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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

By HE'S got it!

My Isaac can READ!!!! He's got it, it clicked and he is going to be as quick as the Seth Meister. Isaac always amazes me because he just gets on with it, no talk, no fuss, sits, listens, takes it all in and then DOES it! He has seemed so disinterested in all things literary, he enjoys the odd story and has always been able to hear a story and remember it word for word, I imagined him seeing words and memorising them but he is actually reading them. Sounding them out and in his typical no nonsense, don't make a fuss way, accepts that this is just how it is. Having said that, when I squealed in disbelief when he read the word YOGHURT today he was thrilled, he laughed like a drain and so the game was on, he read more and more words and I had to shriek and say " NO...YOU CAN'T READ you're only 4 years old..STOP READING!" I can't help but think of Eli, who adores books, will he be even quicker? He takes notice of the boys with their homework.....he loves books and will sit with me for hours and read. I love reading, I love it that H has taken to reading too.
Oh, Seth....he has been learning about France at school, H downloaded some progammes for learning French, Seth is hooked, last night he spent an hour 'playing' and can now say the months of the year, count to 10 and name several animals..this evening he sat and watched the whole of Chicken Little in FRENCH! The kid is out of this world. Of course now he says he needs to go to France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Trust him not to be satisfied with the park!!
I am feeling pretty good lately, I can see the future and look forward to it. I can see things in myself that I like. I am proud of many things I have done and am doing. such positivity after so many years of trapped misery is like a whole new life for me. It is still so new and different, that every day is a joy to me.
I have made the decision to go to therapy only once every two weeks now. That is a huge leap for me, knowing that I can go that long without my crutch, without having Jan to lean on and cling to.
I am beginning the end. I can see that at some stage I will be strong enough to step out and just be me. . That's a great feeling


Blogger LosingSanity said...

That's so cool that Isaac is reading! And at 4! Good Job, Isaac!

And glad things are going great for you too!

3:58 am  
Blogger B. said...

You inspire me.

So proud of you Helen.


5:23 am  
Anonymous Rachel said...

All these successes make it even more clear to me that your dad is watching out for you, Helen! And oh the joy he must feel to see you happy!

I'm happy for YOU!

11:58 am  
Blogger Julie Q said...

WOW! Reading at 4! :) Zachary is reading too, but he is 5. Such smart boys you have Helen! They all have very bright futures! As does their Mom.

You are doing so great! :)

2:00 pm  
Blogger Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

They are Brilliant!!! Wonderful wonderful children.

If I show you I can speak French will you bring me along to France???

I'm so thrilled that you're feeling better and stronger. I see such a wonderful spiritual change in you it's magnificent.



2:14 pm  
Blogger MamaTink said...

Your kids at outstanding Helen!! And to get to take ALL the credit for them! Yay you!!


6:55 pm  

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