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Yes...this is ALL about me, and mine. Marvellously self indulgent, feel free to tell me how splendid I am, leave comments, nice ones please, I have little kids and teenagers who can do the rude stuff. I am a grandma, to the glorious Joshua, I'm allowed to look frazzled and weary, I earned it. The older I get, the more I see that hanging on and being patient is worth it! They ( whoever 'they' are) are so right when they say you never know what is around the corner, it isn't always an articulated truck! It is vital to make the time for making memories, friends are the greatest treasure, I love mine. I am rich!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

probably dull musings.

How pitiful is it that I have nothing of blogworthy value? For bloggers that's very dull but for real life it means that things are just tickety boo and no complaints.
Isaac continues to love school and is happy .... his teachers are happy with him but are longing for him to use a voice above a whisper, he mouths his words or whispers so quietly that to hear him in a class of 28 4 and 5 year olds is impossibe, we have tried bribing him to use his home voice at school and feel free to use the whispering one here but alas he has yet to take us up on the offer!!
The house remains our dream and even the troll under the stairs appears to have gone deaf / insane or both with the noise, either way it would seem he has given up banging back in retaliation. I had a neighbourly stroll around our 'hood' yesterday taking a poll on whether the teenagers disturb the peace too often with the nightly competetion to see how many of them can fit into Jordan's room, the very next door neighbours were quite tactful in saying "hmmm sometimes, they do" but seemed to walk with more of a spring in their step when I assured them that I would make it my goal to silence them, failing that I would disturb them ( the teens not the neighbours) at 6am the following morning every time.
Last night there were 18 teens in J's room at 3am, taking the pee pee if you ask me, especially when I saw they had drunk the entire new milk carton I had bought ..... at least Sophie stopped them eating the contents of the fridge. I took J shopping when he got paid and had him stock HIS fridge with goodies and pay for it all....funny to see him go for the very foods he has been handing out so freely, only to see him say again and again "HOW MUCH? you know how much that makes each one cost??" I so hope this means he will remember and leave the stuff I buy alone! ( at least not feed the 5.000 with it!)
Elijah baby is divine, having learned that "shut a mouff" is unacceptable, he has found a way to keep saying it... " 'Lijah a dood boy, I no say Shut mouff " Hoorah for being a good boy. We are spending some precious time together and every moment is heaven, the day goes so quickly and we are back to mayhem and noise worthy of pretective ear muffs before we know it. I am often quite emotional when I realise how quickly these three little men are growing, I so hope I manage to grasp the greatness of this time, I would hate to find myself looking back and wishing things were different.
I find that I am trying harder to fit in the things I missed doing with the big ones, I never could do the after school things with them as there was no-one to look after the ones not going to ballet or karate etc.....Seth has started Taikwondo ( did I write that properly? I bet he could tell me if it's wrong!) He adores it, H stays with him and this evening we pursuaded Isaac to go, he was too "fraid" to join in but H said he watched every minute and we intend for him to go along each week in the hope that he will slowly join in.
So, all in all things in the house of Helen are pretty damn OK, for which I am truly grateful.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

in a room like this.....

.....I feel like a queen! I love my bedroom!

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Friday, January 27, 2006

And then of course, there is the other side!

  1. Reading Julie's blog and smiling at the stuff that makes her happy made me want to do the same and tell you what makes me feel good about the world.....

    Watching Sophie be such a girlie....sometimes I am bemused by her ability to rattle on for hours about shoes or hair or make up but I love the way she is so froo froo fluffy! She dyed her hair THREE times today ( will it fall out?!) it is now a glorious sort of deep brown with red in it ....I love it that she is doing all this stuff now, when she has kids she'll think it's fabulous if she manages to shave both legs on the same day.

    My lounge, when everyone has gone to bed, fire lit, dim lights, cosy sofa, complete heaven!
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  3. Phone calls from Dan....I love it that he calls at least 3 times a week just to say Hello, I love it that he tells me about his life, is still so excited when the good things happen that he calls me right away. He calls to ask my advice on what to do, if he feels ill and is worried. I love it that he still likes me even though he is all grown up and lives so far away!

    It makes me happy that my mum lives right by the boys' school ,we pop in every day and say hello and share news, I love being friends with my mum.

    I love it when H says my name! He always calls my mommy in front of the boys.....but sometimes he will say my name and my whole world skips.

    Cauliflower cheese and warm crusty bread, what a hug meal, the world is good when I tuck into that!

    Words said wrong by little mouths. My kids have had some great ones!
    Chagoozi ( Jacuzzi)
    Limbozeen ( limousine )
    Geewaft ( giraffe)
    Teetee ( auntie)
    Gomputer ( computer)
    Bollom ( bottom)
    Hostabull ( hospital)
    Dadull Car willawum beeapbeeorb ( how dan said his name for nearly a year!!)
    Dopey - Alec ( Sophie-Alex, how she used to say HER name for nearly a year!)
    Ellawump ( Elephant)
    Ocpolus ( octopus)

    Getting to the school a half hour early and sitting in the peaceful car reading the newspaper.....that one makes me REALLY happy!


    Snuggling with the Eli boy when he is going to sleep. making a rod for our own backs here but what a rod, he sucks his thumb and makes a divine sort of singing "nnnngggg nnnggggg " noise, plays with my ears and just oozes gloriousness to make up for every ounce of energy he has sapped throughout the day! And walking into the front room at 7am and seeing that he has snuck downstairs and discovered that the sofa really IS a good place to nap!
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  5. Walking with Isaac ( usually) my shadow boy who I miss when he is at school ( in the most enjoyable way of course!) he is my friend and is great company.

