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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The boys brain amazes me.

Seth's that is. He's a mini H, a walking encyclopedia. Impressive when H spouts some bizarre piece of information that has been hidden until needed but when a 5 year old does it....mindblowing!
H and I were talking tonight about grandpa, who at last is talking about retiring. He said tonight that he wants to retire and see Europe.
" Hey," said Seth ( the eavesdropper) "Ittakes 6 hours to get to France on the ferry, he should do that and then go to Germany and Italy too" HE then went on to talk about the chunnel, flying and the hovercraft as alternative ways to get to France. How does such a little head hold such information, as well as the veriatble zoologist catalogue that is held in there. At 3 he came to us puzzled and said " I've been thinking, a chameleon really should be in the primate family because it has thumbs"

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I used to worry that he would be a freaky anorak wearing boy as he grew up but already he is so funny, such fun to be around and is touchingly in love with soft toys ( although he checks to see if they have been made so that they are anatomically correct and if a stuffed Labrador has the wrong kind of ears for example he won't go near it!!)HE joins in with his friends games more now and is as up for a lavatorial conversation and farting noises as any 5 year old boy.
He can now read anything you put in front of him, still totally disinterested in stories, unless they are read to him, loves reference books, animal encyclopedias and the guiness book of records. He loves to whip through puzzle books and writing exercises and draws beautifully.

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His mouth is too old for his body too...he is a master at answering back and there are times the thought of him being a teenage makes my blood run cold. He is definately Howard's son and they can oft be found discussing photocynthesis and such topics.
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I feel an outsider many days and am glad I have my equally bright but less judgemental Isaac, who loves me even if I am a bit dim and of course Elijah Henry, my one out of 6 totally 2 year old with no bizarre tendancies, no special needs and a glorious goofy grin, who won't give up his nappies for all the bribes in Britain and says they are nice and warm and LEAVE IT ON....he doesn't want to wee in the toilet or on a potty, he likes his nappies. Thankyou.
Life is good , it takes 6 hours to get to France unless we get on a hovercraft which only takes about 45 minutes and I gave THAT piece of information out because I have done it,been on it.... ha......beat that brainy boy!

And a P.S....I took this today, look at how tall the Jordan boy is! I'm impressed that he always remembers to duck when he walks through this doorway!!

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Blogger LosingSanity said...

What a smart boy! Im feeling!

And, either Jordon is very tall, or those doorways are super short. Wow, i cant believe how tall he is!

9:57 pm  
Blogger Jenn said...

My gosh, that Seth is something else! Of course he is brilliant and you can't help but love him to pieces!
He and Duncan would get along fabulously you know.
Duncan told me the other day that cars could go as fast as they want on the Autobahn. even 800(km/hr) which by the way is how fast an airplane goes.
Love these boys!
And Holy Growth Hormones on Jordan!
Good job on your weight loss too Helen - You are doing so amazing!!!

1:28 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

He is a smart boy Helen! Doesn't it make you wonder what on earth he will do in his life? :)

And holy cow to how tall Jordan is! Even if the doorway is a little shorter than most! :)

1:42 pm  
Blogger Lilsoutherngirl said...

Sounds like you have a very smart boy on your hands. That is great that he is interested in all those things.....Also, thank you for visiting my blog and your encouraging comment.Thanks.

1:45 pm  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

He's amazing in every way. I hope to meet him someday even if he probably won't talk to or even look at me.

1:55 am  
Blogger JUDE said...

My God! hahaha! You have quite a family! Brilliance and laboratory, and farts and I love the last kid's hairpiece! Hahaha Just kidding! Dont tell him I said that! Great writing! Great Kids! Great God!

3:43 am  
Blogger JUDE said...

Again Dear Helen, your children are beautiful and so gifted.

I just now read your comment on my blog. I also wanted to email you but I dont have your address so I'll just say it here. I took those offensive pictures and comments down DRAG KING and also Aunt Pookies picture and most of the videos. I was just going through a moment down memory lane with Pookie. Sorry if anything offended you. Also I wrote "Revelation", and its located lower down in the blog because I started it and didnt finish it and it posted farther down. You dont have to go read it or anything, but I was addressing the night I forgave Yann at the awards. I know you have so much to read already. I was just saying...I appreciate your comments, and I am so way not worthy of such generosity cause mostly I've been a sorry man. But I do want to concentrate on just the children and reading and writing for the rest of my life.Actually yes, Dale is my doctor and he lives with me. Right now he is in Atlanta because his mother has pneumonia. But I am getting linked to a health care center here in this area. Thank you so much for your attention and well wishes! Kiss King

10:00 am  
Blogger JUDE said...

ps ..I dont mean my doctor Dale is my lover and living with mein that sense. He lives part-time in Atlanta and here. I pay him well, and he IS gay but I am not sleeping with him. W're just friends and he likes fishing and boating and New Orleans food so he enjoys his time here. I DONT WANT BAD THINGS AROUND MY KIDS. REALLY. AND ALSO NO, POOKIE ISNT MOVING IN EITHER. I JUST TEASE THE OLD QUEEN!

10:06 am  

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