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Sunday, July 18, 2010


The allotment is proving such a glorious thing! H spends a lot of time there, pouring time and attention into his plants. It has made a huge difference to him to have something so worthwhile and satisfying to do.
The fruits and vegetables are just beginning to be ready to eat and how delicious it all is!
We still continue to buy only free range, organic meat and continue to be astounded at the difference in taste. There is very little waste these days, the meat we buy and the food being grown and eaten is so much more tasty and the meat especially has so little fat, there is no water added so the joints don't shrink, what you buy and cook is what you get to eat, the bones make great broth so we have soups more too.
H seems well and contented, for so long he has appeared depressed and surly, how lovely to see the change in him and the results of his endeavours!