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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It really IS the most wonderful time of the year.

The school holidays flew by, surprisingly as the weather was so appalling and much of the time was spent inside, anyway I never did quite reach that awful pitch where it was all too much and counting down the days until school started. I had no idea how ready I was for them to go back.
They were remarkably calm this morning, I half held my breath as Isaac asked which was his uniform, felt very smug about the fact that I had ready both lovely new trousers ( which are identical to the worn old trousers albeit an inch longer to cover those ankles) and a pair of old trousers, a worn shirt ( because he cannot stand new shirts that haven't been washed at least 50 times) same sweatshirt...all ready, HA! Foiled boy, as soon as you started to cry that THESE trousers are NEW and CANNOT BE WORN! I just gave you the old ones because, well there are some fights that must be fought and others that couldn't matter a bit.
Shoes almost caused a problem, last year he wore his airwalk trainers, until the soles flapped off and there were holes in the heels. He has FIVE other pairs of shoes that he can wear. FIVE but he cried and begged to wear those old airwalk stinkers. I stayed calm and said he could absolutely wear any of the other 5 pairs but those ones were not a choice.
5 minutes later he came out wearing his Sketchers, the red ones, not the brown ones. He talked his way through putting them on and how worried he was and how he wasn't sure they would be OK and maybe and perhaps ...but he put them on and he was happy ( ish)
As time went on I found him sitting on the sofa under a blanket, saying he probably wouldn't be going to school, year 3 was too much and he wouldn't go thankyou.
We ignored him and spoke to Eli about being in year 1 , Seth chatted about his beginning year 4 and then I said " You never were worried about going into Mr W's class were you Seth ?" ( Isaac is going into the class Seth just left) He replied " Nah, I always knew it would be fun" Like magic a little Isaac appeared from under the blanket and he was ready and in the car bang on time ( and he had been counting down the minutes for an hour... "OK....13 minutes now, 7 minutes, FIVE minutes.....are you ready? Are you? We should go right now because 1 more MINUTE!")

So he wasn't about to stand proud and hold his back pack aloft as a sign of greatness and readiness for the adventures about to unfold. But he got in the car.

Is that, or is it not one of the greater sights a mother can behold? I think so!

Look, no screaming, clinging, holding onto door jambs.....



Then he noticed plastic envelopes with reading book records and such inside and if there is anything liable to get Isaac's interest it would be this, was there one with HIS name on? Was HIS packet on the right table ( which he made a B line for and sat firm because THIS was where he was going to be sitting!)

He had to look through 3 boxes on 3 tables before he found his and declared "yep, there's mine, it's on the wrong table though!" I wonder if Mr W moved the envelope of Isaac moved tables....pretty sure I know what the answer to that is!

Elijah was excited and happy to be in his new classroom and scarcely gave me a second look, he got his sticker with his name on, found a peg with his name on, found his friends and that was that!



I realised when I downloaded the pictures that all but one of Seth's have his full name on them, and although I admit to being pretty unworried by internet scary stories, even I have my here is Seth's one and only internet able picture....


I can't tell you how blissful the day was, all those hours of quiet and calm, being able to tidy and clean and not have someone following me telling tales or making a mess. I had no idea just how ready I was for some of that again!I had forgotten how quickly the evenings go once they get home, play for a while, eat dinner, get ready for bed and go to bed at a reasonable hour ( 8 and 8.30 oh joy!)
I like school, more than I realised.What makes it even better is that THEY love school and came home happy, ready for dinner, eager to play.
Yes, if you ask me, it really IS the most wonderful time of the year.



Blogger Jenn said...

AMEN!!! Loved your pictoral account of the day - especially seeing those boys backs as they willingly go to school. Hurray for Isaac - how amazing is that boy!!
I hope they all have wonderful years - and now you can turn your attention to....oh I dunno, planning another meetup or something? I'm just saying.
I can't wait for those hours of calm/quiet. That empty house - I want to hear that. Just me time. I'll get it starting on Monday. They don't want volunteers to start until October, so I shall be forced to spend time on myself. who knows what I'll do....

9:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love those gorgeous little boys of yours. They are absolutely so adorable. You have great shots sweetie!!!! I am so glad that Seth seems to enjoy school and Issac is looking some handsome!!!

3:01 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

It looks like the morning went well! :) I hope the entire day did, for them and you Helen.

It IS quiet with no kids at home. I almost can't stand it! Almost. ;)

11:09 am  
Blogger Tired Mom of Six said...

I have to copy Jenn and say "AMEN!" Truer words were never spoken.

Glad the boys had a good first day...YAY for school :)

Love & mist you!

1:08 pm  
Blogger LosingSanity said...

I still have one at home...but I long for a peaceful reprieve from noisy, messy little ones. Just a small one. Hopefully next year. Glad that the boys had a great first day back!

4:57 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

i agree whole heartdly. your title reminds me of the staple office supply store commercial

4:08 pm  
Blogger Stetch said...

this was a fun blog entry :)

So they can wear whatever they like on their feet, with the uniform? Or at least any color trainer? If so, hey that shouldn't be too bad. Just get him to wear any new shoes a little at a time until they are worn in. What a strange thing to be upset by, lol. My kids love new clothes! XD

You are smart. Keep your last name OFF the Internet. It might be different if this were a private blog.

11:38 am  

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