    Laughing at Jordan, he is a clown and has a fabulous carefree way about him ...he is a good boy and makes me very happy. I'm very gald I don't hear EVERYTHING he gets up to though!

    Listening to Seth and H having intellectual conversations, something so bizarre and thrilling about a five year old who loves to talk about science and all things boffin.

    Seth's tiny face. Everything is perfectly in proportion and teeny tiny.

    The fact that there are more things that make me happy than make me

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My money's not for coat hangers....A typical mothers whine.

Feel free to check any of the following that you recognise and feel equally disgruntled with.

Sophie...." I need coathangers, have you got any spare?"
me... " no, sorry but you get your money tomorrow so you can buy some"
" My money's not for coat hangers, they're BORING"
( which translated means, I deserve only to buy treats and pleasurable things with MY money, you can spend yours on coathangers for me. Sorry lovely girl, hang your clothes on the floor then)

Me, in my car needing to call Leah and check on credit left on my phone, not even 10p for text, there was £7 last time I used it.
Me, " Jordan....there is no credit left on my phone"
" Oh, yeah, I told Sophie I was going to give you a fiver for using that"
" Good, where is it?"
"I haven't got it"

Me, sitting down, at last at 7pm.....
Seth...." oh I need a sandwich, I am SOOOOOO hungry"
Was he hungry while I was standing in the kitchen 2 minutes ago? Was he hungry when I handed him his dinner an hour ago?

Me to Sophie, having put Elijah down for a nap.
"Soph, I have to go and collect the others from church, watch Eli for me love"
"Wake him up, I am going out in 10 minutes"
"no, he's poorly and he is a baby, sleeping, you can go out in 20 minutes"
"*sigh* you are SO always expect everyone to change what they are doing to suit your plans" ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me to Jordan and friend.
"Jords, take that rubbish out for me on the way out please"
Watch him paddle about for 10 minutes from him make for door without rubbish....."Jords...rubbish"
"yep, ok"
watch him open door and step out.
"JORDAN!!!! Take the rubbish down with you please.
"SIGH" stomp....dump rubbish on TOP of bin, not in it.

Me, take hours to make boys room look a bit lovely and tidy and boyish and , well, just lovely.
3 boys take 3 minutes to make it look very unlovely and very untidy.
Me, tidy it again because just for one day I want to go in and kiss them while they sleep in a tidy room.

Me, trying to put one or the other of the boys to of the ones NOT going to bed will ALWAYS follow and whine or laugh or plead for a it so hard for H to keep the ones NOT going to bed in the front room?

Me, in front room...H in kitchen...boys will ask ME to get them a drink.

If I cut the sandwich in squares they want triangles, if I cut it in triangles they want squares, If I ask them how they want their bloody sandwiches they say " I don't want it cut"

When I get the boys to bed and H is at a meeting and I sit here whining about my life.....Sophie whines at me because she needs to be on here and I am so mean because I don't understand how MUCH she needs to be on here........Ain't life grand ? I still have some power and I can use it!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Slugs and snails and puppy dog tails.

Isn't that what they say little boys are made of? I think they may be right with the Eli boy, he has a cold, the nose is streaming and not nice to look at. Today in the car whilst out with mummy, Auntie Leah and Gramma, he turned to Leah ( who always sits next to him in the car) and said " Leah....I got bogey....." ( and although I couldn't see, I knew he was showing her) " Oh, yes, I see Eli"
" You want to hab it?"
Is that true love? Offering your beloved the very snot from your nose?? I think true love would have been if she had said yes and been thrilled with the offering, alas, she said " Er, no Elijah, thankyou anyway"

Sunday, January 22, 2006

One of those days.

What a hideous day, began with a monumental tantrum from Isaac over the fact that I cut his bloody sandwich in triangles and he wanted a manwich, not cut at all....somehow it hit my last nerve and I gave him back more than he gave me.....I have felt sick and ashamed all day, bless him, he snuggled me and said " oh nat awright" when I apologised but still, if only I could have kept the top of my head on and just made him a new sandwich......
All 3 have the snot factories working full time and the day ended with a spectacular puke from Eli (all over daddy.....thankyou my baby, mummy was so happy she didn't get it!)
Seth is going through a mouth as smart as his brain stage and I kid you not, it is almost impossible NOT to get into the trap of arguing with this pint sized genius with a mouth like a teenager.... I definately feel the need for an escape, some solitary time doing nothing and not hearing the fighting or whining, ahhhh what heaven that would be for 24 hours!
Elijah has, quite literally, been making his mark on the house...where does he find the pens and how does he manage to create such masterpieces when I swear we watch him? Does he sneak down in the night and cackle with devilish glee as he gives vent to his creative side? He is a bugger, solid gold bugger and fills every waking moment with naughtiness and fun. Even H, known for his eternal and at times, misplaced loyalty to his offspring, looked the boy in the eye tonight and said " hmmm, you can actually be a bit like hard work, can't you?" He was rewarded by a goofy grin and a snot wipe on the cheek
" Fankoo" said Elijah, obviously proud that his works haven't gone unnoticed.
Tomorrow just has to be better because 2 of them will be in school and the boy and I are going out for the day while H works wonders with the kirby shampooer....Lunch with the girls at 12.30 will be a treat with just Eli and Chloe the blond bombshell who is as busy as Eli and just as cute. Funny how 'just Eli' looks all wrong, there is nothing 'just' about the boy, he is enormous in spirit and capable of huge trouble. 'Just' Elijah my bum.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I know a sound that'll get on your nerves.....

