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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nearly half way!

OK, am on dial up while we wait for a new router for the wireless, have had to do a new ticker.....somewhere along the line I must have screwed up, I put in what I was, what I am now ( 3lb weightloss at yesterdays weigh in) and look.....

Nearly half way there and an extra 3 lbs down somewhere. I am SO HAPPY!
Still feeling really upbeat about doing this and can actually visualise going the whole way, being slim, wearing regular non fat clothes. OH MY GOODNESS!
It is beginning to be noticeable, I can feel the difference. I like it.


Blogger LosingSanity said...

Way to go! It seems like it has been going so fast! Im still searching for the ambition to get started, myself. I love reading how it has all gone for you. It gives me I just have to find the strength inside me to give up my biggest Thanks for sharing your progress with the rest of world, so we can see how real ppl do it and not just read about some miracle weight loss in the magazines!

12:22 am  
Blogger JDC said...

awesome work Helen!

3:32 am  
Blogger said...


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