears.

Hearing Jesus during a wee is the cutest thing. I hope for your sake he's on the outward swing of this phase. :)

4:12 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

Lol! Of course, Jesus visits everyone in the bathroom!

Hope he continues behaving for his bums sake! ;)

Love you

8:19 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

Hopefully this talk with Jesus will stick with him!!! ;) I dread those kinds of days with my kids. By the time bedtime rolls around, I am all but sitting in a corner rocking violently back and forth! LOL

2:12 am  

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