As if dial up internet connection isn't just the most frustrating deal ever, why is it that they have to start the whole experience with that noise?
Because of the legalities of living in such a glorious and splendid house mean waiting until we have been photographed ( the house I mean!) and permission obtained from the powers that be for cable to be installed, we are still on dial up and have actually decided that we will become in a week or two we will be back on full speed but until then we listen to the beep beep beep beep crackle whistle beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and wait for connection. The computer is now upstairs on the landing looking very official and calling my name but quick popping on and checking in is now a complete impossibility....I miss reading all my favourite blogs and leaving comments but I am reading as many as fast as I can and then disappearing into the world of teenagers who pick up the phone just as I have been patient and watched that blue bar filling up, telling me that any minute I shall be amongst the lives of friends and bloggers again.....only to be disconnected and hear the dulcit tones of an offspring bellowing " HOW LONG WILL YOU BE??? I have to call Rachel!" as if life itself depended on it. Lacey- sorry I so rudely disappeared last evening when we were IMing...Jordan ' accidentally' picked up the phone that is in the kitchen ( and nowhere near his bed which is where he was lying when the phone was accidentally picked up) and cut us off!! I tried to get back on but lost the will to live as well as the strength of mind to wait again!
So, I'm not being precious, even though we do live in a lovely house in the posh part of town, I am merely not patient enough to spend 3 times as long doing the things I love to do online, even E.Bay has taken a back seat until we are fast and clicking happily again!
It's a bit splendid that life has been a bit unblogworthy too, not that I don't love telling of life's hiccups and stories but every now and then it's pleasant to be a bit dull, don't you think?
Of course I could tell you about having to collect samples for the doctor for the past 3 days, I don't think I can tell you what the samples are of because even I have my limits and its not pleasant, really it's not. So, today's entry shall just be an excuse filled one for not leaving lots of comments on your blogs.....but I'll be back soon, I promise!

Monday, January 16, 2006

blimey, 10 things about 6 kids.....

So, here I am about to tell you 10 things about each of my children.....will I think of enough things I wonder?!

1. I chose his name, Daniel Carl William because along with his surname would look great on a brass door plate on an office door, Either in full, or as D.C.W ******** .
2. He has been my joy and friend since the day he was born.

3. He had surgery at 10 weeks old for a hernia.

4. He wanted desperately to do ballet and I wouldn't let him for fear it would turn him gay! He still remembers how he wanted to dance.

5. He used to have almost prophetic dreams from the age of 3 until he was 8, he still 'sees' things occassionally now. He would talk about the things he learned before he was born!!

6. When he was 7 he used to tell me that he wasn't going to be man when he grew up, he said that he didn't know a single man worth being like so he wouldn't be one, thankyou.

7. at the age of just 20 he is now managing a restaurant, earning great money and huge responsibility, he is also a special constable for the police force,this amazes me because he was the laziest and least ambitious person growing up.

8. he hates his birthday, he never wants anyone to mark it in anyway. Even when he was little he used to say ( when asked what he wanted for his b/day)
" I want to stay in and be bored"

9. He is the most generous person I know, he is not at all materialistic and could care less about money.

10. I am so proud to be his mother I can't find the right words to say so.


1. It took me a week to feel anything for Jordan, following a totally painless and natural birth.

2. He is the sweetest and most affable of my children.

3. He is hysterically funny and causes an uproar wherever he goes.

4. He was my fattsest baby and is the skinniest teenager.

5. He smokes and I hate that.

6. I wish he wasn't called Jordan, his name is the only one of my childrens' that I cannot explain or like ! ( what was I thinking?!)

7. His middle names are Thomas Edward.

8. He is 18 and a qualified chef.

9. He drinks WAY too much as he works in a pub.

10. I can't believe I made him.


1. She is beautiful

2. She drives me totally insane.

3. She can sleep ALL day...ALL day!!

4. She has a great singing voice.

5. She is completely without any inhibitions, Lord help me.

6. She has huge boobs that I'm glad she is proud of now because I kind of know what will happen to them when she has babies.

7. She had epilepsy from the age of 5 until she was 9. she was registered disabled.

8. She was a daredevil, even as a baby, she climbed out of windows, drowned the cat, ran away from playschool, smashed the school toilet...the list goes on.

9. She had 2 imaginary friends when she was little, Billy and Jandy.

10, whilst her temper and stubborness defeat me often, I am convinced that she will need her fight and strength as she goes through life. I am sometimes in awe of just how strong this girl is.


1. We were told Seth was a girl right through his pregnancy, he was to be called Phoebe Ygnacia.

2. He has a lymphangioma on his left eye.

3. He is a genius.

4. He is stubborn.

5. His name means righteous and faithful 3rd son.

6. He wants to change his name to Nathan when he is 6.

7. He has food phobia, he eats very few foods and is frightened to try new ones.He never mixes food, for example he will eat dry bread and he will eat peanut butter- but not as a sandwich.

