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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All my children.

Dan came back from New York last night and this morning, he drove down to see us.
I love having Dan here, the boys adore having him around and when he is here, life is very loud, very busy and hysterical.
My children, especially the boys, have exceptionally loud voices, they don't speak, they BOOM, they don't whisper they BELLOW. Daniel's voice in particular is ear bustingly loud, you can hear him as he walks up the street, know he will be here soon, long before you can see him.
The boys were at school and so we decided that we would go out for Sophie's birthday lunch, she is 20 tomorrow ( oh no more teenagers, how I shall miss that.) Jordan will be at work so we went today.
We stopped to get petrol in my car first, as I was filling up I saw Dan go into the service station and walk up to the register. I followed him in and saw him point at my car.....he had already paid for my petrol, the lady behind the till said " Awwwwww, oh that is SO lovely! I can't believe he did that, I hope my son does things like that for me one day, I am going to tell him about this when I get home, drop some hints....that has made my day, seeing someone do that for his mum. The ladies were all ahhhhhing and how lovelying together as we walked out." He is a good boy and a very loud one at that.
We got to the restaurant and sat down, surrounded by diners who arrived before us, we had a long table with Joshua sitting in between Dan and Jordan, Sophie, Mel and I were on the other side of the table.
The waitress came and asked what drinks we would like, now the whole time we were sitting there is always banter, Jordan and Daniel are like verbal ping pong, they bounce hysterical quips at each other constantly, they find each other gust bustingly funny and they laugh, all the time ( very very loudly) This sweet girl asked us what we would like and when it came to Jordan he asked for a shandy ( beer and lemonade) Daniel, ever tactful bellowed "Good God Jordan, SHANDY? Where you going to put that next to your tampons?"
I was horrified and said "DANIEL! Please, behave" to which Jordan replied "Yes Daniel, shut up! And anyway I use panty liners!"
I didn't know what to do, the waitress nearly burst her face trying not to laugh, perhaps you had to be there and you certainly have to experience the way they are together to see that they somehow manage to make even the most uncouth things hysterical.
I apologised as we left and hope one day to be able to return.
Some pictures...

Let me has your shandy daddy, I want to have it!

Remember when we used to read picture books to 9 month old babies? You tube clips on iPods don't seem the same do they?

He is beloved this baby.

These 2 have a special bond, it warms my heart every time I see them together.



The boys are never without some real rough play when their big brothers are about.



No pictures of Sophie because she was sulking in the car. Always one isn't there?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helen, I see your pictures and my heart smiles. I dream that my children are like that when they are older. You're such an amazing mom to me and such an example to me. Love you.

7:54 pm  
Blogger sarah said...

you make me smile. your children are beautiful. you have done a great job. the story of the boys makes me giggle.

10:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I thought it was hilarious. I wish I had been there. Tell Soph no sulking on her birthday.

9:49 am  
Blogger Karen said...

Helen! I just love reading your blog, it's one of my favorites and today I laughed so hard I thought I was going to wet myself. We're leaving Cornwall in July and I'd really love to get together sometime before we go.

11:09 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

Your boys are so funny! Thanks for sharing that Helen! :)

Love the pics, looks like fun day.

4:00 pm  
Blogger Cathy said...

Hey, at least Dan didn't tell the women at the gas station that it's his mom's 50th birthday so that is why he is paying for your petrol!! ;)

Is there any better feeling then sitting back and watching these humans that you have created, make you laugh and make you squirm at the same time!!

1:55 am  

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