8 He has never eaten fish or meat, even as a baby he wouldn't even have it in his mouth.

9. He has an incredibly mature sense of humour.

10. I forget he is only 5, it feels as though he has always been here, I think he has an old soul.


1. Isaac had a traumatic birth and screamed for 5 months.

2. He is quite the most perfect looking child I have ever seen.

3. He is brilliant on the computer, he knows things that no-one has ever taught him.

4. He whispers at school.

5. He is afraid of too many things.

6. His middle name is Nathaniel.

7. He is kind and gentle.

8. He hates long sleeves.

9. He loves sleeping and his yellow blanket that he no longer calls Lellow Ba. I miss hearing him say that, Yellow blanket doesn't sound right.

10. This boy is mine...I understand how he feels and what he is thinking and I am sure the Lord sent him to me for a reason...everyone else says they would go crazy with his eccentricities but, to me, they seem merely a part of him , what's to mind?!?


1. My naughtiest boy. I feel my age with Elijah Henry.

2. He sucks his thumb....I love that.

3. He is my last baby, ever.

4. He sings, perfectly in tune, he plays the harmonica and piano as if he knows what he is doing......he doesn't bash the keys or blow the beejeebers out of the mouth organ.

5. He is beginning to say everything properly, which makes me sad, I liked Geewaft for giraffe, loved chocwut for chocolate and we will all mourn when he says gramma instead of mam-mar .

6. He chose his own name, despite my trying to choose any other name it had to be Elijah...I now think it is perfect, I also think he is perfect.

7. Not a day goes by when I don't thank the Lord for this baby, when the world was telling me he was a mistake, I knew he wasn't, when they were telling me I was stupid for having him, I knew I wasn't.

8. He says SHUT MOUFF at least 30 times a day...please let this phase be over soon, I'm bored with it.

9. He has enormous feet, size 9.

10. He is the smoochiest and snuggliest boy in the world, I grab every second and treasure each moment because too soon he will forget that he loves me this much and will be too busy to kiss my face and play with my ears. Babies grow too fast.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Me. Having been pampered and feeling a bit splendid.

This is me, having had masses of hair cut off and feeling a little bit good about myself.
Grandpa left and gave H some cash, he hid £100 in my reading book, when I found it he said it was to spend on just me! For the first time in forever I took him at his word and walked right out of the house and into a posh hairdressers, without asking the price, I let them do what they wanted and then bought all the snazzy products they had used.....what a treat!!
Of course, it stays straight and glamourous looking for about 10 minutes and then starts curling like a wild thing with a mind of it's own, but I love it, I love not having to drag it all back all the time and my husband has run his fingers through my hair many times! He said he was afraid to try before in case he never got his hand back...that mop was a scary thing I tell you, long curly hair is not a thing to be reckoned with lightly!

So for now I am enjoying my new look, hoorah for feeling good about myself.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

In the event of fire, being bored, or just being two.....

Please descend stairs in the fastest way possible, thankyou.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Awwww, those tender bonding moments.

Just as we were thinking that the troll under the stairs was going to premanantly blight our joyful existance in our new home, something happened to bring us together, at 3am.
At 11pm our electricity went out, hmmmm , we thought, what could the matter be? The fuse box was telling us that something wasn't earthed correctly...ponder that for a moment and remember that Jordan has fixed a jazzy car light in his room with dimmer switch, "lanky bugger" muttered I, "I bet he's done it wrong" so by torchlight H and I took it down, still in the dark ( both literally and mataphorically speaking) so we turned everything off and one by one turned them back on to see if we could re-set the trip switch....zilch, nada, nothing, nope.
Oh well, we went to bed and swiftly fell into a blissful slumber, thinking that we would sove the problem the next morning.
3am, mouth like a mudwrestlers jock strap, tiptoe down stairs to get a drink of water.....plenty of water to be had fact gallons of it pouring though the ceiling, through the light fittings, down walls, wallpaper bulging on walls and ceilings......HELP!!!! Where is it coming from, bathroom is above, wake H and go into bathroom , you know, the one with the quaint swivelling taps? Taps were swivelling and not quaint because they were fitted badly and not tightened and WHOOSH had burst apart.....we played the "how fast can you find the stopcock in a new house?" game and H won, he found it and switched it off, hoorah....not before both we and the troll under our stairs had been flooded. Our neighbour was in our kitchen at 4am where we had a civilised chat about the wooden floors, 3 little boys and the fact that we aren't playing 'fling the boulder' with them we are merely living as people with little children live. I got the impression that it was his girlfriend who has issues- except she is out all day and he isn't. Oh well.
We are having our piano delivered any minute...ha ha! me thinks that might drive them truly insane. I'm a little glad I don't live below us, truth be told!

I took a picture I thought you might like....this is a familiar sight in Jordan's room......Image hosted by

they all pile in and watch DVD's I love it....I'm not so keen on the washing up they leave-- it can get very boring having to carry it all back into Jordan's room ( I'm sure he'll get the message any day now!!)but I love to hear the laughing ( from a distance, love these thick walls!) It's great that they all get on so well and that Sophie is included in it all too.

Here's a picture of my school boy Isaac, he got six stickers yesterday, one for every letter he named in a voice louder than a whisper! He also did P.E, changed into shorts and t-shirt and joined in!! This is a brave Isaac who is set to show us all just how brave and smart he truly can be.

Image hosted by

Here's my baby in his big boy bed....we are having a blast on our won all day, I have been so stressed and hurried for so long I had forgotten just how delightful this little man is, naughty when not entertained, but divine all the same.

Image hosted by

It's great to be back, I have lost all my addresses etc from my old server grrrrrrr! If you feel like leaving me your e.mail addies and IM names (AOL) I shall save them and guard them with my life this time!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I hope you're sitting comfortably...this could take a while!

The move that makes for a good blog entry. Wednesday, 28th December 2005

We are here. At home. We love it.
Getting here, we didn’t love so much, except that it was memorable and we love memorable, dull is not my ‘thing’.
Woke at 6am with terrible pain, excruciating pain, the like of which could be described in such gory detail as to hold you spell bound.
However, I am tired, so shall merely say that with the coughing …good heavens, how long can this cough last?? Anyway, the coughing pushed my hernia was ENORMOUS and sort of moon shaped and frightening, not as frightening as painful but ye gads it made me turn all unnecessary……sincere prayer, much weeping and a very brave shove got the blighter back in place and I managed to go and collect my darling dad who was going to drive the truck for us.
“ Dad, have you got a new license, a picture one?”
“ well, you’ll need the paperwork that comes with it too”
“yep, got it”
“ and 2 other forms of I.D”

Hoorah….darn it, blasted van hire place is very shut, not a soul about…called and got answer phone and left very succinct and to the point message along the lines of “ I am here, you’re not, I’m annoyed, call me…very inconvenient, I am cross “ sort of thing.
Let’s go and get dad’s cell phone because he forgot it…..
Back at office, lady whose car wouldn’t start because it might snow later this week was there…marvellous, leave dad with forms, my signature , already paid bill, tell lady have lots to do.
Drive 300 yards down the road…dad calls, has lost his temper with lady whose car wouldn’t start because it might snow later this week and called her incompetent because A) she was late and B) she has the audacity to ask him for the paperwork that comes with the new picture drivers’ license…
“where is it? I will go and get it but I am late for the bank…”
“ you have to come get me because LWCWS ( lady whose car wouldn’t start) has walked away from me and won’t come back”
“ were you very rude?”
“ do you remember me asking you to make sure you had that very paperwork?”
“ I thought you meant the other stuff”
I began to think that the day wasn’t going to go like clockwork somehow.
I was right.
Got to the bank. What do you know? I didn’t have the right paperwork, took an hour longer than I thought, left H at new house…when I went to join him he was still outside the house…..drove to office but was very calm and thankyou Lord for that because it seems we were meant to go there at 10.30 not the house….all signed and GOT THE KEYS. Whoops ,nearly wept like a baby but not quite..not yet.
We had more help than I ever imagined. Mum and Leah had Elijah and helping to move was Dad, H’s dad, Brother in law who lives down the road, brother in law who lives in Utah, 3 nephews of enormous and bull like stature and strength, Jordan of long gangly stature and bull like strength, 2 sisters and a friend or two. The whole move….ALL OF IT was done in 4 hours, start to finish , including the buying and collecting of new beds and mattresses. I lifted not a thing, I didn’t even pack anything just went out at 8am and never went back to the mould mansion.
The only drawback to this kind of move is that said bull like and young helpers moved so quickly, bringing in and dumping things, that not much is where it should be, but WHO THE FLIPPING HECK CARES?!? My bed is made , my children’s rooms are beautiful and not black or furry…

OH! I so wish that you could feel the fun we just had when the lights went out! It all went black (10.40pm) and an emergency light came on…we discovered that our electricity is supplied by a coin meter…how hysterical!! Thank heavens we had a pile of pound coins and are back in the light again. Honestly you would have thought someone would have told us don’t you?!?
We have also discovered that the shower pipe is split and squirts you in the eye whilst only dribbling warmish water on your head, the radiators upstairs don’t work and the longed for and much discussed store room is locked and the tenant in the flat has the key….darn it. The main oven won’t work. There is an old washing machine where I want my big new one to go… Much to discuss in the agents office tomorrow but for now I am going to bed , in my lovely soft, big, freshly made bed that smells delicious……more tomorrow!

Honestly…we’re a bit pathetic in this day and age! Thursday, 29th December 2005

The house sort of reminded me of that movie called “ the money pit” yesterday….the heating was hopeless, in fact to call it ‘the heating’ is pushing my luck. None of the radiators worked at all upstairs and the ones downstairs had a mind of their own, on and off like a whore’s drawers without so much as a bye or leave. How did we react to this terror? We were very, very wimpy. It is freezing outside and it wasn’t much warmer inside!
The bath taps swivel when you try to turn them on and the water isn’t very hot out of those taps….all quaint and easily sorted things.
I couldn’t help but think how when this house was built, there would have been a fireplace and that’s it, no soft warm carpet, this house would certainly have had at least one maid who would have had to get up in the dark and light the fire….pathetic us, feeble at the lack of central heating for one day and night!! Hoorah- it is fixed now and we are all sporting ruddy, throbbing cheeks because it seems ungrateful to turn such glorious warmth down doesn’t it?
When I put my Isaac in bed tonight he said “ I luff nith home, I live here ever and ever til I 38, never, ever I go back nat old home. ” Absolutely, my Isaac.
Elijah had the hardest time yesterday and couldn’t quite understand what was happening but he is very proud of his big boy bed and is having a blast jumping down the stairs…..oh dear.
The very best thing? We can’t hear matter who Sophie and Jordan have brought in and taken on guided tours ( the world and it’s auntie) ..we can’t hear them….Sophie and her music? Can’t hear it! T.V’s playing loud teenage shows? Can’t hear it……little boys leaping off beds and jumping down stairs? Can hear that but that’s because we are listening, it’s fabulous.

I woke up this morning at NINE O’CLOCK!!! 9AM!!!! H heard the boys and took them dowstairs and at 9am I woke to silence, because I wasn’t tired anymore. Last night, my husband stayed in bed all night.. He didn’t need to get up and sleep in a chair. He hasn’t taken one single pain killer ALL DAY…since I have known him he has lived on Exedrin for crippling headaches to go a whole day without a single one is a miracle.


I have walked into town a few times, no need to drive, Sophie picked up dinner tonight ( have to milk this’ take away- can’t cook , don’t know where the pans are’ as long as I can) because KFC is just over the road).
Our new doctors office is 2 doors away!
Jordan keeps saying things like “ HA! I just went to cost cutters, bet you didn’t even know I was gone did ya?”
Both the big kids are so thrilled with their rooms, Sophie’s is already a bit pink and fluffy ( girlie fluffy, with fluffy fairy lights..not mould fluffy with poisonous spores)
Jordan’s is very manly and brown and apart from the freezer and washing machine that have yet to be lovingly found a place, he is a bit proud of it. Happy days indeed.

Oh bugger Friday, December 30th 2005.

Elijah has chickenpox…..perfect, although it does mean I have to stop and sit down to snuggle him every now and then, every cloud and all that. Poor baby, his spots are sort of welting into massive ugly blots, they look like horrific burns, he seems unworried by it and is considerably more cheerful than the past 3 days.

Dropping like flies…..Saturday, December 31st 2005.

Isaac has the pox….or should I say ( in his words) “I not have chittinpotth, I duss only have spots, I hate chittenpotth. Me too my Isaac.
Happy New Year people….I feel it is going to be a great one.
I’m missing the internet but only a little bit-, we are busy, busy and we’re being happy, nice feeling that, here’s hoping it’s the beginning of a new trend.

Sunday January 1st 2006 …HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

If I could feel like this the rest of this year, well…it’d be FANATASTIC!
I haven’t slept like this for years, I have still been going to bed hours after everybody else but in all honesty, that is more because I want to soak in the feel of this house, it has so much spirit. Built in the 1800’s, it has hundreds of years of peoples’ lives within it’s walls and you can feel, as soon as you walk through the door that it is a peaceful house. Isaac, always known as the 5am boy, is sleeping until at least 7am, Seth slept ‘til 11 am yesterday!!
When everyone is asleep, I walk around and potter, put some more bits and pieces away and try to picture how it will look when it is straight and more ‘mine’. Every time I walk down the stairs it hits me that this is truly our home and we actually live here….
I lay down this afternoon for a nap and woke up 3 hours later! Dinner was cooked and just being served by H and grandpa…..sheer heaven.
The walls are so thick and all stone, now we have had the heating running for a few days, it is warm and welcoming. The boys are happy…even with spots and snotty noses they are settled.
Sophie came home early last night as all her friends went to a club and she isn’t old enough…not a single bit of screaming or swearing or blaming the world, she sat next to me looking beautiful and just wept a bit, grabbed some party food and went to her room!! She snatched the littlest spotty monster when the itching woke him at midnight and snuggled him for an hour or so…..did I say that I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!!!??

Upstairs, downstairs in my lady’s chamber.
Monday, January 2nd 2006.

The big kids are like pigs in muck…..they have had friends of all kinds and description staying every night since we moved in, Rachel with her somewhat scarey goth makeup and sweet disposition, Big lanky boys who seem to be different ones every day, I might know better who they are if they spoke to me if they are different or the same ones but they are teenagers and although happy to sleep on floors and eat leftovers, speaking is beyond them, so we smile and say good morning and expect little verbally from them but they are handy at carrying washing machines and freezers if we point and say “there please”. They all find the spotty infants irresistible and hysterical , especially if the infants manage to squeak out ‘shut mouff’ or “ luff you Dordan, out a window and up a sky”
Jordan’s own entrance to the house is proving a God’s send, it has elevated him to a status close to a hero and has the added bonus of being soundproof to us as we sleep….the end of the house opposite to us and down many stairs, through the kitchen and almost in another world, except it is next to the kitchen which is stocked high when we go to bed and diminished considerably when we wake up…a teenagers idea of bliss if ever there was one.
I woke for a pee at 4am this morning and as I am a mother I checked to make sure teenagers were home and sleeping, safe and sound. They were. All 5 of them. Rachel and Sophie in Sophie’s bed, Jordan in his bed, Big tall boy on Jordan’s floor and a person with shaved head, IN SOPHIE’S ROOM. It was a boy person. Now, I take credit for being a bit cool and am popular with teenagers the world over ( with the exception of the ones I gave birth to as I ask them to do wash their dishes and clean up their own mess, mean and wicked me) but this one is too cool for even me…
“ Good morning all you big people, eating all my food, how lovely to have you all stay……must say though, that people with shaved heads in my Sophie’s room brings out the frumpy prude in me, let’s not do that again or I might have to be uncool .”
“Ha! Mum, we’re not 12”
“Quite, 12 wouldn’t be a problem, 16, 18, 19….big deal, not in my house…thankyou”

There are 18 stairs from upstairs to downstairs….and from the store room to the first floor there are another 15 steps…..the drier is in the store room, the washer in the kitchen. Bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry baskets upstairs. I am getting fit, my calf and bottom muscles are feeling the burn, I have lost 5 lbs since we moved in because I am walking everywhere. This is very good.
Tomorrow we hand back the keys to mould mansion, H has done all the cleaning and I have stayed here. I love my husband.

Goodbye, Mould Mansion. Tuesday January 3rd 2006.

The keys are no longer in our possession…it is no longer our home.. THIS IS!! WHOOHOO!
Jordan’s rather grand bed was delivered today,
We are the proud owners of a huge pine table and 6 pine curved back chairs…we can eat like civilised people .
Sophie has a dresser and wardrobe so all her things can be stored or displayed, she can sit on velour, pink stool and tittivate herself.
I love this house ( did I mention that yet?). 12 visiting teenagers at midnight is not so much fun…..grumpy mother came out and put her foot down with a firm hand…although she was slightly touched by the sight of so many sweet youngsters piled in Jordan’s room….ahhhh bless. Nice to know where they are ( she thought, in as positive a way as she could muster, even though she actually didn’t feel this way at all)
It’s 1am, I am going to bed….tomorrow we have nothing to do except what we choose to do, no more old house to work on, just this one to dream in and plan for and drill holes in. Hoorah. Night, night.

A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Wednesday. January 4th 2006.

It will be lovely when I can truly say that everything is where it should be but I can’t, not yet.
We have done remarkably well though and we are looking as though we belong here now. I am impatient to be straight and not have any boxes and with the boys back to school tomorrow it will be easier.
My Isaac in school, big school, with his uniform..hard to believe, he seems ready, although we’re not sure he understands that it is school all day, not nursery with beloved Nicky and a visit to school once a week. He has new shoes. Black of course with flashing lights and I hope above hope that the uniform is a happy thing for him . I can’t think about a 2 hour screaming fest every morning if the light jeans and short sleeved shirt are what he needs to feel safe. Please don’t make me live it. He is in a pretty brave place right now and is quite outgoing, however, he saw his very best friend in town and hid….so we won’t count our chickens just yet.

Taking it all in his stride. Thursday, January 5th 2006.

The boy was a star…..he wouldn’t wear the green sweatshirt but the flashing shoes, white shirt and black trousers were very popular. He said he had a fantastic day and slept for 2 hours as soon as he got home….marvellous!
It’s hard to believe that both Seth and Isaac are now in school…..Elijah is very bored without them and bored Elijah means naughty Elijah! Off to see about playschool for him 2 mornings a week, keep the beastie busy!
I have been a snarling monster today…here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day ( I think I hear my family praying….)

Faggots, in this house, are served with gravy and chips. Friday January 6th 2006.

In England, faggots are a quite delicious type of meatball, cooked in a rich, onion gravy. My father-in-law, is American and faggots, to him are something quite different. Although I love him, and he has many admirable qualities, he is quite the most bigoted and prejudiced person I have ever met in real life. If you can think of a derogatory term for almost any type of person (except a white, heterosexual male), he will have said it and meant it. I have lost count of the times I have cringed and tried to counteract some hateful and scathing comment about a fellow human being.
This evening, I had said I was going to go to my parents house and visit, use the computer and just escape from the seemingly incessant whining that the little ones have been subjecting me to. They follow me everywhere and whine, grizzle and whine at every step. So, it was getting late and the good TV was about to start, I had pretty much changed my mind and was settling down, H said something about checking online for some kitchen stuff, I replied that I had changed my mind and that Emmerdale, a soap, was about to begin. This particular soap has a storyline at the moment, very tastefully done, about a very handsome, out and flambouyant gay man who is having an affair with a young man who is very much in the closet, terrified of coming out and facing the music so to speak. Now the show is on at 7pm and is family viewing…..nothing explicit, nothing offensive and, as far as I can see, very well done and true to the situation that many gay people will be in or will have been in.
“Ugh…..full of damn faggots anyway” Said Grandpa.
“ Pardon?” Said I…not quite understanding or grasping what had been said, thinking that maybe he and H had been to the freezer store and seen an over stock of delicious meatballs in gravy.
“ Faggots, in that show…. Too many damn faggots….”
Steely stare and absolute silence from me, while I let it sink in what he had said and remember that my son is gay, a fact he is well aware of.
DING!!!! Penny dropped and ….
“uh, oh… too much emphasis on that at the moment in that show, it’s all they are showing.”
( which is absolute rubbish it is one of several storylines going on)
Not another word did I utter, merely put my shoes on and left the house.
I cried, because every time I hear remarks like that, it is a slur on my gay son.
A judgement on someone who is the most divine and glorious being, a man so full of morality and integrity that I am in awe of the fact that I gave birth to him.
Not only my son, but many, many more sons of many other mothers.

Shut your filthy and mean mouths, any and all, who dare to presume they have the right to look down on another human being purely because of their sexuality. In fact, how dare anybody judge another human being on any one aspect of their lives?
I wish I had been brave enough to say “ oh the faggots don’t bother me but the bigots make me want to puke.”
I am my mother’s daughter and kept my mouth closed, thank heaven for blogs where I can say and feel what I like!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Saturday, January 7th 2006.

January 7th ?!?! Blimey, It’ll be Christmas again before we know it!!
Today was a great day, after all the hullabaloo of moving and Christmas, today we just took time out for a day trip, we went to Exmouth and had a good day. The boys were delightful and we adults enjoyed being out and breathing the fresh sea air!
I bought some homemade apple and cider chutney……. Dinner was pork chops, broccoli and white rice with a dollop of chutney on the side, delicious!

My Elijah is in a big boy’s bed, huge twin bed with a teeny little man in it, he is beyond thrilled to have a football duvet cover like the big boys and although he looks like a pimple on an elephants arse in such a big bed, happy is the boy! His speech is fantastic, he has a sweet lisp but is a joy to listen to, listening to him chattering and being so clear and articulate makes me realise just how poor Isaac’s speech was. Just a year ago Isaac couldn’t say a word other than ‘dad-dad’ now he is driving us all beserk with his never ending chatter, I know I should have enjoyed that peaceful silence while it lasted!
The house is taking shape, I am becoming more and more excited about how it is looking, every day it feels more like home, I am looking forward to posting some pictures as each room becomes as I want it!
We are already saving so much money with not having to drive everywhere, I drove a mere 80 miles all week, we are feeling great with the walking and exercise, win, win, win….long may it last!

Home again home again, jiggety jig. Monday,January 9th 2006.

So, grandpa has gone home today, actually, G/pa, H and Seth have all gone to London today and are doing the touristy thing, Seth is in heaven at the idea of going to the Museums, seeing dinosaurs and all things fascinating, H and Seth will be home tomorrow evening and G/pa will fly back to sunshine and quiet tomorrow morning.
I am excited to get back to routines and normality….if our lives can be called at all normal that is!
It is 6.15 am and Isaac and Elijah are still sleeping, this is truly a peaceful house, these little boys have ALWAYS woken at 4.30-5am, ALWAYS! I have to wake Isaac in time for school since we moved, simply splendid. I have washed and dressed in absolute solitude, I get to shower in peace and even manage the odd pee without company, I am in heaven!

Trouble in paradise. Tuesday January 10th 2006.

Of course we were bound to find a cloud to surround our silver lining and we have….bum. The cellar of this house has been converted to a flat, one bedroom, nice kitchen, just enough to house a couple, with no kids, not one, and not any understanding of how kids live. The man of the flat under our house( in mode of troll under bridge), has taken to banging on the ceiling every time the boys drop a toy or walk…if they run ( if--ha!!) he is heard banging fit to bust a gut. Shame…..we barely hear it and could care less anyway.( although Isaac DID hear it tonight and was very afraid that the man would come upstairs, tempting to use the fear as a tool to stop the lunacy before bed but the good mother in me stopped the sadistic one just in time) The boys are in bed by 7pm….2 of them are at school all day and if they can’t stand the sound of Elijah the Elephant running or playing during daylight hours I suppose they are going to be miserable. There is not a hope in hell of me stopping normal play, I am not going to panic or worry about everyday noise from my children. We were out all day today, home for an hour before the boys went to bed, Isaac had a tantrum and kicked 2 kiddie chairs…..oh the troll under the bridge almost came through the floor for that one.
It is mildly irritating but the good news is they are only living there while they look for a house to buy, here’s hoping they find one quickly. I might suggest to the owner that she rent only to deaf, child loving, workaholics when this pair leave.
Funny how the teenage noise from midnight that actually DOES have me shushing and threatening, doesn’t irk them a bit, the troll says they never hear a sound apart from the herd of elephants constantly running from one end of the house to the other during the day.
I might start banging back when they slam doors, something that one of them does endlessly, I hate to stoop to such childish measures though…..someone stop me!!
H and Seth are due back any time, grandpa will be touching down in L.A in an hour or two as well. His house is going to seem very quiet and lonely ( or silent and heavenly, take your pick!!) very different from here anyway. I am excited to get back to normal and live our new life, troll or no troll, it is looking pretty charming from where I am right now.

Friday, January 06, 2006


Ahhh, I have escaped the chaos and noise for a while and am sitting in dad's study, heavenly.
It is taking so long to get connected to the internet because our new home is very old, built in the 1800's it is now a listed building, before we can have any kind of holes drilled or cable installed we have to have permission, all of which takes forever, we are going to have a phone line in next week and wil go the dial up route until we have the OK for cable...I am having withdrawals I can tell you.

Grandpa goes home next week, time flies, I am ready to try and get back to normal and be in a routine, it has been a crazy 4 weeks, I am a snarling grumpster.... I am sadly depleted in the patience and tolerance department.... grandpa made a comment ( or 3) about 'damn faggots' on TV tonight..that was my cue to leave the house and recharge my batteries, my silence and unwavering glare were enough to remind him that I am the mother of a 'damn faggot' and very proud of him I am too. How much more do I prefer being Dan's mother, than the mother of someone biggoted,narrow minded or mean. My heart breaks everytime I hear such stupid and thoughtless comments.
I am deliberately not writing about the move or the house as I have it all saved ready to post when I am on line....sorry to keep you hanging, i hope it wil be worth it!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Marvellous..and a bit gulpy.

My Isaac started school today..big boy.
Life is just splendid in our new house...internet back soon..miss you all!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new year!!!

Just popping in to say we are positively wallowing in splendour and chaos in our new home, I am writing every night and there will be a month's worth of Helen Blog mid january..I miss you all..we LOVE OUR NEW HOME!!!!